Long Live Summons

Chapter 754.2: Dead Man, Madman, Desperate Looks (Part 2)

Chapter 754 – Dead Man, Madman, Desperate Looks (Part 2)
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Cough! Cough! Cough! Suddenly, a faint cough could be heard. All four were astonished because the sound didn’t come from the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader. Who could it be?

From a distant point in the sky, partially hidden within the rain, there was a shadow floating towards them. As it got closer, the four people realized that it was the Marquis of Zi Jin!

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince were overjoyed while Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince’s faces showed that they were feeling utterly dispirited. Did the Marquis of Zi Jin’s appearance mean that Xue Tan Lang had been defeated? Could it really be true that in addition to Yue Yang, the incredibly talented Greedy Wolf had been defeated‽ Among the warriors of the younger generation, had this extremely talented young man, who was following in Yue Yang’s footsteps, become the only one who couldn’t challenge a formidable enemy? Had he become so weak that his life wouldn’t even be worth a note in the history books?

“Hahahahaha, I knew that Xue Tan Lang would be a piece of cake!” Thousand Goblins Sect Leader said joyously. The Marquis of Zi Jin‘s strength wasn’t yet at the same level as the previous Thousand Goblins King. After all, he had just become the new Thousand Goblins King. Additionally, he had extraordinary wisdom and had managed to restore his strength to [Innate] Heaven-Rank, Level 8. It was only natural that he had defeated Xue Tan Lang.

“Cough. cough.” The Marquis of Zi Jin coughed lightly, either due to humility or due to the fact that his internal wounds hadn’t yet healed.

“What‽ You’re all still alive!” A voice exclaimed from within the rain.

As Shun Tian came into view, his eerie and mocking voice continued, “I thought you were all dead.”

His words provoked Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince to immediately remonstrate” Shun Tian, are you strong enough? It takes you so long to beat down rubbish like Fatty Hai. Look, your strongest right hand has been broken. You just look like a loser, how can you laugh at us? If I were you, I would seckill Fatty Hai and make his head a chamber pot!”

It’s easier said than done. Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince knew clearly in their hearts that Fatty Hai was a tough man. Or else Shun Tian would not have broken his strongest fist and came back this late. But Shun Tian’s words was really annoying that they wanted to hit back.

Since Shun Tian and Marquis of Zi Jin had come back, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader was cheered up and had more faith in their victory of this battle. Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince were definitely dead. Now they were just waiting for the Great Elder and his fellow’s arrival. As long as the Great Elder’s head wasn’t filled with dung, it’s absolutely impossible to lose to Liu Ye.

When Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince were trying to attack Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince, a swarm of people came towards from the distance.

“You just all came at the same time.” Thousand Goblins Sect Leader felt ashamed of himself since Black Prince and he was the last group that hadn’t finished the task. But Thousand Goblins Sect Leader thought it was reasonable because their opponents were Tian Luo Prince, the strongest in his team and Ye Kong, a really tough guy. What’s more, compared to others, especially the strongest Shun Tian, who broke his right fist, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince were the least injured.

Heads were thrown in the pouring rain, and one of them, with eyes opened, rolled over to the rock at Thousand Goblins Sect’s feet. Thousand Goblins Sect thought the Winged Clan Senate was just too arrogant. It’s not a decent victory since they outnumbered the opponent.

Suddenly, Thousand Goblins Sect felt something wrong and found the head just rolled over was the head of the Great Elder!

“What happened?” Black Prince screamed out. He found the heads all over the ground were all Elders of the Senate!

A half-dead old man in a large cloak, leaning on a crutch, came out and coughed feebly” Do you need any explanation? Ji Feng, you fish-men explain to them. I am too old to say anything.” Behind the old man, hybrids like octopus man Big Boss, Swordfish-man Ji Feng, Whale Fishman Zhang, Mudskipper Fishman Sui Zui came out from the dark. On the other side, there was the young generation like Liu Ye, Bao Er, Yue Ting, Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun. Besides, Southern Goblin King, Xia Yi, Queen Qi Ge, the Shark King, Chong Ni and others who were not on the enemies list of Thousand Goblins Sect.

An empty island suddenly emerged in the sky. The whole sky darkened as if it were covered with something. Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince looked for a while and found it was an impossibly large Ancient Island Whale. When the Heaven Stage Level 3 Ancient Island Whale appeared, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader fell in despair. It’s not because of its strength, but the special realm it had. All the targets under the shadow of its body couldn’t easily leave, this was a predator field. For Ancient Island Whale, it might just be too lazy to move, so it used this predator field to swallow some small shrimps… However, when this field was put on the battlefield, especially the weak side, that was the biggest tragedy!

A few minutes later, more people burst into the rain. First came the Great Demon King Barut, the Demon King Ha Xin, the Demon King Ou Gen, the Lich King Gu Lun, the Lich King Ma Fa and the rest in Demon Abyss.

“ShunTian, Black Prince, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Marquis of Zi Jin, don’t get me wrong. Ah, I should call you future Thousand Goblins King. Actually, we have no malice……We just come here and have a look since you are the last one who still insists on fighting. You guy go ahead, just leave us alone!” The Great Demon King Barut had already been in the Heaven Stage. Though he had wounds on his body, he could look down upon Shun Tian, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, Black Prince and others simply by his imposing manner.

“Hahaha, even if you can succeed for a while. But Yue Yang died, the Ancient Demon King will not let you get away with it! We can see who will smile last! We can stay in the Grimoires and don’t go out until you are all died. Then Tong Tian Tower still belongs to us and you arrogant guys will all be killed by the Ancient Demon King and the Heaven Realm Mercenary! Besides, you can save Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince, but what about Xue Tan Lang and Fatty Hai? And what about Yue Yang? Go ahead, just crow over!” Black Prince sneered sharply.

“Who said Xue Tan Lang was dead?” Bao Er objected ”It’s the iceman who pierced the heart of Marquis of Zi Jin! Not the opposite! You even made a mistake like this, how could you be a ranker!”

“What?” Hearing this, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince looked at Marquis of Zi Jin. “They’re right……” With a bitter nod, Marquis of Zi Jin opened the cloak to reveal a huge hole in his chest in which the heart and lungs, and part of his internal organs, had disappeared. Marquis of Zi Jin was defeated long ago. He only forced himself to come back. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to insist. He sat down slowly on the rock and said to the frightened Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince“ Please tell Yue Yang for me, I, Marquis of Zi Jin, lost the fight, I admit that I am…….not…….as good…… as him…….Tong Tian Tower……belongs to him……” When Marquis of Zi Jin laid down on the stone and said the last word, his eyes became still at that moment.

The demon fire blazed in the rain, burning Marquis of Zi Jin’s body and soul with it. Marquis of Zi Jin, the once strongest opponent in Yue Yang’s life, the one who frustrated Yue Yang and Xue Jian Xia, finally walked to the end of life and turned into smoke and ashes.

“Hahahahaha, good! Well done!” Shun Tian suddenly looked up and laughed like a madman “I was wrong, no, not only I was wrong, we were all wrong! We are all frogs in the well, we were all poor, poor, poor and poor…We are all poor wretches, hahaha!” His crying turned into laughter, then back to crying again. In the rain, he didn’t look like an Innate Ranker but like a madman, staggering to walk away.

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince’s faces were as pale as a sheet. They couldn’t figure out what happened to Shun Tian. Was he crazy?

When Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince were ready to attack, the half-dead old Dragon Turtle shook his head” Let it go. He really goes mad!” Listening to this, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince were frightened out of their wits. What had Shun Tian been through? Who drove the proud Great Emperor of Zi Wei mad? Could it be Fatty Hai? Or Yue Yang? Shun Tian was now a madman, and nobody would care about him. But what about themselves?

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince looked at each other and only could find desperate in their eyes……

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