Loving A Heartless Lawyer

Chapter 636: I Can’t Lose Him

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At Yu Building.

"OMG! I knew it!" Luo burst out when Sarah and Kyle handed her and Noah the invitation for their engagement party.

"Knew what?" Noah teased his wife.

"Well, that these two will end up tying the knot," Luo answered with a grin.

"Congratulations!" Luo said as she hugged both Sarah and Kyle. The jubilation was interrupted by someone barging through the door.

"Brione?!" Luo gasped, startled on seeing Brione's condition. She was wearing a school uniform, she had probably gone straight there after the shooting for her current drama series. She was crying hard as she hugged her brother Noah tightly.

"What's going on?!" Noah asked in a worried tone and looked at his wife.

Sarah and Kyle left the room immediately, knowing that it was a family matter.

"Gavin… It's all over the news now. Big bro, please help me. We need to find him. He's on that ship… Majestic." Brione barely managed to say as she sobbed hard.

"The ship that sank today?!" Luo gasped, hearing the name of the ship. It was all over the news this morning. Many people had died and many more were missing. The search was unceasing.

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"Oh my God…" she whispered. Noah signaled for her to get some water while he pulled Brione to sit on the couch and calm down.

"He had left and I found out from Keira that he had boarded that ship two days ago to unwind and clear his thoughts. Then, at lunch today I saw this news trending on the internet…" Brione stuttered. She was hoping it was just a nightmare and none of this was real.

Gavin left after the two of them had a misunderstanding. He left because of her… Keira told her that two days ago. She had tried to contact Gavin and convince him to come back ever since that day, but she had been unable to get a hold of him. Gavin had totally shut himself away from everyone.

"I'm sure Gavin is alright. I will send people over, to help with the search and rescue. Calm yourself down please…" Noah pleaded with his only sister. It broke his heart seeing Brione in this state. He knew how important Gavin was in Brione's life, and even he, as her brother, got jealous of him because of Brione's unyielding attention towards the man.

"Big Bro… Please, make sure we will find him in one piece. I don't wanna lose Gavin. I have so much I want to say to him… Please I beg you. We must find him. I can't lose him… He's everything to me, big bro…" Brione confessed but she had failed to say those words to Gavin.

Noah gently stroked her back as he comforted his sister. Luo sat next to Brione and Noah gently pushed his sister to drink some water. He signaled Luo who pulled Brione to comfort her.

Noah immediately stood up and made a call to his people and his connections.

"I'm sure Gavin is fine Brione," Luo whispered. Soon Brione's Manager, Ruth, arrived. It turned out Brione had rushed out from her taping the moment she had seen the news about the ship.

Noah soon received a report that Gavin had boarded the said ship, but he was not among the rescued passengers nor was his name amongst those who had been confirmed dead.

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He looked at Brione who was still crying hard. Brione raised her head to look at him and asked, "Big bro, what did they say? Is there any news about Gavin?"

"They are still looking for him Brione. There are a lot of passengers yet to be rescued so please try to calm yourself. I'm sure Gavin is among them. Isn't he a good swimmer? He will surely survive…" Noah tried to reassure Brione.

He was getting worried too after hearing about how the bad weather conditions were making it nearly impossible for the rescue team to move without any hindrance. Gavin was like a brother to him and he was the only man he could trust with his sister.


Meanwhile, Sarah and Kyle left the building to travel to prison where Kyle's father was detained. They wanted to visit him as often as they could, hoping there would come a time that he would meet them.

"Do you think he will see us this time?" Sarah asked as she reached out to hug Kyle's arm and rest her head on his shoulder.

"I hope so…" Kyle whispered, kissing Sarah's hand. It would be nice if he would see them and personally gave them his blessing.

After more than an hour of driving, they arrived at the prison. They were at the waiting area for visitors when they heard an alarm.

"What's going on?" Kyle asked one of the guards. Kyle heard the radio chatter from one of the guards who were hesitating to answer him.

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"A riot?!" Kyle burst out. He immediately grabbed his mobile phone and called one of his contacts inside the prison to make sure his father was all right.

"Is father okay??" Sarah asked as soon as the call ended, but she could sense something was wrong when Kyle's grip on her hand tightened.

"He was stabbed and he is being rushed to the infirmary right now," Kyle whispered with a pale face. His mobile phone rang and he seemed out of himself. On seeing that he was in no position to answer it, Sarah grabbed the phone and answered it herself.

"Alright. We will be on our way there now. Thank you for informing us." she said before ending the call.

She looked at Kyle and said, "We have to go to Yang Globals. Father is being taken there. The ambulance just arrived…"

She pulled Kyle out and grabbed the car keys from him to drive the car herself because he was too disoriented to drive.

"I'm sure father will be fine Kyle, so please get a hold of yourself," Sarah reassured him as they got on the road.

Kyle breathed deeply as he whispered, "We haven't talked properly with him since the day at the trial Sarah. I know he hates me still because I turned my back on him in that crucial moment. He must have felt that I betrayed him as a son.

I just hope he would understand why I chose to do the right thing even when I had to go against him."

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Sarah held his hand and squeezed it gently as she whispered, "I'm sure he understands it… Talk to him and be with him now because he needs you…"

She heard that Kyle's father was in a very critical condition so the doctors needed to do an emergency surgery, that only the Yang Globals hospital, with all its modern facilities, could provide.


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