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Magical Explorer

I Reincarnated as an Eroge Protagonist's Friend, But Using my Knowledge of the Game I Decided to Live Freely

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Magical Explorer novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Irisu. 136 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


There’s a legendary Bishoujo Game that has become popular among Japanese gentlemen.

Its name is “ Magical★Explorer” or Magiero for short.

The game’s protagonist has a cheat-like power with12 different beautiful heroines to flirt with, including additional 12 heroines from the DLC, a harem of 24 beauties. I have become that protagonist!………………Not, instead I have become the third-wheel character who always laughing like an idiot next to him.

Of course I was in despair at first.

Of course. If I am the protagonist I could have all 24 heroines for myself along with unparalleled cheat power. However, since I am the third-wheel there’s no heroine that would lay their eyes on me.

But now I couldn’t care less about the protagonist and his heroines. Why? Because I discovered magic. While I was using it, I have become interested in it. I want to master it. I want to become the strongest. Thus I have decided.

I would abandon half my role as a protagonist’s friend to train my magic and then I would beat the hell out of that cheat who can solo the Demon King.

………..I was training with that thought in mind, but somehow I keep getting closer to the heroines and furthermore, I don’t know why I keep encounter events like I am some Eroge’s protagonist.

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  • BoredKing98 Oct 07, 2020

    The premise for this sounds interesting but the mc is so indecisive that its makes me what to pull my hair out and completely ruins this story. He keeps switching between trying to be better than the original mc and trying to preserve the storyline, one in which he is nothing but a shitty side character. Sometimes he does some smart and interesting things but the rest of the time he the definition of "cliche harem simp."

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Overall a great story with a MC who just wants to become the strongest in the world.
A great world building , meaning that the secrets of the world are slowly unfolded and its quite fun to read.
Also the MC is not a simp. Let me ask you... if you guys meet your waifu IRL and becomes your friend and a person really close to you would you guys not want to make her happy?
Overall a five star cause its an eroge game world so it has its ecchi elements in it and as usual a dense(not too much) but smart MC.

P.S. Just my personal opinion but I think that a well wrttin dense Protaganist has its own charm.

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