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OneFoolishReader 5
Chapter 1430 10 hours ago

This novel is a masterpiece. I was never bored while reading it. It had amazing characters with crazy world building, and mysteries that left you shocked. When I first started it, I thought that 1000+ chapters is too much but after finishing it, I wished it had more. I'm very happy there is a second novel to this. Klein is best boy

Zen_Sekai_Lorde 4
Chapter 1430 17 hours ago

Excellent world building and character development. The power system is also very well written. Action scenes are exciting to read, and the twists are unexpected AF. Easily one of the top novels on this site. The ending was also really good.

Kazitus 1
Chapter n/a 19 hours ago

In a world where stories have the power to transport us to unimaginable realms, Lord of The Mysteries emerges as a captivating literary gem. This book skillfully weaves a tapestry of emotions, ideas, and experiences, leaving an indelible mark on the reader's mind. The author's artistry shines through every page, with their words dancing effortlessly across the vast expanse of imagination. The narrative is intricately crafted, engaging readers in a mesmerizing journey that tugs at their heartstrings and challenges their perceptions. Whether it's an epic adventure, a tender romance, or a thought-provoking exploration of the human condition, Lotm effortlessly captures the essence of its genre. The characters, like threads in a rich tapestry, come to life with remarkable depth and authenticity. Each protagonist bears their own burdens, aspirations, and flaws, making them relatable and endearing. The reader becomes emotionally invested in their fates, rejoicing in their triumphs and shedding tears at their sorrows. The world-building is nothing short of extraordinary. The vivid descriptions transport the reader to far-off lands, painting a vivid tableau of sights, sounds, and scents. Whether it's a bustling cityscape, a mystical realm, or the quiet solitude of nature, Lotm masterfully constructs an immersive environment that envelops the reader in its embrace. While the overall experience of reading Lotm is enchanting, there are moments when the pacing feels slightly uneven. Some sections may require patience, as the narrative unfolds at a leisurely pace, allowing readers to savor the nuances of the story. However, the payoff is well worth it, as the book reaches its crescendo with a satisfying conclusion that leaves a lasting impact. In conclusion, Lotm is an exquisite testament to the power of storytelling. With its mesmerizing prose, compelling characters, and thought-provoking themes, it is destined to captivate readers from all walks of life. Whether you are a fan of the genre or simply seeking an immersive literary experience, this book is a journey well worth embarking upon.

yeeto 2
Chapter 1432 yesterday

It starts off kinda slow for the first 150 chapters or so, then shit gets real. Like, insanely fast. I literally became a puppet of The Fool in the 2 months it took me to read the whole novel. gud shit fr

Haerinah 1
Chapter 936 2 days ago

It's the best book in my opinion. As someone who has read several hundreds of wuxia titles and literally millions of pages. It's a great story that's been planned to the end before it starts. It's. Beautiful. Fantastic. Fascinating. Mind blowing.

MFBDestrof 3
Chapter 1003 2 days ago

This is definitely the best light novel I’ve read yet the only thing to watch out for is that the beginning is a lot slower if you’re used to really fast paced novels but don’t quit because it is all worth it.

Pantsu_Net 6
Chapter 1407 2 days ago

without a doubt one of the best web novels that exists, the beginning is slow with the creation of the world, basic information about mysticism and preparing the bases that will be used later, but it is worth the wait so as not to lose too much in the future, and the story is very engaging with ups and downs full of emotions.

daddyq 1
Chapter 1432 4 days ago

Easily the best story I have ever read or even just experienced. Even through the slow first 50 chapters it was engrossing with the immense interesting worldbuilidng and engaging characters. Never once did I feel like I wasn't completely immersed and loving it. 5/5 at the least.

Dreamer1100 3
Chapter 1059 4 days ago

At first it might be slow and there might be a lot of information but it gets better (this is not for people who want fast paced novels where there are lots of fights)and the world building is sooo good and the way things all fall in to place is soo good this is one of if not the best novel

abzul 3
Chapter 1423 4 days ago

To describe this novel in one word - Phenomenal! ===== World building: This is my personal favourite part of this novel. The world created by Cuttlefish is exquisite and intricate; the attention to detail is mind-blowing. The author takes into consideration everything ranging from geography, culture, society, politics, economy, religion and history and creates a world that feels very real. Every region in a country, every country in a continent and every continent in the world has their own uniqueness and individuality. The details of world building aren't just focused on the macro level but you can even find unique developments at the city scale. There would be a city described in the early parts of Volume 3 but you can still find some cultural correlations discovered in the last 50-60 chapters of the book. And there are multiple such instances. The consistency of the world is amazing. The MC, Klein, had found out some information as early as Volume 1 but was unable to describe or understand it - the same information would get explained with complete and detailed description at the very end of the novel. You can easily feel that the author made the world first, completely defined it, and only then did he go forth with the story. ===== Characters: Just like the world building, each character has their own individuality and their own story. All the recurring characters follow their own journey of development and maturity and everyone grows in their own way. There is no superfluous character! Even some seemingly trash mid villain may go on to surprise you with they journey. Of course this world isn't like Naruto where TnJ makes all enemies turn into friends; but rather that even antagonistic characters have their own development, motivations and goals that they strive to achieve. There are so many characters that are so easy to fall in love with and build an attachment with. ===== Power System: Very very unique . A new take on how to grow strong. There is a huge variety to the kinds of powers people can develop and the interactions between the powers are very very interesting. There's no rock-paper-scissor kind of system. Everyone can be strong and anyone can be weak. There are no weak pathways, only weak minds. ===== Plot: Thrilling, exciting, mind-bending, filled with amazing interactions between all involved elements of the story, EVER ACCELERATING like, no joke, the story starts off SLOW with all the world building and explanations, and it eventually picks up pace at around ch. 80-100. Then it goes faster, and then even faster, and faster and faster and faster and faster until the very end. There are no breaks on the Mystery train. You will get no breathing space until the novel ends. ===== For me personally, it took me a good 2 months to go from ch. 1 to ch. 50 because it was quite slow and I would always fall asleep reading the info dump after a tiring day of work. It took another week to go from ch. 50 to ch. 100 as it was getting increasingly interesting. And after that. . . I went from ch. 100 to ch. 1432 in less than a month. It's simply impossible to stop once it gets going. Each volume is better than the last, each volume has its own unique emotions and development, each volume's end will hit you right in the feels. Writing my first review, didn't know they don't allow you to press enter and start new paragraphs in new lines so it looks like a big word dump, I'm sorry about that!