Love Letter From The Future
Love Letter From The Future

Love Letter From The Future

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Love Letter From The Future novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Alcoholism. 190 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Ian Percus, the second son of a countryside Viscountcy.

One day, he received a love letter from the future.

β€˜If we don’t protect the future, the world will perish.’

With an ominous warning scribbled by someone

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  • Jamalican 42

    this novel suffers from an author whos just venting his frustrations lol it REALLY feels like its just thoughts an edgy kid has as a way to get back at someone. the most insane shampoo bottle arguing going on while writing it like it is just so odd that he has this much of a fascination with slashing people with hatchets. i think the concept is really good and it shows when the first 5 chapters (bar the first cause it has so many exposition lmao) are the best chapters for a long while cause the only thing they have is the concept before any of the random sh*t like the trauma harem etc lol. if this novel had a better author i think the concept couldve excelled but here we are. one last note is that PARTHIB made a list of bad traits the mc has and one of them was not op, which is so blatantly not true he quite literally gets his power *ss pulled out of nowhere and its always just enough to win while near death etc etc u get the formula

    • Call_of_the_Night 9

      He is just being sarcastic about the OP partπŸ˜‚

  • HellboyMC 8

    Has anyone read the mtl of this ? I read the mtl till where his hometown was attacked and he found out that his sister is just a clone or his orginal sister and his original sister is still alive somewhere I heard in the latest mtl chapters his childhood friend has joined the dark side. So if anyone is upto date with mtl please tell me does the childhood friend arc ended or not ?

  • Pleiades 2

    MCs got the t*rt*r* rizz lol I love it.

  • Crackyreader 3

    I was going to give it a try, but when I saw the "multiple POV" ,sigh... It's not like I think this novel is bad or anything, I am just not into "first POVS" I personally prefer "third POV" and "third person omniscient", because I don't like reading stories that are like diaries or autobiographies..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Don't mind me, I am just frustrated and exhausted looking for novels to my liking.πŸ˜΅πŸ˜”πŸ˜­ I am only stating my preference, not forcing it on anybody.

    Edited: 4mo
    • HunterCoralson 12

      Totally get that. But if you want to read a novel that I think takes brilliant advantage of being written in first person, you should check out the tutorial is too hard. While the translation is subpar, the writing is brilliant in my opinion as the often joking, light-hearted tone of the mc's stream of consciousness forms a stark contrast to the darker objective narration. It's a very interesting experience being inside the mc's head watching as mental illnesses start to take root and grow. It's almost never explicitly stated, though, leaving you to discover it on your own by observing the gaps and contradictions. The reason I'm recommending this is because I've read a lot of novels that being in first person either detracted from the experience or added absolutely nothing. While I've also read ones that were better in first than they would have been in third, TTITH is the only one where the point of view is actually integral to the storytelling and would ruin the story if changed.

  • Urek3268 3

    I have read stories with dense and slow protagonists. But this is the first novel where the MC is idiotic, the story started strong but fell flat extremely fast .

    • Dante3d 2

      Yeh, i also read until 50 chapters. MC is a little slow and focusses on things which are not of much importance. Story seems to br a drag tbh.

  • PARTHIB 12

    I now understand why it is ranked so low even though the story is very good...Remember guys, if you are here to read it then hear me out first, before you start reading it. There is only one problem, yes there is only one f*cking problem and that is "MC". If you can replace this MC with any other MC from top novels *pleasure novels included* it can easily reach top 50. Yes that much of a potential it has but sadly it didn't work out and I have to drop it at some point *Such waste of good material*😒 ⚫ Now- Description of our MC *in short* 1. Kinda pathetic 2. D*ck head 3. Unreliable 4. Has a screw lose 5. My moral is better than this MC 6. Has the guts of the Jade Emperor 7. Worst decision making 8. Lacks the common sense 9. Mindset of a 13 year old kid into a 23 year old man 10. He's not OP, not at all infactπŸ˜‚ ⚫ Well there maybe many more but that's all I can came up with right now

    Edited: 7mo
    • sweettooth 4

      Thanks for your comment. Even the first reason you gave was enough to deter me from reading this ^-^

    • Desskman 27

      I can look past not being OP, I usually prefer not OP MC and actually train and persevere to gain power. But yeah other than that. "Oh Brother! THIS GUY SUCKS!"

    • rabbituslord 10

      He really does p*ss me off a sometimes while reading tbh πŸ˜’ Too bad but not much can be done.

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  • cainwfi03 1

    It's slow and well paced.Best read if you are a slow reader.

  • King_Of_Noobs 6

    Here are some theories I have based on the most recent chapters: 92 IMO, there are 3 timelines; one where the world is destroyed, the one where future Ian is from, the second one is present, and the third one is the one where the world is not destroyed but is on the verge of collapse, the timeline where the love letters come from. Sepia is most likely Seria The second one, forgot name is either the Saintess or Delphine, though more likely Saintess because of the word [Obey]

  • Desskman 27

    Arc 1 was great so I read the mtl, it goes down the gutter the more the story progresses

  • HomieReader 22

    I read up till ch. 60 and so far, it's not a bad story. On the other hand tho, I feel like the story moved away from the fact that Ian is supposed to be trying to save the world from the upcoming calamity, and is just focused on his relationship troubles. We're not being shown how his strength is increasing; he just jumps into things like a bull and somehow manages to get through with luck. The MC acts very rashly and the author just uses plot armor to get him out of trouble. Ian is the second son of a Viscount but has attacked people of higher aristocratic positions than him many times with little to no consequence (no action from school authorities or teachers. In fact these guys are pretty much non-existent except for the guy who ran the swordsmanship class. We haven't been introduced to anyone else). So far he has just solved all his problems with mad violence which can only get him so far. Summary: I think the story can be better

    Edited: 11mo