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The Living Devil, Jiang Xiaoman (3)

Yes, Miaomiao was very fat.

It was so fat and grew especially big. Yu Qingshi was also very confused.

Why did she compare it to a dog hole?

Yu Qingshi was surprised and finally couldn’t help asking. “You… Have you sneaked through a dog hole before? ”


“…” Jiang Xiaoman, you are terrifying!

Why did you sneak through everything? Are you not afraid of anything?!

You are the devil!!

Jiang Xiaoman said again, “How could your cat grow so well? You’re very good at raising it. My Grandma said that our family’s Mrs. Flower eats a lot but doesn’t grow much, not a good pig. If you can teach me, I’ll be very grateful.”

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Speaking of Miaomiao, Yu Qingshi also sighed.

He frowned and thought for a while, then said, “I don’t know. Last time, the vet said that if it kept being so fat, then it would have to go on a diet. It grows too much. It eats anything and grows by eating anything.”

“So it turns out that you have to eat a lot.” This didn’t seem like any incredibly fantastic method. Grandma also raised pigs this way.

But what did it mean to diet?

Jiang Xiaoman did not understand. She always thought that it was better to be white and plump.

She asked Yu Qingshi, “Then, are you hungry? Children should also eat more so they can grow taller.”

Of course, he was hungry.

He was already so hungry that his stomach grumbled, but he forcefully held back and resisted until now.

He wouldn’t say it.

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Jiang Xiaoman suddenly reached out and stroked his stomach.

“What are you doing?” Yu Qingshi slapped her hand away.

“Checking if you are hungry.”

“I’m not hungry.”

Grrumblee. His belly growled. It really picked the right time to ruin the atmosphere.


Yu Qingshi depressedly buried his head between his knees without saying a word.

It was too embarrassing.

Why did she even come here for?

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Just quickly leave!

Why did she have to steal his closet?! He just wanted to be left alone in quiet, was that too much to ask?!

Jiang Xiaoman chuckled and didn’t say anything. She just tried to pull open the canned food that she took.

She sniffed the aroma with all her might.

At first, she only wanted to entice Yu Qinqshi, but she didn’t expect the contents of the can to smell so good and fragrant. Jiang Xiaoman started drooling.

She sincerely said, “It’s so fragrant! I have something delicious here, do you like them?”

Grumble grumble grumble…. What answered her was only the sounds that came out from his stomach.

Yu Qingshi hated her to the death.

Jiang Xiaoman stuck out her tongue and licked the meat inside the can, and found that it was really delicious!

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What the hell was this?! She hadn’t eaten anything like this before!

Jiang Xiaoman’s eyes lit up, and she took a bite.

Then she chewed as hard as she could, making chomping sounds.

“It’s delicious! Are you really not going to eat?” Chomp… Slurp…

Stop chewing and slurping. Are you doing this on purpose?! Annoying!

Yu Qingshi almost cried.

It was as if there were two of him fighting inside his mind, one telling him to hold on and not admit defeat, while the other told him to give up. What Jiang Xiaoman was eating seemed delicious, and he could smell its fragrance.

Finally, he couldn’t hold back anymore and took the can and started eating.

There was no other way; he was really too hungry.

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But, this canned food really tasted a bit strange.

He had never eaten this kind of canned food.

Ah, whatever. As long as he could fill his stomach.

He ate like a ravenous wolf, afraid that she would laugh at him, and quickly finished a can clean.

After he finished eating, he wiped his mouth and asked in a low voice, “Where did you get this from? It’s very…very delicious.”

Jiang Xiaoman was even more surprised than him and asked, “You also don’t know? I took it from your desk.”

Aiyo, she took it from his desk?!

Then wasn’t that Miaomiao’s canned food!?!

Aaaaaa, Jiang Xiaoman, you’re dead! You actually fed him cat food!!!

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Yu Qingshi’s face turned green.

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