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Renegade_prism 5
Chapter 1 2 days ago

I have read many a webnovels in my time, but this one is just something else, the great research put into it, the intricate world building and smooth yet exciting story development obliterates most other books. The way how so many different references to cultures, religions and even media are woven together are simply fun to read. There is many other things that I want to say but I'd rather u just read it and become one of us🧐. This book is on another level and I'd definitely love to reread in sometime.

Imhim 1
Chapter 383 2 days ago

In my opinion the story and world building is great but major things for me are lacking like the authors fights the fights for me feel stiff and weak the author does not do a good job of describing what is happening during fights the pacing at the start for me was horrible I was struggling to read for 100 chapters because of how boring it was I dropped this novel on chapter 385 because of boredom the tarot club to me was suppose to be mysterious just like the lord of mysteries but then coming out in the open effected me in a negative way and the characters have have not many problems with them except Audrey she annoys me to the very core because of her ignorance at such a old age and her enthusiasm I prefer Adler who is intelligent, respectable, and does his own dirty work and sly to me Audrey is a coward but it’s my opinion and you might not like it but it’s my experience and emotions that I felt within the novel I have still not found a new perfect novel that I can truly love like the counts son I might drop it or read into it but please tell me if I should keep reading I don’t care about spoilers and to use as a perfect scale the best action I have read in a novel is from beginning after the end well I thank you guys for reading my review and reading my thoughts about the novel.

rannn 1
Chapter 1432 2 days ago

Such a masterpiece 🥹 the storyline, the characters, the pain and loneliness, the unimaginable world in this novel. . I can’t wait for LOTM 2. . i miss klein!!!!

Hussien 1
Chapter n/a 3 days ago

Very very very beautifal novel . . . Imon is your father 😎😎😎😎 the fool is very comblacated carrecter and i felt in love of this person sorry beacause my english languges is not good i right this commint just to put the 5 stars to this beautifal novel and for end dont forget is Imon is your father 😎😎😎

  • Ryomen 2

    Dude,no offense but if your English is as bad as in the review then how do you understand the novel... ... REMEMBER "NO OFFENSE", it's just a reader's pure cutosity.

    • Hussien 1

      I have read the novel translated into my language and came here only to evaluate the novel😎

DrFireFly 1
Chapter 457 4 days ago

A very good novel. The power system is unique and fresh, the characters is very well written, fell in love with the MC imidtaly at the few first chapters. And the world building, oh boy the world building is top tier, it's better than One Piece in my opinion, full of mysteries, foreshadowing and plot twist. Like everyone else had said, this novel is not for everyone, it's quite slow at the beginning but if you can go through it, you will be so surprised. 10/10 story, well deserved the number 2 spot

spectralreader 1
Chapter 1432 5 days ago

that's just peak fiction. this novel has probably the best world building i have seen/read, it also has amazing characters and a wonderful plot. I'm REALLY looking forward for the relase of his sequel . PRAISE THE FOOL

Enoch 1
Chapter 1410 6 days ago

Love this novel. Very awesome characters and fight scenes. Sometimes it can be confusing, but overall this book is amazing. The detail in the characters development is incredible. And I absolutely love that the plot is like a thick web and not a straight line.

Luke22 1
Chapter 957 6 days ago

A novel if you want • A unique progression fantasy • A steam punk and magic hybrid based setting • A moral, but smart and cunning protagonist • A charming and distinct set of casts • A story with eldritch horror vibe • A fantasy but the feels are very much real • A novel that can make you feel as though you're in the narrative • A plot with amazing build up and an even more amazing climax • LORE • ​Just something good to read This has a lot of chapters, and yes, the beginning might feel like a hog to some, BUT trust me, the beginning is the lore's foundation and exposure that paints the world and truly sets the mood when the story progressed further. The author and the translation did such an amazing job of making the writings immersive. There are parts where you are amused, parts that genuinely break your heart, or parts where you are on the brink of a panic attack, as if you're the one going through the ordeal the characters facing. I cannot recommend this enough. I've reread this 3 times, and hang around here even though I have unlocked it on official sources, just to go through the comments, and see many shares the feelings I had. Just a recommendation, but if you can, for any major chapters or the chapters with Tarot Club gathering, you might wanna check out at the official place where you can comments on each paragraph. The comments on the paragraphs are fun to go through and interact with.

donutsaregood 1
Chapter 1432 7 days ago

Nothing much to say other than peak fiction due to the fact that all elements of a story are perfectly demonstrated. Also, the fact that the mystery hooks the reader until addiction. only thing is slow start

WickedxMenace 1
Chapter 949 7 days ago

This novel is one of the best that I have read. It has well made characters and in-depth and detailed world building. The plot developments are really well made and well tailored all the way through. The power system is also really well made and if you love eldritch horror this is the book for you.