Low Dimensional Game

Chapter 380: : The Exploration of the Half Bitwall

“I’m calling out your name! I earnestly pray for your response!”

“Adenos, I offer you my soul as a sacrifice! I’m calling out your name! I earnestly pray for your response!”

“I earnestly pray for your response!”

“Please respond!”


In a large castle on the outskirts of Kelermo in the Master Kingdom, a lady in black robes, with the help of dozens of saints, opened the door to the abyss. It wasn’t too troublesome to call out to the devil, but if they wanted to find a devil with his real name while using specific witchcraft, and the devil they were looking for was resisting their summon in the abyss, that was a different scenario.

But Alice found that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t find him in the abyss by calling out his real name. Even when she used a soul spell to trace their memories, she just couldn’t locate him in the abyss.

“We succeeded previously, why can’t we do it now? Why?” After several attempts all were futile. They tried a new method every time, but their anticipations and expectations always met with failure.

Alice summoned a devil and tried to find Adenos through the devil. Such a man would never be nameless even in the abyss. But Alice found that even if she summoned the will of the Devil Lord from the deepest part of the abyss, she couldn’t find out where Adenos was. It was as if he had never existed.

“Ga-ga-ga-ga! There’s only one possibility in this case!”

“That’s it – he’s dead!”

“He had a clean and neat death, there’s nothing left of him!”

The Devil Lord from the deepest part of the abyss answered Alice in that way. Although those devils were cunning and evil, they wouldn’t cheat when they were offered sacrifices and bound to an agreement.

When she got that answer, Alice realized that she wasn’t that shocked and grieved. Perhaps she had already accepted the result in her heart even before all the attempts and expectations and pain. And yet, she was still unwillingly to accept that result after spending twenty years searching for an answer.

“So he’ll die too?”

Adenos’s words suddenly reverberated in Alice’s ear again, and the tone was still so cold and disdainful. “Only the dead will be eternal!”

“So…so…you’ll die too? I thought…there’s no being or difficulty in the world that can make you frown. I thought even death has to lower its head when it meets you!”

As Alice lifted the witchcraft array used to summon the devil, she watched the supernatural spiritual light spin and the devil bound to the agreement exit. She drew open the curtain of the castle, sat on a bench beside her, cupped her face, and felt her shoulders continuously tremble.

Alice still couldn’t believe that such a fellow could die. He might not be the one with the most unique and striking appearance, but he was absolutely the most arrogant and extremely conceited one in spite of that. He despised gods, held contempt for death, scorned at all living beings, morality, rules, and order.

Alice, like everyone else, disagreed with his approach. His crazy and unbridled actions and his madness and his contempt for life, but one couldn’t deny his charm and mesmerizing demeanor when revolting against everyone in the entire world.

Alice stopped searching for answers, she felt that was enough. The corpses of those who died at Adenos’s hands were enough to accumulate into a mountain that could break through the clouds. Their souls were enough to turn a bright sky into a dark night. There was nothing to complain about or regret about his death, and nobody prayed for him. Still, nobody thought such a person would die so quietly.

His life wasn’t like the brilliant fireworks blooming and fading away, but it sorrowfully exited in the quiet dark night.

“Mr. Skeleton!”


“Ready? Everyone report your situation!”

“The portal is stable!”

“There’s nothing wrong with the coordinates!”

“The energy supply of Magic Crystals is stable!”


Inside the Master Tower of Rode the half-elf, hundreds of saints were now controlling their own alchemy devices. The robotic arm which was giving off steam was recording Magic Array Runes and channels of the Magic Crystal Network. The metal gate was densely embedded with Magic Crystal and Magic Silver Network, and more than ten of the control devices in the surroundings were connected by the Magic Silver Network. They were used to supply energy and to control the portal.

However, such a huge gate could only open a pinhole-sized portal, but unlike the fixed space storage ring, that portal could open a fixed coordinate portal at will and it could transfer large items. Unfortunately, it still couldn’t transfer living creatures and non-ordinary forms of life weren’t within that limit either.

They worked in a Level-Four Elemental Master Tower where, at the bottom, the Magic Crystal Network was completely spread out. It was able to supply energy to destroy the set of alchemy devices.

Rode went up to the portal step by step and he watched the supernatural light shining along the lines. Suddenly he was nervous. It was because today wasn’t like any other day.

When he used a projection spell to enter the other end of the portal for exploration there was a distance limit. With his mind power, he could only extend less than 1,000 meters and his projection spell would be invalid.

Such a distance was enough to explore a space bubble in a Bitwall, but if it was to explore a large Half Bitwall, it was far from enough. Nothing would be in sight within a kilometer. It wasn’t enough to perfect the purpose of the exploration, let alone to predict the Half Bitwall’s trajectory and calculate the actual distance between it and Maria’s World by observing the Half Bitwall.

Rode was ready to use the dangerous soul spell which only the Level Four professionals could use because only the Level Four professionals’ souls would form a stable structure. He would use the Soul Master to let his soul slip out of his body, and then project his soul to another plane. In that case, there would be no limit. But if there were any accidents, the worst-case scenario could be beyond death.

Alice, who was Rode’s friend and investor, visited him there. He had told Alice about his speculation that the Half Bitwall would hit Maria’s World. Alice immediately gave full financial support to his plan to explore the Half Bitwall, which was the reason why he could explore the Half Bitwall so quickly.

Alice stood behind Rode. That day, her short hair was neatly combed. She was dressed in dark classical clothes. She stood in the crowd with her pet cat in her arms. Her gaze was as desolate as ever, but she still looked at Rode energetically as if to cheer him up.

“Begin!” After looking back, Rode finally summoned up his courage.

When the charge was done, in between the portals, a whirlpool was stirring as if the space was broken. The color darkened closer to the center, and all that was left was a black dot right in the middle.

The white ray in Rode’s body lit up little by little, and a gray profile of him which gradually brightened appeared in his body like a Russian nesting doll. There were two of him.

As Rode took control of his soul, it stepped out from his body and headed for the portal.

Then his wind raven, Black Jack, suddenly flew down. It stood at the top of the portal, looked at Rode, and said, “Hey! Rode, I suddenly found out that you’re really handsome and stunning today!”

Rode was startled, burst into laughter, and said with his head up, “Of course, because I’m going to save the world!”

When Rode finished his sentence, he stepped into the other end of the door. His soul seemed to be engulfed by the whirlpool; it spun through the infinite space and reached another world far away.

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