Low Dimensional Game

Chapter 381 The Death Indicator Bitwall

Silvery yarns of light flowed like a river over the sky, scattering brightness and illuminating the bitwall. Large and small islands were floating under the sky, some complete and others broken.

Unique Gaseous Vitality condensed into various unreal shapes, like clouds sweeping past those floating islands. Originally, the Astral World’s creatures were integrated into the world within bitwall. They had now combined with the content inside the world and had given birth to a variety of extraordinary scenes on the floating islands.

If one was to look at the sky, they would see several continents of floating islands. Some had turned into seas of lava and fire, where within them were special Lava Monsters tumbling around. Others had turned into worlds of ice and snow with all sorts of strange living creatures formed by ice crystals walking around. There were even floating islands that were entirely covered by spores from peculiar plants. There was air up there too, but it was certainly not suitable for ordinary life forms from Maria’s World.

Rode’s Soul Witchcraft which had previously condensed his Elemental Body now turned into a man radiating white brilliance. It stood in that world, commanding a view of everything, completely fascinated by that magnificent and dreamy scene of the new world.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!”

“This is simply a whole new world!”

Rode began his investigation of the world. He flew from one floating island to another, stopping on floating rocks between the floating islands from time to time. In certain places, the dangerous, intelligent, and grotesque creatures on the floating islands would attack and drive him away, so Rode tried to avoid them and the dangerous areas if he could.

The air there was very thin and would be highly poisonous to the life forms of Maria’s World. There were no plants or ordinary life forms on the Half Bitwall. Most of the seemingly weird life phenomena and beings there had transformed after they had entered the world or was caused by the power of the world.

There were all kinds of metal elements on the floating island which were the same as those in Maria’s World. It was Rode’s first encounter with the Half Bitwall, so he didn’t know if that was a normal sight. However, this Bitwall was much thinner than that of Maria’s World.

On a safer floating island, Rode began to use spells to generate metal and create simple alchemy devices. After that, he drew and carved a dense and complex Magic Array on the ground, creating a simple version of the Space Fluctuation Tracker.

Rode spent seven days calculating the exact coordinates and trajectories of the Half Bitwall based on the strong spatial fluctuations and positions emanating from Maria’s World.

Finally, he found out that the Half Bitwall was being attracted by the forces of Maria’s World. According to its trajectory, it would definitely crash into Maria’s World eventually.

“With its current speed, it will hit Maria’s World in about 30 years!”

Rode paused in shock and looked in the direction of the distant Maria’s World. “Are there really only 30 years left?”

Rode stayed in that world for a month. Because there were no days and nights, Rode could only calculate time passing by himself. However, nearly ten days later, the portal which had been scheduled to open after a month was finally opened.

Rode found that the Half Bitwall’s time velocity was different from that of Maria’s World. There were some slight differences. Forty days on the Half Bitwall was equivalent to one month in Maria’s World.

Rode’s discovery in the Half Bitwall shocked everyone in the Master Tower. Discovering a huge Half Bitwall was sensational and exciting news. But since the Half Bitwall would soon hit Maria’s World, the exciting news became nightmarish.

“So? The world… is going to be destroyed?” An assistant couldn’t believe it.

“No, the gods won’t let this happen!” A priest of the Goddess of Harvest said firmly.

“No, no, it has nothing to do with the gods. This is a disaster targeting the ordinary people. The gods aren’t affected, and some powerful saints won’t be affected either. According to my calculations, even if the Half Bitwall collides with our world, our world won’t have any major problems. However, the core world will suffer intensely from the attack of Element Storms and Spatial Storms and living conditions will change dramatically. Ordinary life forms won’t survive.”

Black Jack, the wind raven, immediately corrected two of the statements which had displeased most of the people listening.

“I still believe that the churches and the gods would never just sit back and watch! God favors the common people and will never allow such a disaster to befall the world. Each of us is their devout believer. This isn’t just about us; it’s about the fate of all the people in the world. We should tell the churches and kingdoms.”

Members of Rode’s Master Tower immediately compiled a document and sent all the news and information about the Half Bitwall to all churches and kingdoms in the world in the name of Professor Rode, the Space Magic Master. The document also included the signatures of ten professionals above level four from the Master Tower.

Soon, all of the great divine churches like the Temple of Civilization, the Church of the Goddess of Harvest, the Kingdom of the Church of Light, and the Church of Truth and Knowledge had received their letter. Because the co-signatories were renowned saints, and Professor Rode of Seth Public University was a Space Magic Master, they were all well-known to the church leaders in Maria’s World.

“Ridiculous! What Half Bitwall? What doomsday is coming? This would only be intimidating to a child!” The Archbishop of the Church of Light denounced the news in front of the members of Rode’s Master Tower in the temple.

“How could there be such a thing?” The popes of the major churches didn’t believe anything that Rode’s Master Tower said.

“But from the data point of view, it all adds up. Plus, Rode seems to have entered and explored that Half Bitwall, so maybe we should pay attention to it.” St. Sarl City’s Cardinal in his purple robe was a scholar who was proficient in all kinds of knowledge. After reading the information, he expressed that he would pay mind to it.

“Maybe we should pray to the Lords and ask them to send down an oracle to tell us if it’s true!” As the debate intensified, the churches decided to inquire and search for the truth from the gods.

The letter immediately caused violent sensation and controversy among the major forces. Most people thought that it was simply ridiculous and an alarmist talk. But reading the information on the reports and letters, it didn’t look like falsified news. At the same time, the members from Rode’s Master Tower came to each church with letters and information in their hands. They informed the people with detailed information and reports that proved their experimental processes were correct, and that caused the major churches to become worried and uneasy.

The churches prayed to their respective gods and they immediately received a response from the Star Kingdom. However, that seemingly absurd and laughable “prank” was clearly recognized by God as true.

“It’s true! This is a calamity. But all God told us was that as long as we’re his most devout believers, we’ll enter his kingdom and not suffer from this disaster.”

“Doomsday is here. It’s the end of all life. It’s a destiny that we can’t escape.”

“Noone can escape except the superiors Gods. We all have to die. Only God’s most beloved believers can enter his kingdom, only they can escape this catastrophe!”

“The Gods gave up on us!”

“This is the judgment from the Gods for the sins of the common people!”

After the news was confirmed, panic broke out in an instant. Although the churches were still trying to hide the news, some high-level professionals, kings, and nobles of the major kingdoms knew all about the news.

Rode, the first Space Magic Master, the first to discover the Half Bitwall, and the first to discover the crisis facing Maria’s World had attracted worldwide attention.

The Pope of the world’s largest church, the Church of Light, personally invited Rode to St. Sarl City, and the popes of the other major churches and the kings and monarchs of the major kingdoms would send representatives to attend the meeting.

The whole world had begun to study the newly discovered Half Bitwall in search of a solution to the crisis. At the same time, the Bitwall had been renamed “Rode’s Bitwall” after its discoverer, but people preferred to call it the “Death Indicator Bitwall” because it was a sign of death and destruction.

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