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Chapter 17: Waterfall: Sempai’s event

Waterfall: Sempai’s event

Impossible things are impossible. Yes, Impossible things often happen in an Eroge but that doesn’t apply in reality. However, when it does happen it will happen. After all, this is the world of Eroge, one can’t expect the rule of reality to be applied here.

This is the story of when I was in Japan. I once saw a friend dumped the ice cream she just bought into a dumpster. Apparently, she intended to rip wrapping off but she ended up throwing the whole thing away. She acted as nothing happened afterward but I still honestly can’t wrap my head around that.

Though, when she saw me throw away a bag full of chocolate, she said: “Are you friggin serious?”.

Well, I have seen many unbelievable things since I came to this world, it is already annoying to count. The latest thing is how Ludi and Claris will be living together with me in the near future.

Even now I still cannot believe that the current situation is real.

When I was running in the path that I used almost every day lately, I look to my side.


A black ponytail is moving through the wind like a wagging dog’s tail. Her hair that is usually move freely on her back is now tied up, maybe she tied it up for running? And on her back is an apricot-colored Naginata. It looks very hard to run with.

As always, I wanted to admire her beauty and style to the extent that I want to immediately halt and appreciate her running figure. Especially those swaying hills that currently swing up and down as if they’re trying to announce their presence, even if I try not to be conscious I will end up staring at it.

Now then, someone please tell me… why is Mizumori Yukine is running beside me…..!

I don’t get it. Did I do something to anger her?

Certainly, I will not deny that I watched her training to cultivate my spirit for the past three days. But that was all I did. I didn’t stalk or ogling her with my eyes. I only stare at her at the level of seeing someone studying in the library to motivate myself to try harder.

No, I can’t deny that my focus was on her boobs though. But she is the one that keeps swaying it. I am not in the wrong. The bad one here is Sempai who keeps swaying those beautiful breasts. (Yup, all my fault.)

Well, since this is the world of Eroge, I got the feeling that some pervert actions are allowed to a certain degree.

  • However, that is only limited to the protagonist.

In my case, I will just get beaten up by the heroines later. In the worst case, it wouldn’t be weird if they just cuff my hands and throw me into jail.

Once I have run the planned distance, I stopped and wonder whether if it’s okay for me to call out to her. In the end, I decided against it and complete the usual training menu.

I train to use Third Hand and Fourth Hand to attack while I am fatigued along with training to momentarily channel a large amount of magic power into the stole to defense against the enemy’s attack. It is monotonous and simple training, but for me, I believe this basic stuff will be the thing I will always use from now on.

When I turned my eyes to her for a moment I saw sempai swinging her Naginata. Stab, Sweep, Downward strike. It is different from the form I usually see, but the basics are still the same.


Finally, I finished everything on my training menu. I transform my stole into a chair and sit down. My breath is faint and it was hard to even stand up, But Mizumori Yukine is still fine even after she goes through a similar training menu.

(Is it the difference in our basic physical strength….)

Yukine is adjusting her breath and sweeping her fingers through her sweat-soaked hair. She put her naginata on her back and walked over to me. Did she notice that I was staring at her chest, butt, upper arm, nape and etc. during the training?

“Are you always training like this?”

“…..Yes, as long as it doesn’t rain.”

“I see………….”

Her gaze fixed on my stole. My stole is currently loaded with magic power and transformed into a soft chair made of fabric.

“……..Do you want to sit down?”

“No, I’m fi—. Sorry, could you let me sit too?”

She tried to refuse but she soon changes her mind. I immediately expand the surface to be able to fit the two of us together.

She nervously touches the stole. She gently pats it and rubs its surface at first……….. then she tries strongly pushing her weight on to the stole and slowly sits down.

For the first time in my life, this is the moment I want to switch places with my stole.

“Ump, this feels so good.”


What are you saying? You just did critical damage to my mind.

“Even so, I still can’t believe it…..”

Mizumori Yukine said so while rubbing my stole.

” Wh, What about?”

I pull myself back together and pretended to be calm.

“…..It’s your magic power, if it were mine it would already run out. Moreover, you can still maintain your enchantment even though you are so tired…. Are you perhaps a freshman at the academy?”

“Yes, my name is Takioto Kousuke.”

“I should also introduce myself as well, I am first ye…. No, starting this semester I will be on the second year huh. I am the vice president of the public moral committee, Mizumori Yukine.”


I pretended to be surprised. In Magiero, the public moral committee is one of the organizations that held authority in the academy. Being a member of such an organization indicates that you are quite powerful. Acting surprise here should be the correct choice.

“Ah, it’s not such an important position. There is always a sky above the sky after all……….”

She said so and look up at the distant sky. I can assume from her atmosphere that this person has the same worry as Mizumori Yukine in the game.

“If it’s you, you might be able to join one of the three Academy’s committees in no time.”

I horizontally shake my head.

“I think that will be impossible…… Actually, I was born with a special constitution that made my emission magic very inefficient.”

I said that but of course, I will join the three committees. I won’t say it though. I already made some plans in order to join them. Honestly speaking, I couldn’t come up with a way to deal with Ludi so I was escaping reality by concocting such a plan. I am the type that comes the time to study, I would have ended up doing some cleaning after all.

When she heard about my condition, she nodded to herself as if she was convinced of something. Well, normal people wouldn’t have this much magic power right?. She must be convinced that my constitution is really abnormal.

“Is it the same with the third-generation saint?”

“Umm, It is similar but still not the same. Saint-sama was very specialized in recovery magic, right? But in my case…………”

sempai turns her gaze to the stole.

“It’s enchanting magic, and in return, my emission magic became like this..”

I said so and send a fireball toward a tree. It was such weak magic. The tree is not dry so it probably won’t even burn.

“I see…… are, umm………..No, it’s nothing.”

sempai tried to say something but stopped herself mid-sentence. I already guessed what she wanted to say though.

“As a magician, I know that this might be a big handicap. There are lots of experts on long-range and large scale magic after all.”

sempai stared at my face while making a gentle expression.

“I am jealous of others and I also felt the despair of the difference in ability from the strong people around me, but…”


sempai’s brows lowered a little.

“But there is a possibility that this ability of mine will become stronger, on the contrary, I am thrilled… Thinking of how to beat a stronger opponent, I am looking forward to that…. Also, there are surprisingly a lot of ways to use this magic, like this…”

I said that and transform my stole bench and make a backrest. I lean on it and put on my weight. When I made one for sempai too, she touched it with her hand then she slowly put her weight on it and lean down.

“Is that so…..You are strong in a lot of ways huh.”

sempai’s face broke into a smile. As if she is looking at something pleasant, her smile spread throughout her entire face.

“I am not strong at all. But I’m still thinking of wanting to try standing at the top someday.”

Hahaha, when I laughed so, sempai grinned and said: “That’s impossible, right?”

Certainly, it might seem impossible. But I still haven’t tried everything I can yet. It isn’t like my old world that always makes you taste the bitterness on the ground. Giving up here is too soon.

However, if it is Mizumori Yukine there’s a chance that she can become the strongest depending on her growth.


When I tried calling out to her a gust of wind suddenly blew. It passes through sempai’s heated body and the smell of dry land with a little of sempai’s scent entered my nose.

It is very pleasant. I could ask for a second gust. However, unfortunately, Mizumori Yukine did not wear a skirt. Sempai places her hand on top of her Hakama and focusing her eyes in front as if she is meditating.

….If possible I want to solve her worry right away. I want her strength to grow to the level of the Sankyo. On the path to become the strongest, I want her to travel up this steep mountain path together with me.

When I was thinking so,


Sempai let out a voice as if she just remembered something.

“Come to think of it…. Did you know Takioto-kun?”


“This place is private property, you know. Since it’s her it would be okay even if I don’t tell her, but should I get permission for you?”

I know but since I got direct permission from Marino-san there’s no problem.

In the game she probably asks permission for the protagonist to use this place, there was no such description in the game. However, if it is this tactful sempai then she will definitely do it. She didn’t even tell the protagonist about it. This is the reason I loved sempai so much.

“Oh, It’s fine. Marino-san is my mother’s cousin and since a lot happened I am currently in her care.”

Sempai is very surprised when I told her, her eyes opened wide and her mouth is half-opened.

“The strong people you mentioned…..That was the headmaster?”

“Yeah. by the way, Hatsumi-neesan is my cousin.”

“Wow, is that so…..Sorry for bringing that up. If that’s the case then there’s no problem.

She seems convinced as she says that. She then put her hand on her chin as if she is considering something.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

She slightly shakes her head then…

“Changing the topic, is it fine for me to use this place too?”

She said that and looking around with her eyes.

Hmm? I also look around. This oval-shaped empty field in the middle of overgrown trees. There are clovers and wild grass grows everywhere around our feet. It would probably feel great to have a meal under the big tree over there. It won’t reach the level of fairy tales from classical literature class I received during my middle school, but it was like I would get sucked into the world of dream at any time.

Well, let’s return to reality. I wonder what sempai is trying to say.

This land is the property of Marino-san but she must already have asked for her permission since she already training under that waterfall.

“Isn’t it fine?”

“It’s not like that, I am asking you here. I sometimes got a glimpse but isn’t this your running course?”

I finally understand what she wanted to say.

“It’s not like I think Mizumori-sempai is in the way of my training so I don’t really mind it. Moreover, when I see someone seriously try their best it also motivates me to do the same, you know.”

“Is that so, allow me to use the place then. Come to think of it, I think I will avoid training under the waterfall since my training there might disrupt its beauty after all.

What are you talking about? disrupting? Something like the waterfall only serves to supplement your beauty.

“No no, please don’t say that. When I see Mizumori-sempai train, I also got motivated from it so it is totally fine !”

“R, Really.”

I emphasized. But I wonder why she is backing away?

After we talked for a while she slowly stood up.

“Well, it’s getting late. I have to get back soon.”

“I see………..Ah.. sempai.”

Sempai turned around to face me.

“Hmm, What is it?”

“Um, excuse me but I have a request for you.”

“A request?”

I nodded at sempai who let out a question mark.

“Yes, I don’t mind if you do it in your spare time but can you accompany me in my training? If possible I want you to accompany me until I got the Mind Eye skill.”

Sempai looked at me with a surprised face.

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