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dovetail 4
Chapter 232 20 hours ago

I haven't finish it actually. I am still in the middle of confusion and discovering new things but I have to, like literally, voice out my new found love for this novel. This right here, is peak. I read a lot of stuff and know that the author for this novel has talents. The way the scenes unfold right in front of my eyes feels like surreal. Klein is not a perfect character and I love that. He always knows what he wants and prioritizes things even when things are in chaos. I relate to Klein a lot and I know that all of you would do to. This is the legend of the “Fool”.

  • MageW9lf 2

    It is not necessary to write a Great Review, as you progress through this novel, the review will write itself. Just remember "When the world is corrupted, Justice will be there to purify it"

Gbmagic 1
Chapter 199 2 days ago

I have only read about 200 chapters but it's beautiful. It follows a logical path and the main character develops gradually because he has to understand his powers

Fishfcker69 1
Chapter 966 2 days ago

This novel is decent at best for me. I can understand why other people like this novel, but I can't just seem to get on the train with it. Though these is my personal opinion y'all should give it a try.

Maxsim 5
Chapter 1432 2 days ago

Just finished reading and it's so good . . don't complain about being slow paced cuz in my pov that is amust to have a great peak novel but it's not like it's going to be slow paced for the entire novel it's about 100 or so chps till we the author finishes the world bulding and then the novel becomes amazing incrideble irresistible so don't give up guys read it its 100% worth it

zahrarp 3
Chapter 1432 2 days ago

this was the best light novel and the second best story I have read in my life the world design is just perfect characters are all really good i cant even say much about it im still in a daze after reading it

Getcelwalt 2
Chapter 129 3 days ago

I haven't finished (around 130) it yet but the unique power levels and cultivation system that author has used is amazing and the author does it so well, hope it maintains the steam

Sanchit_Gupta 3
Chapter 1432 3 days ago

I hope I speak for most if not all of us, that “Lord of the Mysteries” written by “Cuttlefish that loves diving” is one of the best if not the best book I have ever read. I’m sad and happy, but most importantly proud, proud that I read such a great novel and didn’t drop it, proud to follow Klein throughout his life and all these situations, proud to finally have the ability to say “I completely read Lord of the Mysteries and I loved it”, and most of all, proud that I was able to be a part of this legendary novel. The sadness stems from the fact that I will never once again have the joy of being completely clueless and being pleasantly surprised word after word, arc after arc by this perfect novel. The joy stems from the fact that I know there is a second book, I know that I will always have this book to rely on, and I know the true and complete story. I’ll be waiting for you all in Circle of Inevitability.

Sp4tt 3
Chapter 1399 3 days ago

Loved the novel. The protagonist is really likeable, he followed through with his goal and conviction. Even if he had some thorns in his path, he faced them with his smarts and cunningness. Love the other characters, be them the antagonists or the 'good' guys that 'help' Klein throughout the plot. My favorites were Klein(Praise the Fool!!), Audrey, Leonard, our dear poet, Will, our great Godess (Praise the Lady!!) and I have love and hate for Amon, that guy is a bastard. There is no romance, but there is no need for it too, there was a need though for friendship, Klein has a sad and lonely time in the novel. The end was awesome, stacking some chapters on book 2 5/5

NeverDying 2
Chapter 1392 4 days ago

This is a masterpiece in character development, world building and story progression. Initial few chapters seems to be boring like slice of life novel but when the time you finish the 1st volume you will know how good it is. The book is full of mystery and there is no romance.

Cantstopreading69420 4
Chapter 1432 4 days ago

This is novel is slow paced, and is not how I like it. Yes, I know this is good story and people like it but for me slow pace just kills the mood considering we are 1500 chapters in the story.

  • BLNKD 5

    3 days ago you left a 1 star review on Book 2 calling it slow-paced and acted as though you had read all of Book 1. And on the same day you post this review on Book 1 calling this slow-paced, these 2 reviews are literally the exact same but reworded somewhat, now that you've put another 1 star review... its very obvious you're leaving a review of 1 star out of spite because the "slow-pace" of Book 1 picks itself up, especially so after chapter 300+... "Chapter 1432"? As if. It's obvious all you did was clearly click on the last chapter to make it look like you read the entire book.

    • Razornadim 1

      Just don't mind him, a single review from attention seeker with low iq and reading comprehension is not gonna change this work's quality. He didn't even try to hide his doing which implied the low rating of his brain.