Magical Explorer

Magical Explorer

Chapter 6: Confirming the Situation and future course of action 2

Confirming the Situation and future course of action 2

According to the information I gathered, the easiest kind of fabric for magic to channel through and apply attribute to is the one made from monster’s material. But it is hard to find one that has enough length to wrap around my neck.

I sighed while looking around the Magic Tool shop.

There is a great deal of merchandise available at the Magic Tool shop. But when I ask the clerk specifically for what I want, they don’t have any.

What I wanted to buy is kinda special product after all.

“Umm, a four-meters long stole ? We don’t have one that long…… also an off season too. Rather than buying a ready-made one, maybe you can purchase some fabric as material and have it order-made?”

Yeah, that’s right.

A normal two-meter muffler or stole is already considered as too long already.  And now we are talking about buying one with twice the length.


I go along with him and move to the handicraft section that the clerk recommended and my sigh escape me again.

Using my hand to pick up a white cloth. Nearby there is also gray, black, red and yellow clothes lying in order. They’re made with a normal fabric. The one that magic can pass through easily are few in color and the prices are higher than the normal one.

“For now I will have to make do with this huh.”

After I was hesitating over which one to buy, I decided to buy two pieces with checker-pattern design. One red&black and another colored white&blue, both are made from threads gathered from monster. The total price is eight-hundred thousand yen. Let’s hope that it will be worth the money I spend on it.

When I got home, I immediately take out the clothes I purchase and wound it around my neck. After that I stood up to check if there are any discomfort.

“Like I thought four-meters is too long, but its magical conductivity is the best I could ask for, as expected from an Arachne’s thread.”

I can cut and adjust the length later and since the fabric properly channeling magic power I have no complaint against it.. If I have to point out a flaw then….

“When my magic power is exhausted, I’m gonna have to drag it along right?, and it might entangle or hook on something too. I have to come up with some countermeasures……”

Since there’s currently no problem, I will ignore it. Thus I stopped thinking and channel magic power into it  then start training to move it according to my will.

However, it was much more difficult than moving a muffler.

Is it too long? I can’t use it as freely as the muffler.

If the surface area is the problem then it can’t be helped. But considering the future it might be better to be able to move an even bigger one.

With the former length I wouldn’t be able to do anything against even one of the “Sankyo” (TLN: school’s three strongest) and got done in for sure.

“No choice but to train harder eh……”

I immediately change into my jersey and wound the cloth I bought today around my neck like a muffler. Then I start training by running while using body strengthening and moving the cloth at the same time by constantly channeling my magic power into it.

I move both ends of the stoles at the same time by having Third hand (right stole) swing for 45 degrees and have [Fourth hand] (left stole) perform a 25 degrees leg sweep.

My aim is to be able to attack both arms and legs freely by using Third and Fourth hand.

In the mid-game, he just said something like “Oh, I am already used to moving it.” and as if that was the reason he suddenly become able to use [Third hand]. Then when he was able to use [Fourth hand] he was able to use some Asura-like move at the end of the game.  In some special circumstance even a half-baked character can have his moment too, huh.

For the time being, I have to be able to utilize four hands at once as soon as possible. If possible I would like to be able to do it before I enter the school or before I move into Hanamura house.

If I don’t hurry up and get used to it while I can, when the battle with the first heroine arrive, I would be defeated without being able to do anything. If the event proceed like the game, then I would probably lose. No, If you think about it, isn’t it better if I lose?

Well, I planned to crush a lot of flags from now on, so we might not end up fighting in the first place.

“I still need more practice……”

After finishing a ready-made meal I bought from the convenience store I continue my training.

Later, I return to my room to read a magic book and plan out my future training with its content.

“Seem like the most important thing is to increase my level and acquire skills, huh.”

What I got from the book is that this world has a level concept just like the game.

Overall level, physical level, magic level, endurance level, enemy level, hidden level etc.

Other than the overall level there are a lot more detailed classification, it would be impossible to cover them all but it seem more than double of those that existed in the game. In the first place these detailed classification is only a conjecture from the researchers, and their existence hasn’t even been proven yet. They only asserted their broad interpretation of level concept.

Why so vague? Because there existed a magic tool that can roughly check your level. The item is not really popular due to its expensive price, but there is one that is already set up in the academy. I already got confirmation from Marino-san.

If possible, I want to use it to check out various things but it doesn’t seem like I will be able to.

After all, there’s nothing much I can do right now.

While I started circulating my magic, I heard the sound of the doorbell. I keep circulating my magic and make my way toward the front door.

“Fufu, I’m finally done with my work.”

It is the person whose face I haven’t seen days, Hanamura Marino. I immediately invite her in, she then entered the house without hesitation.

“Kousuke-kun, have you always been doing this?”

Marino-san pick up the cloth I have been pouring my magic into. The scene is like a dog(me) being held with a leash by his owner (Marino).

She touched the stole with her hand. It shouldn’t feel like touching a cloth anymore though. The cloth that have my magic power circulating through them is as hard as steel and I can  move it at will.

“No, I only started using it in my training recently.”

“….The amount of magic you applied in your enchant is really abnormal.”

I nodded.

Truthfully speaking, the character who possessed the most magic power in the game is Takioto Kousuke. His magic capacity is even larger than the one from the Sankyo who always shoot an extra-large magic from a distance, his magic power is double the amount of even the heroine who inherited the blood of the saint.

However, you can just go around such limit by using doping items, if you keep using it like an idiot any character’s stats could surpass their limit.

Even though he has such high magical capacity, he is for some reason a close quarter combat character. His role is so weird compared to characters in other games. If I have to use Dr-g-n Q-est as a reference then it is like  a warrior or a thief that has the highest amount of MP in the game.

However, in his case the amount of magic power is very important to him. That’s because in the game he has a handicap that every action he took would always consumes his magical power. Even if he doesn’t use magic to attack it will still decrease. He is a character that always running out of magic power despite having the highest amount of magic in the game. Some pro did come up with a strategy utilizing his Third and Fourth hand abilities though.

If you think about it now, the reason why magic power decreases every time he performs an action is probably because he has to put some of it into his muffler to use the Third hand like how I am doing it right now.

“If you can manage this… are quite amazing already. If you used it to defend you would be able to make several meters long steel shield and if you use it to attack , it can even break a boulder.”

Moreover, if I carry weapon or armor I could enchant it with various attributes too.

By the way, in the game there’re a lot of guy with a peculiar constitution like Takioto Kousuke.
Of course, their constitution have different peculiarity to them too. and each and every one of them received some kind of cheat-like special weapons like they were fancied by the developer.

If I have such an item too I would be considering getting it. But unfortunately I have none.

It might be because the developer weren’t really think much about me. Well, If I have to talk about a strong item then it would be something like my muffler, right?

“Kousuke-kun, can you add more magic power into this? or spread it out like a shield?”

I add more magic into the cloth as I was told then spread it in the shape of a fan. It make a sound like opening an iron fan, I was surprised a little bit. In the game there are stealth section that you have to stay silence to hide from monster, I need to train in order to open it without a sound.

Marino-san touched the cloth then sighed of astonishment.

“It would be able to endure my magic to some extent….but instead of making it spread out can you make it into a circular shape?”

Marino-san said.


“With this, if you received a strong attack you wouldn’t be able to kill the shock, right? And wouldn’t it break if it got repeatedly attacked in the same place. so if you make it into a circular shape then it should be able to receive the attack and let the shock flow over the shield, right”

“I see.”

I muttered.

Certainly,  the shield I saw in the game often draws an arc, so it was made with that in mind, huh. Contrarily, I could also trapped the opponent’s sword inside if I move it in reverse?. No, if I lose to the opponent’s strength then I will be the one who got blown away instead, then should I just normally receive it? The shape will have to be varied from fight to fight, huh?

“Kousuke-kun, how long can you maintain it like that?”

“For now I think it should be around ten hours? I set my goal at twenty-four hour though……”

I tried it out before and it lasted ten hours, but that is only in a daily life state. If I am adventuring or in the middle of battle then I would have to use my magic on other things as well. In that situation I think I wouldn’t last five hours.

Marino-san sighed in exasperation.

“If it only the strength of your enchantment and magic capacity then are you already better than me?”

“That might be the case, but my emission type magic is utterly awful though……….”

Even if I have a huge amount of magic power I can’t count on the magic on emission system. Therefore, if a dragon or chimera attack me from the sky then I can do nothing about it. I can endure their attack but my attack would be like a breeze to them. If I can bring them down to a close-quarter fight then I can manage though.

“Fufu~~ It would be good to find a good party at the academy then. If it’s Kousuke-kun I think you can even beat the lowest level of the academy dungeon you know.”

“If that’s the case it would be great…….”

A strong character like Takioto Kousuke would be able to clear that dungeon without a doubt, but if he has a party that is.

“What’s wron


“Ah, No, I was just thinking whether can I find a party member.”

If I join the protagonist’s party It would be easy for me since they are already strong enough. But is it really a good thing to join the protagonist’s party when planned to defeat him?

No, I supposed to enter it huh. I will strengthen him and have him defeat the demon king. That demon king’s dungeon is a pain, capturing it is going to be really bothersome.

Besides, the one I want to defeat is not the demon king but the protagonist who has defeated the demon king.

Then, I will mix in with his party and if there’s a chance I would strengthen him to some extent. If he looks like he can get stronger by himself then I will leave and go solo for a while. All that is left is to gather the prospective members for my party. For the candidate should I get someone from the protagonist’s heroines? There will be some left over heroines after all, If I borrow some it should still be fine, right?. Considering the future It might be better if I’m affiliate with some faction too.

“……It will be fine.”

For some reason she suddenly make a gentle expression and approaches me softly. Then she put her hand on my back and drawn me in.


Some part of my body involuntarily reacts and a strange voice escaped me.

Her rich bulge contacted my face, the mysterious elasticity and warmth caused blood to gather on my face. My face  is getting hot as if it would boil. What kind of reward is this?. To be hugged and patted on the head by a widow who look like a high school girl.

But why did she suddenly do this?

“It’s okay, once you have moved in with me no one is going to bully you , there’s no bad people around my house and even if something did happen I will protect you.

From her words, it seem like Takioto Kousuke was also a bully victim.

“……………….Thank you.”

As I thought, This guy’s life is too hard.