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Chapter 34 Magic Academy 4

Magic Academy 4

To this academy, magic skills are apparently those that can be applied in combat.

At first, I got the impression that it would be like ‘Let’s try using magic like how they do in the light novel.’ but it seems like that subject will be included in a different class.

“What’s wrong, Iori? Looking around like that.”

I follow his gaze and look around. At the first magic practice hall, students are holding their weapons and casually chatting. Let’s see who Iori is looking at. Among the students that he’s looking at, the sub-heroine class rep is there. I see, so Iori is properly acting like an eroge protagonist, huh.

“Aha, I see. You took a liking to the class rep right?”


Reacting to Iori’s voice, people are turning their heads to look at him. The class rep is among them too.

“Idiot, you are too loud. Come here for a bit.”

To my beckoning, Iori walks over toward me while looking at my face.

“You are curious about class rep, Higurashi Kaede-chan, right? Well, you have good eyes. If you put her into the ranking then she is a solid B+, you know.”

“Class rep… she is? More importantly what is with the ranking.”

Class rep is the class rep, right? I don’t know what’s wrong with calling her that but every player called her like that.

About the ranking, to be honest I’m not quite sure either. It’s the thing that Takioto Kousuke created in the game. Seem like it is just his score based on his perspective. Of course, his bias is mixed into the rating as well.

“She’s a super straight-laced person alright? It seems her family is not really doing well right now, I heard she has to look after the house and her little sister by herself.”

Class rep’s family only consists of her father and little sister. It seems her mother died before her sister can even aware of her surroundings. Looking at her father who has to work busily every day, she felt that she has to do something.

After that, she took care of her household chores and little sister. And since she always looking after her sister she is good at taking care of her classmates. If I have to point out her flaws then it would be her natural airheadedness. In the game, she once goes on a date with Iori while wearing a mismatched pair of socks (Iori seems to think that she was just wearing it to be fashionable though).

Well, for the detailed story I will let him hear it from her once they’re close enough to each other.

“As her look suggested, her hobby is reading. Oh, she also likes children ….. Anyway, be sure to give me the lunch coupon after this okay?”

“G, Got it.”

While saying so, he sent a heated gaze toward class rep. Then suddenly he called out to me.

“Ah, come to think of it the school has only started for a week right?……. Where did you get that kind of information from?”

For now, I laugh it off and say.

“Well, that’s a trade secret. If you want to know more then prepare me some lunch coupon or just get along with her directly, okay?”

Of course, I got all the information from Magiero. This kind of simple information is nothing to a walking eroge database like me. If I have to display my skill then he can even make a pass on a foreign Blond Nee-san too. No, considering the spec that might be a bit too much for him, huh.

Well, let’s leave it at that. I already introduced him to class rep. From now on I will just have to lightly introduce more heroines to him.

“Now then, since it has already come to this I will  introduce you to the high-ranking girl in our class, alright?”

First, I move my line of sight toward Katrina, Iori followed my gaze.

“Okay, next is Katrina.”

When he sees her, his mood gone a little sore.

Personally, I think Iori will stick with Katrina for a long time. If there’s nothing wrong then you will certainly be able to capture Katrina. Rather, if you do not enter a special route then it is impossible to not capture her. She was called the easy heroine/easy mob after all. Incidentally, I started calling her an easy mob when I watch the anime adaptation of Magiero. She was with the protagonist until mid-season but suddenly the protagonist enters the good ending route for student council president. Honestly, I felt a bit sorry for her.

“Hey hey, don’t make that kind of face. She’s athletic, easy to talk with and totally cute, right? People are aiming for her both from our and the other classes, you know?  You guys also think so too, right?”

I kinda forced it here so the guys I called out to was a bit surprised.

“Well, she is certainly cute.”

The guy with orange hair said. He’s not wearing a white shirt but an orange one instead. There is also a pendant with a magic stone hanging around his neck.

“Umm, well…. you see, I think she is cute too but……I’m more interested in the elf standing next to her.”

The other guy added while pushing up his glasses. His hair is deep blue with long bangs that covers his eyes, I wonder if can he really see through that.  Rather it was like he is wearing his glasses on top of his bangs, he also wore a blue cardigan under his jacket.

“Yeah? I thought the red-haired one is better though. I won’t complain if she looked a little more like a milf though.”

“Man, I know you for a long time but I still don’t get your preference. For me…. I like a woman that gives a calm feeling, you know. Someone like Ludivine-san, you see?. You think so too right, Hijiri-kun?”

The bangs guy asked Iori.

“Yeah, I think she is very cute.”

“Haha, aiming for the unattainable, are we? Are you guys really going to set your eyes on the second princess of the Trefle empire?”

Hearing what I said, the orange guy and Iori jumped in surprise.

“…..So that was the case after all.”

So the only one who knew was bangs huh. Really, shouldn’t a person from this world normally know this? Well, some people were surprised by her status in the game after all…. Well, who cares.

“An elf with Trefle as her surname Isn’t that already give it away?  Ludi is properly an Ojou-sama alright. Blessed with intelligence and beauty along with her majestic atmosphere. She got everything from intellect, magic prowess, charm, asset, wealth and status. Truly, she is the S+ class beauty.

While I was narrating her spec, Ludi sneezed.

“Though Katou Rina(Katrina) loses to her in terms of wealth, power and intellect, her magic power and beauty are top class even within the entire academy. Moreover, different from Ludi she is easier to talk to, that’s why she gained quite a popularity you know?. If Ludi is the high-class noble lady then Katrina is like the class’s idol, alright? So the final rating for her is around A+.”

Another sad thing about her is that her chest is also A+ though…. Katrina-san why are you looking this way? She doesn’t hear what we were saying right? RIGHT?

Thinking so, Katrina and her group are making their way toward us. Iori is already preparing to run away but orange and bang are still clueless about the approaching disaster.

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