Lord of the Mysteries (Web Novel)
Lord of the Mysteries (Web Novel)

Lord of the Mysteries (Web Novel)

序列 的 戰爭 the most high

1432 Chapters 22.7M Views 24.5K Bookmarked Completed Status

Lord of the Mysteries (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Cuttlefish That Loves Diving. 1432 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Circle of Inevitability (sequel)


In the waves of steam and machinery, who could achieve extraordinary? In the fogs of history and darkness, who was whispering? I woke up from the realm of mysteries and opened my eyes to the world.

Firearms, cannons, battleships, airships, and difference machines. Potions, divination, curses, hanged-man, and sealed artifacts… The lights shone brightly, yet the secrets of the world were never far away. This was a legend of the “Fool”.

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: 4 comments on Chapter 560: The Hanged Man Gets Fleeced
: 3 comments on Chapter 253: Night Thoughts
: 5 comments on Chapter 990: Inner Fears
: 4 comments on Chapter 1212: Spreading Radiance
: 4 comments on Chapter 691: Meeting
  • greencloud 1

    The Dantes part is so boring and dragged out, im so close to dropping it

    • IamFool 2

      Bruh you miss out The Gambling God Dwayne

  • Ihatebiden 1

    I hate this novel. It's soo boring 😴. And the writing and characters are absolute trash 🤢🤮. I regret ever reading this novel. What a massive waste of time.

    • SinOfSloth 1

      This troll is actually posting same comment on multiple lightnovels.

      Edited: 2h
  • FURDUR 2

    I have a question, I forgot the events because I finished the novel two years ago, but my question is! The girl who appeared at the beginning of the novel in the face of the clown, and the fortune teller offered Klein his luck, did she have a role in the end, or did she not appear after that event?

  • MageW9lf 2

    It is not necessary to write a Great Review, as you progress through this novel, the review will write itself. Just remember "When the world is corrupted, Justice will be there to purify it"

    Edited: 10h
  • theraptor 1

    I was recommend this after reading 'I'm not the demon lord lackey i should give it a try

  • CloudiGin 1

    Some of you asked for an update on my impressions and maybe some are wondering if you are to pick this LN up. I would say most definitely! It truly deserves its spot at Rank 2 or even 1. You’ve got to commit and sink you teeth into it though and be ready for long evenings while you read through the world building and side dialogues, but it’s very much worth it. Wrote a little story about my findings and feelings below 👇🏻😊

    Edited: 23h
  • CloudiGin 1

    Well, I just finished Volume II at Chapter 482~ and I have to say that the story is very intriguing. It’s good a lot of you wrote that the story really picks up at around Chapter 200, but for me it started to get interesting at Chapter 300. Truly spoken: it was a commitment at times as I can only read so much in my free time, and before coming back to most of you I said to myself to read a bit more and now ended finished Volume II. My thoughts have very much lobsided throughout different chapters. What does this mean for a new reader? You really have to get ready for long chapters, and indeed at least read through about a 100 Chapters for world building and a lot of information and connections that even backtrack while sometimes having to deal with lacklustre side characters at the start that later become crucial to the story. Hence you’ve got to keep paying attention. What do you get in return for it? A fabulously story with a lot of ‘oh sh*t that’s cool moments. Best LN!!!

  • Dhillkah 2

    what is the advantage of this story?

    • Pitz 4

      -Awesome descriptions in an insane setting -Fleshed out, realistic and funny characters -Goosebump moments coming with the -Epic plot twists while -Crying because it’s so sad . Get ready for an unforgettable story!

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  • Kaisaru 1

    Can anyone tell me uses of dark emperor card , i am at ch.377

    Edited: 1d~
    Admin Edit: 25 Mar, 12:26

    Spoiler alert enabled. Make sure to enable the "Contains Spoilers" option in your comment.

  • Yellowchickens 2

    Just asking to stop comparing it to every ln. Like I was browsing random ln and every ln has 1 out of 10 comments comparing it to LOTM . People should only talk about a particular ln on their respective comment only or if someone asks for recommendations. And also if someone says that if random novel is better then LOTM according to **their own opinion** LOTM stans starts hating him . Everyone has their own opinion and people should learn to respect that. It was tolerable before but after LOTM 2 release it is just became annoying and obnoxious. ( Many Stans may also dislike this ,you can as this is my 2nd account as I am not gonna take the risk)

    • Snipermonkey 4

      We have this issue is everything Countries, sport teams, foods, city, culture Just don't care about them Time will change them Society won't accept arrogant people except some special situations (presidents)


      Well there are people who think their opinion is everything.

    • skj 4

      Don't worry bro there are people who are mature enough to understand this, LOTM still better though...

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