Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable
Chapter 874: All Races Kneeling In Worship

Target locked!

Luo Tian was at ease and didn’t need to worry anymore.

At this moment, he felt that it was time for him to act arrogant. In the beginning, he was afraid that his strongest attack wouldn’t do too much damage to the Arcane Dark King. Now, he didn’t have to worry because the Arcane Dark King’s health bar had reached a point where his heavenly flames could kill him.

Luo Tian glanced at the illusory net in the sky before sneering. He walked up to the Arcane Dark King, still sprawled on the ground, and noticed the guy still had an arrogant look on his face. “What this daddy hates the most is the word trash. The first time you said those words to me had already determined your fate.”

The Arcane Dark King looked over with a smug expression and replied: “You still somehow don’t understand that your death is near. Luo Tian, you have no chance at survival. You will become nothing but powder under my Heaven and Earth Net. I will then kill off all your brothers before taking over your women. I will then absorb all the purest essence from this continent. Do you understand that you are merely a stepping stone for me to enter the Ancient World?”

Even though he was lying on the ground, he still felt that he was in control of everything.

He was very clear that Luo Tian wouldn’t be able to kill him quickly enough. Once the Heaven and Earth Net descend to a certain level, Luo Tian will die.

Therefore, the Arcane Dark King had the capital to be arrogant. He said with disdain to Luo Tian: “Did you really think you could kill me after fusing with some energy pillars? How could I be someone that can be killed by a piece of trash?”


A slap was thrown over.

The Arcane Dark King’s face turned red while blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth. He started laughing: “Hahaha, you’re getting scared! Luo Tian, just wait for your death!”


“Damn it, you’re pissing this daddy off! It looks like you’re the one that doesn’t understand your death is near!” Luo Tian pointed up at the sky and continued: “Do you see those clusters of flames? They will send you to hell. Don’t worry; I will make sure you have an enjoyable process. Hahaha…”

“Green Lotus Core Flame, smash!”

The Arcane Dark King looked up at the flames in the sky. They looked very normal, except for each being a different color. He then sneered: “You think those flames can injure me?”

“Who knows if those flames can even get past my Heaven and Earth Net? Even if they can and were a hundred times stronger, you can quit dreaming that they can harm a single hair on me. And I believe that you won’t be able to make another attack like before in a short time, so you will definitely die under my Heaven and Earth Net. Hahaha…”

Luo Tian slowly retreated back a few steps before smiling at the Arcane Dark King.

The first heavenly flame came down.


It went through the spatial restraints of the net and exploded upon impact on the Arcane Dark King’s body.



A large area of the Arcane Dark King’s back was burnt, and a red numerical value appeared above his head: “-5,000,000”

His health bar instantly decreased by five million!

The Arcane Dark King’s expression darkened. When he looked at the huge net up in the sky, he didn’t see any damage to it. The flame somehow directly went through his net and accurately landed on his body.


His mind turned cold as he pulled back his arrogant expression. When he looked over at Luo Tian, who had a confident smile on his face, a trace of fear appeared in his heart. This was a feeling that he had never felt before!


An emotion he had never felt before!

The Arcane Dark King was the supreme overlord of the Arcane Continent. It has always been others being afraid of him and never the other way around. But now, a trace of fear appeared in his heart and mind. They were like little dots of stars getting brighter and brighter.


The second heavenly flame smashed down.


The third heavenly flame smashed down.


The fourth heavenly flame smashed down.

As one heavenly flame fell after another, those starry dots of fear inside the Arcane Dark King began blazing like a wildfire. The stronger the damage of the heavenly flames, the greater the fear he felt. He used all his strength to climb up back to his feet but was smashed into the ground once more by the heavenly flames. He had no strength to fight back at all!

“Just obediently lie on the ground.”



“You dare to rampage through my territory? Kill so many living beings in my continent? And then resurrect them and make them die a second time? Arcane Dark King, your methods are too cruel,” said Luo Tian in a cold tone. In just a month’s time, the entire Tianxuan Continent was in a complete mess, and countless people were hiding in fear.

But now, countless people were looking in the direction of Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

When they watched how one heavenly flame after another fell down, their hearts felt a tiny bit less taxing. They also counted along with Luo Tian.

“The twenty-seventh!”

“The twenty-eighth!”

“The twenty-ninth!”

Heaven and earth shook as the flames made an impact.

Even more, it shook the minds of everyone staring at the battle.

Jade Mountain City.

“It’s the Patriarch! It really looks like him!”

“Too strong! In just a short three years’ time, he became the strongest person in the Tianxuan Continent! This is the supreme glory for our Luo family and of Jade Mountain City! Hahaha… I need to cultivate harder and follow in the footsteps of our patriarch!”

Heavenly Sword City.

Tang Jiu looked up at the sky and watched the flames come down one at a time with a smile. “Idol is truly an idol. His extraordinary behavior always shines wherever he goes. There will no longer be any strife and war in our Tianxuan Continent. Hahaha… My Great Tang Dynasty will reign proudly for another ten thousand years!”

Besides Tang Jiu was Tang Qingtian, who was stroking his long beard. “I didn’t make the wrong choice back then. The heavens are blessing my Great Tang and the Tianxuan Continent.”

He was relieved that he decided to step in and fight Long Wang back then.

The choice he made was too gorgeous.

This was something he had never imagined.

Those people that offended Luo Tian or ridiculed him in the past were now all trembling within. They never imagined Luo Tian would become the supreme expert of the Tianxuan Continent and single-handedly resist the Arcane Dark King’s army. And he somehow managed to suppress the Arcane Dark King to the point of being unable to get up from the ground! How mighty and domineering was this?!

Those people who once thought Murong Wanjian, the son of a true dragon, was the number one expert on the Tianxuan Continent had all changed.

Whether they were humans, other races, or even demonic beasts of the Tianxuan Continent, they all knew Luo Tian’s name.

“Supremacy Luo Tian!”

“Supremacy Luo Tian!”

“Supremacy Luo Tian!”

All the leaders and chiefs of their races kneeled down in the direction of Mount Hua Immortal Sect before kowtowing. This was their way of showing their recognition of Luo Tian.

It was also a form of submission!

The Tianxuan Continent was an origin continent that had existed for tens of millions of years. It was a place inhabited by thousands of races that had never submitted to a single person. Luo Tian was the first human in history whom all races had submitted to in heart and in mind!


“The boss is too fierce!”

“The Arcane Dark King has been suppressed to the point of being unable to let out a fart!”

“Brother Fatty, do you think the boss will immediately ascend after killing the Arcane Dark King?”

Chapter 874: All Races Kneeling In Worship
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