Lord of All Realms

Chapter 1380 Turmoil

“They went to another Realm Sea.” Ye Wenhan fell silent after saying these words.

No matter how Mo Qianfan, Yu Suying, or the others asked, he didn’t say another word about it.

Where was that other Realm Sea?

What about it had attracted late God domain experts and late tenth grade grand monarchs to leave their own realms?

These were the questions in everyone’s heads.

Ye Wenhan and Ji Yuanquan seemed to know the answers, yet they refused to share them.

After that, Pei Qiqi, Ji Yuanquan, and Ye Wenhan only explained more about the wonders of Realm Seas.

After a while, an idea struck Dong Qisong from the Beast-controlling Sect. “If Nie Tian can improve his cultivation base in the Seven-star Blue Sea, what about others?

“Is it possible that people can absorb power from the Seven-star Blue Sea at this point? If that’s the case...”

With these words, he turned to fix Dong Li with an inquiring gaze.

According to seniority, Dong Li should call him Patriarch. Besides, the Dong Clan had a close relationship with the Beast-controlling Sect.

After the Demons had invaded the Realm of a Hundred Battles and almost wiped out the Dong Clan, many of the surviving members of the Dong Clan had been taken to the Beast-controlling Sect, where they practiced cultivation.

Her older brother Dong Baijie was one of them.

“What are you saying?” Dong Li asked.

“Do we arrange for our disciples to come try their luck in the Seven-star Blue Sea?” Dong Qisong asked with a suggestive tone. “Perhaps it’ll help them improve their cultivation base, like what’s happening to Nie Tian.”

Upon hearing these words, many from the five major sects and three major clans of the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries were intrigued, their eyes lighting up.

Ji Yuanquan let out a derisive laugh and said, “Not everyone is the freak Nie Tian is. As I said, even sectmasters of our sect didn’t dare to say that they had uncovered all of the Realm Seas’ secrets. As unimpressive as the Seven-star Blue Sea may seem, it’s actually full of danger.”

With these words, he intended to warn people against doing such a risky thing.

Ye Wenhan jumped in and said, “It won’t hurt to try. I don’t think we should tell people what to do. Life and death are ruled by fate. Sometimes, people need to take chances in order to achieve certain things...”


A wisp of bright light suddenly flew out from a corner of his eye.

It was a sparkling and crystal-clear sword that was as thin as cicadas’ wings.

Under his control, the tiny sword flew past the area where Nie Tian was immersed and plunged into the Seven-star Blue Sea.

Ji Yuanquan and everyone else observed with rapt attention.

They saw the sparkling sword flashing about like a very quick fish after diving into the blue sea.

However, it didn’t swim for long before it suddenly vanished.

Expression flickering, Ye Wenhan, who was at the early God domain, said, “I spent a lot of time and effort refining that flying sword. It carries a wisp of my soul will, and is connected to me telepathically. But now, I’ve lost it. Even with my soul, I can’t sense its existence. Realm Seas are unfathomably mysterious indeed. I don’t think I’ll try to explore it anymore.”

After hearing this, everyone exchanged glances, not sure what to do.

Ye Wenhan spread his arms. “But the fact that I failed doesn’t mean that others will too. Even though I can’t give advice on what to do or how, perhaps those with lower cultivation bases will be able to derive some enlightenment and make advances in their cultivation like Nie Tian has after entering the Seven-star Blue Sea.”

“Do I arrange for our disciples to come and try their luck?” Dong Qisong asked.

“It’s up to you,” Dong Li said. “Just don’t blame others if they die trying.”

“Of course. And we shall be very careful.” Dong Qisong gave a wry smile and turned to look at the powerful experts from the other local clans and sects.

They had already grown restless. Upon receiving Dong Li’s permission, they started communicating and making arrangements.


In the Realm of Fragmentary Star.

Pure star power poured out of the Nine Star Heavens like a glorious waterfall before falling onto a majestic stone pavilion where Dou Tianchen practiced cultivation.

Numerous stars flew out of the Heavenly Stellar Stream to receive the star power, and then fused back into Dou Tianchen’s saint domain.


All of a sudden, his star domain manifested countless changes.

After changing for a while, it shrank and morphed into an early-stage dharma idol.

“Dharma Idol!”

Wei Lai, Yan Zhan, and the other elders were thrilled as they looked at the dharma idol, which wasn’t very large yet.

Sikong Cuo, who was also a Son of the Stars, observed from a high balcony of his pavilion. With a vicious look on his face, he spat, “That’s my Heavenly Stellar Stream! I expended great effort to refine and strengthen it. I can’t believe it somehow left me and chose Dou Tianchen as its new master! This is unacceptable!”

A Saint domain subordinate of his said in a low voice, “Well, it didn’t do that for no reason. Dou Tianchen’s Nine Stars Flower seemed to receive something from Nie Tian’s Heavenly Stars Flower.”

“Nie Tian!” Sikong Cuo said through his gritting teeth.

“Elder! The Realm of Remote Heaven has fallen, and Elder Han was killed! Even her soul didn’t survive!” Heartrending and furious cries suddenly filled the air in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s headquarters.

All of the elders, Sons of the Stars, and numerous disciples that were in Fragmentary Star City got the news.

“Not just powerful experts from our sect, but those from the Five Elements Sect, the Void Spirit Society, and the Heaven Span Pavilion were also killed,” the man said, wailing. “Almost all of those in the Realm of Remote Heaven died. And the realm that we four great sects have operated for thousands of years fell into the outsiders’ hands in a matter of hours.

“The invaders were a joint army of Phantasms, Fiends, Demons, and Bonebrutes. Multiple grand monarchs showed up in the Realm of Remote Heaven.

“It seems that another great war that involves all sides is going to break out in the Dead Star Sea.”

Almost at the same time, the Void Spirit Society, the Five Elements Sect, and the Heaven Span Pavilion received word of the fall of the Realm of Remote Heaven, and learned that all of their elders that had been stationed there had been killed.

The news spread through the human domains with lightning speed.

Soon, Ji Yuanquan, Ye Wenhan, and the others that were gathered at the Seven-star Blue Sea also learned about the outsiders’ massive invasion.

All of those from the Five Elements Sect, the Heaven Span Pavilion, and the Void Spirit Society, including every Divine Son and Daughter, Ye Wenhan, Ji Yuanquan, and even Pei Qiqi, were required to return to their headquarters.


In the Realm of Looming Shadow, the base of the Shadow Society.

A sun hung high in the sky. However, a huge palace stood in a shadowy location that was surrounded by lofty mountain peaks. It was the Shadow Palace.

Standing in the middle of a grand hall, Shangguan Zhi had a worried face.

The walls of the spacious hall were carved with thousands of insidious creatures.

They were connected to the Shadow Society’s secret agencies in different realms that gathered and transferred information to this Shadow Palace.

“Gupi was taken away, and the sectmaster...”

Shangguan Zhi sighed in frustration, unsure what to do and how to define the Shadow Society’s role and status in the human world.

He had spent day and night worrying that powerful experts from the four great sects would march on the Shadow Society to hold him accountable for what had happened.


The numerous insidious creatures in the walls seemed to sense something, and suddenly grew excited.

In the next moment, a wisp of shadow appeared in a corner of the hall and rapidly expanded.

Shangguan Zhi, who was feminine and snaky, shuddered upon seeing the shadow. Then, he approached it naturally and exclaimed, “Sectmaster! I knew that you’d be fine!”

Slowly walking out of the shadow, Jiang Yuanchi smiled faintly and asked, “Oh? You didn’t wish that I died?”

Shangguan Zhi bowed his head. “How do I dare? The Shadow Society will always be yours! Not once did I think about undermining your authority in the sect while you were gone. I knew that you’d come back one day. It seems that I was right.” With these words, he chuckled softly.

Jiang Yuanchi stared at him for a while before nodding and saying, “It’s good that you don’t have an exaggerated opinion of yourself. I knew that things wouldn’t go wrong in the Shadow Society while you were in control.”

“Certainly,” Shangguan Zhi said hastily.

“Tell Song Chequan from the Jade Heaven Sect and You Qimiao from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect that I want to see them,” Jiang Yuanchi ordered. “Tell them to drop whatever’s on their hands and come here right away.”

“I’m on it!”


Nie Tian’s cultivation base soared as he was immersed in the Seven-star Blue Sea.

It didn’t take very long before he felt that he had smoothly entered the middle Void domain without meeting any obstacles.

He closed his eyes and sensed the changes in the magnetic field around him. Without him doing anything, he continuously absorbed the residual power that had come from outsider grand patriarchs’ flesh aura seas.

Countless wisps of grand patriarch flesh aura essence fused into him after being purged by the twisting ripping magnetic field.

Under the magical effect of his life bloodline and Heavenly Wood Heal, his crystallized bones that had been fractured and his resilient meridians that had been severed during his battle against Jiang Yuanchi rapidly healed and strengthened.


As he took in pure flesh power, he breathed out impurities.

Before coming to the Seven-star Blue Sea, the speed at which he had absorbed flesh power had been fairly slow. However, after somehow arriving in the depths of the wondrous sea, the speed at which he obtained flesh power had soared through the ceiling.

“Zhao Shanling said that Realm Seas usually contain outsiders’ shattered flesh aura seas and humans’ broken domains. That means Realm Seas are filled with a vast variety of violent energies! I bet those mixed energies You Qimiao from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect cast at me came from a Realm Sea!

“It might not be the Seven-star Blue Sea, but some other Realm Sea You Qimiao discovered...”

Flame, star, and wood power condensed into tiny bits of crystalline essence that flew towards him from every corner of the Realm Sea, giving rise to whooshes. After being purged, they fused into his unique domain, where the Heavenly Stars Flower, the Godspirit Tree, and the seventy-two tree branches manifested and feasted on the different powers.

“This is weird.”

He felt as if he was in a trance as he saw wisps of light smoke descending in his sea of awareness.

He tried to touch them with his true soul, and discovered that they carried power that could help nourish and refine his soul.

“There’s soul power in this Realm Sea as well?”

Flabbergasted and confused, he attempted to communicate with the Spirit Pearl’s soul.

After a wisp of his soul awareness entered the Spirit Pearl, the first thing he discovered was that the five evil gods seemed to be unusually excited, as they were making strange sharp sounds.

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