Living As the Villainess Queen

Living As the Villainess Queen

마지막 여행이 끝나면

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Living As the Villainess Queen novel is a popular light novel covering Adult, Drama, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Covering The Sky. 132 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


‘I want to travel to a place unknown to the many…’

It was a passing wish to the weary and tired Eugene and she’d not think it’d ever come to pass… but it did.

She opened her eyes and found she was sent to a novel-like world she wrote in passing and became Jin Anika, the scorned queen notorious for her ruthlessness and undeserving of her status.

Queen Jin only sought and desired to see the destruction of this world — the villainess who met her untimely and miserable end at the hands of her husband, Kasser, the reigning king of the Fourth Kingdom.

While struggling to survive in the unknown world, King Kasser visited Eugene and demanded that a contract be fulfilled and come to fruition.

“Three years ago, we made a deal.”

It turns out the Queen was under a contractual marriage with King Kasser. The ultimate price? To bear him a child.

“A… a child?”

“Yes, my successor.”

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  • Lia_is_a_btch Feb 15, 2021

    the plot is intresting yet the couple is common.The mystery is on herself as she tries to recall memories.The one that can intrigue me most will be the og Jin Anika?as to who she really is and what are her capabilities morever her plans.

  • SadWarriorBunny Jan 12, 2021

    I am really liking both the male and female leads in this story, thus far. Both are strong in there own ways, and personalities are well rounded. Hopefully, the male lead keeps his personality traits he has shown up to this point in the story...I will really hate it if he turns into a drooling puppy, with heart eyes that just follows Eugene around. I want them both to show their strengths, regardless of being in love. I hate that about other stories I've read with female protagonist, and there love interest in the story. Really good work on this. I'm really enjoying the plot so far.

  • Supreme_Emperor Jan 05, 2021

    I've read too many of these types of isekai stories and this story has one of the largest plot-holes I've ever seen. 1. The MC wrote the novel she transmigrated into, so how come she knows absolutely nothing about the plotline, characters, or important scenes that may occur in the storyline? 2. The MC is too OOC, almost every one in the castle knows she's acting completely different from before. 3. The MC is too chill with the fact that she needs to get pregnant with the King's child and eventually give up child custody to the King. The MC is absolutely clueless about what to do with the "contract" and is just going along with the King. 4. For more than half the story, the MC is either confused or more confused. Perhaps this is a portrayal of a "realistic" MC, but to me, the MC is just really bland and boring because she does nothing to better her situation. 5. The ML is your typical domineering cold CEO-type of man that is lustful for MC's body. There's nothing new here

    • clarisseix Jan 29, 2021

      1.She doesnt know the plot, the story, the characters because she transmigrated into a character that appeared in the middle half of the original story. Jin anika was the bigger villain, they barely had any scene in the original story that she made. Eugene would know a lot more if they were the main protagonists but the story revolved around The holy city not in hashi thats why she doesnt know shit about Jin and Kasser 3. Why wouldnt she? She doesnt want to die, plus she cant do anything. She doesnt have a clue about the plans running through the original Jin Anika’s mind. Plus it was on the contract, she have to give him a child. I dont know about custody tho, i think she can remain being a mother if she wants to. 4. Its kind of a realistic reaction? Not every main character has to be omniscient. 5. Thats true, he is a typical MC but I contribute that to Jin Anika’s personality before the transmigration. His wary of her, she was a no good queen maybe thats why hes too cautious and domineering. I hope he’ll change too tho hahahaha

  • falora25 Oct 09, 2020

    Can you change the word praz to another word ,This word means something bad in my language, I can't enjoy the novel when I read this 😣😣😣

  • lnwUser08527 Oct 04, 2020

    Updating please. I am addicting to this story and cannot move on. I keep on checking but still no update chapter T T

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I would to love to read more. Thank you for translating this story. I'm eager to know what will happen to the Queen will she survive or the latter?

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Super schön!! Ich hoffe das es bald weiter geht. Kann es kaum erwarten. Die Entwicklung hat ein gutes Tempo und es ist gut beschrieben. Volle Punkte

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Great Story! Thank you for all the hard work translating it!
Not too stressful of a pace but it’a still hard to put down and the plot is thickening...

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A trama da história é super interessante e adorei como a relação dos dois foi desenvolvida... queria que voltassem a publicar mais capítulos, faz tempo que não atualizam T-T

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The novels setting is in a middle east like place with a mix of western culture which is quite refreshing from all the european style based novels. The plot is also quite interesting with the queen originally thought to be the main villain but it seems to be more complicated than what it seems. The development of the characters are also seen from the way their views of certain aspects of their life are slowly changing whether it be love, their reality, emotions or just the truth that they ignore. Its not something to be overly addicted with but its enough to make you want to know what the truth of the matters really is.

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For a very complicated reader this one for you.. why because the FL can tell ML a bit of few details about what she saw in her vision with the additional reason of losing her memory.. instead she kept it her self.

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I'm really in love with this novel and I hope and pray that it will soon be adapted into manga ♥️ ♥️ I love how the story plot is progressing and how both of them are realising their feelings ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

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The story is great. I watch author's other story Lucia, but in my opinion, this story will be better. This story created in detail, makes me imagine the situation likes I was there watching what is happening there

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It’s good. The plot is moving gradually. Consistent as it progresses though there are times when it’s dragging but otherwise a pretty good read. Looking forward to more chapters.

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