Low Dimensional Game

Chapter 426: The Oldest King of the Devil

With a point from the finger of the Lord of Light, from his fingertip, a little radiance rapidly expanded, in a split second, a dot of radiance had expanded into an unimaginable range; brightness had arrived in Astral World and a sun had arrived into the world.

That scene was as if the sun from the Maria’s World had landed in Astral World, and it was pressed against the Mother of Sinister Spider.

The eight spider legs of the Mother of Sinister Spider wriggled, the beautiful devilish body trembled violently, tens of kilometers long huge body twisted, it was just like a Floating-Space Continent, she once again brought up the power which she had used to devour several mythical wizards.

“Boundary of the Shadow!” The Mother of Sinister Spider gave a desperate howl, and all the devils stopped escaping under her roar.

The face of the beautiful and enchanting devil had several blue veins bursting out, layer and layer of black lines emerged and gushed out from the lower body of the spider, it climbed up the white belly of the Mother of Sinister Spider; it had masked her naked upper body and covered her face.

The Mother of Sinister Spider which represented the sinister layer of the Abyss World, itself was a rule of sinister, and now she had summoned the rule power of her devil monarch, the Boundary of the Shadow.

Countless Gloomy Spider Webs were immediately seen; they exploded out of her bodies, stretched tens of thousands of kilometers in an instant, and rapidly extended to its surroundings.

Everything which was covered by the Gloomy Spider Webs were immediately covered by a peculiar shadow. Even if it was a Level Seven mythical creature, if one was dragged under that shadow, entangled by the terrible Gloomy Spider Webs, a person’s true spirit would gradually lost its way.

Just like when a spider was eating its prey, it would entangle layers and layers of spider webs around its prey, and finally completely devoured by the evil Mother of Sinister Spider.

The shadow was twisting and creeping. Then, countless large and small Shadow Spiders crawled out of the shadows. The spider webs interspersed and intertwined, it covered a huge area of Astral World. Under the web, all was transformed into pure darkness and it withstood the attack from the Lord of Light, Hodap.

Shadows and light were intertwisted; it was the battle between the abyss and the gods.

At that moment, in the Astral World, to compete for the Fourth World, the gods and devils had willfully unleased their magnificent power.

The sun projected from the divine projection and the Boundary of the Shadow of the Mother of Sinister Spider collided; the violent fluctuations of power impacted its surroundings. In that area, the light and shadows were violently entangled and competed for the new territory.

“I! Master of the Light!” Hodap, Lord of Light, couldn’t accept that his glory was tarnished by such a devil monarch. The entire Divine Kingdom was in the disadvantaged position.

“Brightness! Derived shadows!” The Mother of Sinister Spider wanted to escape, but it had been targeted by five True Gods; there was nowhere to escape. The other four True Gods hadn’t involved themselves in the battle, but they were casting fierce gaze on her, they had absolutely no tolerance for her to live; the Mother of Sinister Spider was on the verge of death.

And now that the King of Skeleton was already dead, the Lord of the Abyss Door, Talos was an Abyss Gate, he couldn’t move away at his own will, otherwise the battle of the Abyss World in the Astral World would be a total failure.

The rules of brightness and sinister entangled. The two parties weren’t in the so-called power struggle, but it was a battle of rules, the contention for a new territory.

The Divine Kingdom of the Lord of Light gradually merged with the projection of sun in the sky, and was pressurizing towards the Mother of Sinister Spider.

The Mother of Sinister Spider looked up and she could see the overlapping world from the sun in the sky.

In that world, the great Kingdom of Light stood in the sky; several continents of heaven were floating around, thousands of saints were singing songs of praises, countless believers were praying to their gods.

It was as if on the gates of heaven, which were filling up the heaven and earth, the ancient and present of all the epic myths were painted on them. The massive number of angels, who were the representatives of light, stretched out their white wings and appeared in front of the gate of heaven. They were derived from the rule of light; they were the guardian of the heavenly city.

Holy wings spread out, and the brightness and their divine radiance shone onto the hearts of all.

The cornetto was heard and the gates of heaven opened, the avenue of light was opened to the believers, and declared death to the evil.

And just then, the Mother of Sinister Spider was violently struggling, she watched the sacred gate of the kingdom opened in front of her, behind her was the dazzling sun with hundreds of millions of believers and prayers were together with it.

“Oh! No!” The Mother of Sinister Spider smelled death in an instant.

“I’m eternally immortal!”

“I’m the mother of sinister!”

The roar and reluctance of the Mother of Sinister Spider before her death couldn’t save her, and she saw the sun set down towards her.

The brightness completely dispelled the sinister, the Gloomy Spider Webs and all the monsters under the shadows disappeared in an instant, and the body of the Mother of Sinister Spider, under the intense brilliance, it was gradually decomposing.

It had transformed into wisps of black smoke that dissipated and vanished in Astral World.

Just then, a light flickered, it was from the far distance, it took the opportunity when the five True God’s power of barrier was scattered, and it broke in.

It swept away the Mother of Sinister Spider, even her true spirit was captured by it, by virtue of that bit of true spirit, the Mother of Sinister Spider wouldn’t die, she would be reborn under the will of the abyss and under the power of rule.

“Talos! You’re unable to fend for yourself, yet you want to save the others!” Lord Torvald’s Jonathan was the first to launch his attack on Talos, the Lord of the Abyss Door.

Several True Gods didn’t launch their attacks at the same time; it was to guard against Talos, the oldest devil monarch of the abyss. Talos who had ascended the position of a devil monarch was the most powerful master of the abyss many years ago, its power was way above and unparalleled to the newly promoted King of Skeleton and the Mother of Sinister Spider.

The Star Kingdoms of the five True Gods moved at the same time, they were moving towards and crashing onto the Abyss Gate. They planned to either drive Talos, the Lord of the Abyss Door, out of the battle or kill it there.

At the same time, the gates of the Divine Kingdoms which belonged to the five True Gods were opened at the same time. There was an endless stream of Holy Ones, saints, and prayers flew out of it, and even a large number of angels and side-gods began to appear.

They were all over the place and overwhelming, the devils that had suppressed everything by quantity could feel that they were being overthrown by the Divine Kingdom at the moment.

The actual body of the devil monarch, Talos, the eight-sided crystal Abyss Door was violently rotating, the entire Astral World which was near it was blistering, and the space was akin to water being boiled.

The five True Gods could sense something was amiss, and in the middle of the abyss, which had been brewing for quite a period of time, there was a dazzling red glow.

There was an appearance of a huge Flesh & Blood Star which was larger than the five Star Kingdoms combined. The Flesh & Blood Star had a dense number of sarcoma grew on top of it and bloody red blood was flowing on it just like magma.

As it climbed out of the Abyss Gate, the enormous power consumed even let the Lord of the Abyss Door, Talos, wilted, and the whole Abyss Gate almost shattered.

There was a surge of flame into the sky from the Flesh & Blood Star, after several rounds of splattering, flames had completely covered the Flesh & Blood Star. The power of the flame was ignited and the Flesh & Blood Star instantly transformed into a color of fiery red, it had turned into a huge bloody red sun.

“Abyss Blood Sun, Stikua!” Felix, the God of Earth and War, suddenly recalled an ancient name, the legendary and oldest King of the Devil, and the oldest devil monarch in the abyss, Stikua.

Above the Blood Sun, within the flames, its two huge eyes opened, it revealed a look of extreme madness.


The Abyss Blood Sun, which was sealed by the Creator, was summoned out of the abyss by Talos, the Lord of the Abyss Door; it even broke free from a part of the seal and was slowly waking up.

A pair of dreadful eyes swept through everything in the Astral World, “Come on, feel the wrath of the King of the Devil!”

That wasn’t the end of an imminent tragedy, at the back of the Abyss Gate, another strong presence appeared, another devil monarch tried to climb out of the Abyss Gate, its evil gaze had been peering at this end of the Astral World.

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