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Chapter 63: Twilight Grotto 3

Twilight Grotto 3

I think that Kasha was the most powerful monster I’ve fought so far. It’s speed and attack power was overwhelmingly different and it can even use fire magic.

Although there’s a but. Its fire magic can be countered with water enchantment, its speed and weight behind each of its attacks, when compared to the people who fight on a daily basis, was like heaven and earth.

Moreover, the tactic it used was like any normal monster, it didn’t manage to took me by surprise at all.

“Well, it was an obvious result.”

I look at the magic stone I picked up.

If the kasha can “repop” (Object like a monster that will respawn after a certain amount of time after its demise) it would be useful to farm this but in this place, it won’t repop. It won’t work even if you left and enter the dungeon again.

I take the magic stone and head deeper inside where my targeted “Person” is supposed to be.

After I continued heading further inside, there’s a door that a person could easily go through. I touch the corner part of the door. Then a blue light shines from the place I touch and ran through all four sides. The door then slides sideways while making a [Pushuuu] noise.

When I was thinking about heading inside, what I found was…

“It’s an entrance area.” (TLN: Japanese style)

There’s a place where you can take off your shoes, shoe cabinet, and a big locker. There are several doors that I can see from here, she must be here somewhere.

I took off my shoes in the neat entrance area, I put my feet on the flooring.

“You gotta be kidding me……”

The place I stepped on leave behind a footprint. It seems like the place wasn’t in use for some time and the dust has accumulated quite a bit. I was a little worried but I decided to keep going while holding the shoes in my hand.

“Yeah, this is quite a room…..”

For the time being, I look at the room I entered. It was overflowing with signs of life

The walls are wallpapered, the bed was there but it was covered in dust, there’s even a magic stone powered light. I picked up a book that was placed on the side of the bed. I don’t know what it says so I put the book into my storage bag (pseudo item box) and look around. Then I take a look at the garbage can beside the bed. Don’t tell me, I thought so and take a look under the bed.

It was a wishful guess. It’s the usual place you would store your entertainment goods. Therefore, the possibility that someone will discover it here is high, that’s why people usually hide it elsewhere, especially the case if you have a sister.

I treated the item as an object with historical and cultural value and take it out slowly, then I have to hold my breath. A scantily clad, black-haired woman with sensual expression. There’s no doubt about it.

It’s a porn mag.

I desperately suppress myself and turn the pages.

“Fumu… this is bad, real bad.”

Don’t look and steel your mind. Chant the Heart sutra in your heart and calm down. I put the book inside the storage bag, take a deep breath and open the door to head to the next room.

What I found in the next room is a television-like device, a transparent pillar, and a frisbee-like machine. They are things that I never saw before even from Japan or this world.

I collected some suitable items and open the door to the next room.

“Wow, this is amazing……”

What lies beyond the door was otherworldly.

“A cave, a house…… now it’s a meadow huh.”

There’s a word I found when I was learning about the dungeons. “To guess what the dungeon is thinking is like to ponder what death is.” At first, my reaction was “Hmmm” but since I was shown a common sense breaking, supernatural world like this, Of course, I will have to agree with that sentence.

The spreading grassland, the wide sky and the sun that began to rise. A slightly dry wind touches my skin and I can smell the earthy scent of grass.

When I look back, I was surprised again.

“Are you the Anywhere door!!”

(TLN: Doraemon’s door.)

It was the door I just passed through. It was there, but it was the only man-made object in the entire grassland. Actually, it was not just the door. There was also the familiar dusty hallway that lies beyond it. I tried putting my hand in and out of the door frame but the only conclusion is that it was an unknown phenomenon.

“It really is the Anywhere door…..”

I stop analyzing the door and start looking around the place.

Countless clouds were floating through the light blue sky. Through the gap between the clouds, the rising sun shines its twilight ray of light on the ground.

“It’s beautiful…. I understand why the twilight sun was called [Angel’s ladder] or [Pipeorgan of light] n— Nn?”

Looking at the place the twilight ray shone at I stopped talking.

“That place is…. Not a meadow? There’s something there.”

Don’t tell me, I started running.

At the end of the light are a magic circle engraved on a stone pavement and an oval-shaped something. I don’t know what it is but it made me think of a huge egg. An egg doesn’t float in the air though?

That egg-like something’s size was around my height, looking closely it also has something like furs growing on it. Looking at the fallen feathers under the egg-like thing, the things that grow on it are probably feathers.

“Somehow it looked different from Magiero but…. Maybe this is it?”

I tried gently touching the egg-like thing that was illuminated by the twilight sun. It’s felt fluffy like I was touching a rabbit but I felt its elasticity when I put more force into my hand.

I tried injecting my magic power inside the egg-like thing like the protagonist did in the game. I was a little worried at first but I increased my magic output mid-way through. However, there’s not much change to it.

“It’s the first time I spent this much magic power……?”

Maybe because of my daily training, the growth of my magic power was remarkable. After I managed to keep my enchant magic up all day, every day, I keep it up except when I go to sleep, I even spend a lot of time in mock battles with Claris-san and the other. However, it’s been quite some time since I exhausted this much magic power. Even so, the egg-like thing is still sucking in my magic power.

The change came when my magic power was exhausted to the extent that it would affect my basic activity and I was pondering about why I didn’t magic recovery items with me.

『×□▲○- Magic Power Registration Completed-|*”#$%&’(』


I released my hand since I suddenly heard a voice in my head, I observe the change in the egg’s appearance. However, its shape didn’t change, instead, a transparent display appears from a shining magic circle that showed up since who knows when.

I stared at the display confusingly.

“I can’t read it……”

When I said that the letters on the display disappeared. When I was panicking, the letters appear on the display again, this time in Japanese.

Please Select The Type.

  • Spring Type
  • Summer Type
  • Autumn Type
  • Winter Type
  • Heaven Type

I tilted my neck at the displayed words. If I remember correctly, I am sure that this only has four options. Moreover, it should be written in English with Type-1, Type-2, Type-3, and Type-4. If I follow the game setting then spring, summer, autumn, and winter should be 1, 2, 3 and 4 accordingly. However,

“Heaven Type…..there’s one option too many, right?”

When I played as the protagonist, I chose Type-4 which should be Winter Type though.

“Normally thinking, I would choose the Winter Type but… my heart tells me that I should pick the Heaven type.”

When you see something new you would just want to try it out. I’m weak to sweets, especially when I know that it was a new product. I would buy it even when it sounds questionable most of the time.

I touch the [Heaven Type] option with my finger. Then a pop-up window asked [Are you sure?] I chose [Yes] as my answer.

Then, feathers fell off the egg. all the feathers shine when they touched the ground. They turn into small particles and disappeared.

the light begins to shine from the place that the feathers fell off, the light was like a laser beam you would see at the live concert venue, illuminating the surroundings.

The feathers keep falling off faster and faster which caused the light intensity to increase. Unable to look at the light directly anymore, I protect my face with third hand and wait for the light to settle.

The time that the light shines so bright I can’t open my eyes didn’t last a minute. From the shadow of third hand, I judge that the light has settled down and looked at the egg. However, the egg was not there. Instead, there is a woman in a maid outfit standing in its place.

“Visibility checked. Confirming the possession of the AA terminal. Acquiring time and date.”

Brushing her platinum blond hair that closed to a silver color, she put something inside a machine that she takes out from her pocket. Then, a transparent display appears in front of her and something that looked like letters are flowing on it.

“Confirming connection to A&A corporation… …Failure. Connecting to Local Network… …Failure. Completely Disappearance of the Dungeon Network. Estimating time from the situation outside the dungeon.”

The transparent display that was floating in front of her disappeared and her purple eyes turn toward me.

“Good Afternoon, Contractor-sama. I am A&A Corporation’s MKS73 (Maid Knight Shiki Edition 73)”

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