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I give this ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ since it’s been more 10x I’ve re-read this novel. I consider Lucia and Hugo’s love story very hot and steamy yet full of fluff at the same time 👌🏼 Their love story doesn’t exactly start off as love at first sight but the good thing about it is the build up of their characters and relationship as time goes on.

Spoiler Alert I absolutely adore Hugo btw 💯 he starts off as a “playboy” but soon converts into a very loyal, doting (& low-key possessive) husband. Ahh my dream man lmao


The story is WORTH reading.
For me this one has the most satisfactory ending out of all the novels I read.
Personally I dislike the male lead at first because he was a playboy but he became loyal when he got married to the fl


Great story, amazing relationship, you should definitly read it till the end, the beggining feels a little weird but has amazing ploot hook.


Highly recommended. It had its tears, laughs, hair pulling moments, and its clearly one of the best ones there is. Although in my opinion ending is a bit rushed, translation is a bit rusty. But a definite read.


One of the best novel I have read and the ending was super satisfied. Love the main characters personalities and their relationship together was such a healthy couple. So happy that they are meant for each other


A very good read like literally this novel was so so satisfying . The mc and fc were so adorable . The ducal couple have definitely raised my standards. And I really hope that there will be a new story of Damian and the blond girl <3 dear author please consider writing a new story for our Damian


One of the best novels I've read, the plot was amazing, the FL was strong and she knows how to play her card well, the ML was amazing and was not an accessory only to make the FL shine, he had a lot of traits that made him shine, seriously they are such a power couple! Love their dynamics so much, kinda wishing for a sequel tho *fingercrossed*


This will be archive to my all-time favourite folder. The plot, main characters and even the side character deserve to have their own story. Hands-down.


My first ever novel. I read because I'm not fond of manhwa's artstyle. overall great read! Although I was a little bored in X scenes sometimes because the words keep getting repeated. Plot is alright and the main casts are lovable :)


Enjoyed it very much. Good storyline and pace is also good. Many parts are repetitive like musings and thoughts. The conversations are sometimes difficult to follow as no idea who is talking - translator tried to fix this but still...I guess this is because its written in a different language. Regardless wld recommend it.