Level 99 Villainous Daughter
Level 99 Villainous Daughter

Level 99 Villainous Daughter

Akuyaku Reijou Level 99 ~Watashi wa Ura Boss desu ga Maou de wa arimasen~

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54 Chapters 190K Views 1.32K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Level 99 Villainous Daughter novel is a popular light novel covering Comedy, Fantasy, and Romance genres. Written by the Author Tanabata Satori. 54 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


I was reborn as the villainous daughter, Yumiela Dolknes, in the world of an otome RPG game. Yumiela only had a small role in the original story, but after defeating the Demon King, she will appear as the Hidden Boss with a bonus specs to solo fight the Hero party.

Having a gamer-spirit, I’ve been raising my level since I was a child. By the time I enter the academy where the game stage is, I was level 99.

I wanted the heroine and the capture targets to defeat the Demon King, but they just flirted around and didn’t raise their level. Moreover, they treat me as if I’m the Demon King just because I have dark hair and use dark magic.

It’s a story where I aim for peaceful days.

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  • lnwUser87187

    The MC is a doormat. She is literally like a dog who sits and waits for someone to command her on what she should or shouldn't do. She apologizes to everyone and everything. I don't understand why stupid fucking Authors think this sort of character has any sort of appeal. What the author is trying to do is just give the mc the moral high ground. Why? For no reason. She doesn't even need to stand on a moral high ground. Don't read it. This is like all other novels/mangas out there. This is a waste of time.

    1 months ago 1 Likes