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Magical Explorer

Chapter 19: Waterfall: Sempai’s event 3

Waterfall: Sempai’s event 3

I had lots of drinking party with a friend from high school in my previous life. He worked as a system engineer at a black company. (TLN: A slave driver company) He worked like a horse every day and never complain about it, he worked seriously and climbed up through the ranks. But one day he shows up with a depressed expression. I tried asking him why is he so down. He said that the program he was working on didn’t work as he expected. He tried many times but it still couldn’t be fixed.

“The program is just doing what it was told to. If it is acting weirdly then it must be my fault.”

He said something like that while drinking. In the end, the cause was not his mistake in programming. It seems that the machine itself was broken.

“So even something like this could happen.”

He said that and laughed. It is the same as the situation I am facing right now.

Yes, I am not in the wrong.

Takioto Kousuke is a character that can learn Mind Eye but the one inside him is me go crazy every Friday (*Eroge release date.)

Well, two days have already passed since I asked Mizumori Yukine to help with the skill acquisition but there is still no progress. Even though I have a lot of preparations I must do before school starts, I’m still being struck by the waterfall.

That being said, what troubled me the most under this waterfall is her presence.

I don’t know where she got it from but she is wearing Miko-like clothes and her appearance when the clothes sticking to her skin when it gets wet is very sensual. There is a place that I want to carefully inspect but when my body was struck by the freezing cold water, such thought immediately disappears.

Rather, I can’t feel my body at all. Maybe because my worldly thought keeps disappearing it is easier to focus my mind.

After we finished training under the waterfall, we warm our bodies using magic. Then I called out to sempai who is wiping her hair.

“I really appreciate what you do for me but is sempai fine with this?”

The fact that the school will start soon does not apply only to me. Sempai is the same. Even so, she still accompanied me to train at the waterfall every time.

“Takioto, you don’t have to worry about me. This is my training as well.”

She laughed while saying so but I still felt guilty. I already know from the game that she is a very caring person. It is also one of the reasons that I was charmed by her.

“Takioto, the important part is the focus. You have to sharpen your nerve much more than this to sense magic power. Without using your eyes but your seventh sense.”

Wait, seventh sense?….. I understand what you said but it is hard to implement. In the first place, there was no seventh sense back in Japan so even becoming conscious of magic is difficult for me.

“I heard that if you master Mind Eye, you can even feel the sense of touch. My father said that you could probe the monster’s weakness using that.”

So the reason why critical rate raised with Mind Eye is that you can feel the opponent’s weakness. I think this skill is very important in order to fight monsters. It is an ability that I absolutely have to get.

But when will I be able to use it?

“Hey, are you misunderstanding something, Takioto?”

Maybe she started speaking as she couldn’t just watch me who was keeping my mouth shut. When I turned my eyes to look at her, I see senpai wearing her soaked and almost transparent Miko costume holding her arms while staring at me.

“Normally there’s no way you could obtain a skill that fasts, right?”

That might be a common sense of this world.

However, I know from the game that skills could be obtained within three turns. After converting… it should take about a few days.

For the protagonist to win at the end of the game, he must learn all the best abilities he could. Well, since I don’t particularly have a deadline so it’s fine to do it slowly. All I need to do is just beat him up after calling him out when the graduation ceremony ended.

But, I have experience from my previous life. If I slow down too much it would be difficult to raise it later.

“You don’t have to hurry. Just keep going one step at a time. It is fine as long as you don’t stop.”

Sempai’s word, If you know her current circumstance then it held a lot of meaning.

“Sempai…………. No, it’s nothing.”

I managed to swallow it down. I almost burst it out but it is not good to say it now.

“I see.”

She said so and gaze at the river. The clear water keeps flowing without stopping.

A single leaf flows down from the waterfall. That leaf flows along the river but soon gets caught on a big stone. The leaf stopped moving and stuck just like that.