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Chapter 64 Nanami


MKS73 (Maid Knight Shiki Edition 73) was a popular companion character in Magiero’s stored limited bonus.

MKS73 was her ID name so the player can decide her name after she joined your party. However, the majority of Gentlemen named her Nanami derived from the number 73 (TLN: Nana = 7, Mi = 3) in her ID name.

Additionally, her personality and hair color are varied depending on the type you choose. She will have sakura hair color that reminds you of the spring if you chose Type-1, Green for the lushness of summer for Type-2, Red for the autumn leaves in Type-3 and Indigo blue of winter from Type-4.

Then what about the appearance of the woman in front of my eyes?

Her hair is a beautiful platinum blond, if Ludi is gold then she is silver. She doesn’t look artistically beautiful like Ludi. Instead, she possessed a face that you can somehow feel the cuteness from. Her chest was not as big as Nee-san but her maid outfit does emphasize its existent, it must be moderately big. There’s no point comparing her to Katrina’s.

“May I know your name?”

Not caring about my heated (Ero) gazes, she said so indifferently like a machine.


“Takioto Kousuke-sama, Registered…….. Thank you for making a contract with Maid Knight Series, Takioto Kousuke-sama. Now then, I am sorry but the connection to the Dungeon Network was blocked so I would like to confirm the current situation………..”

Even if you say that I still don’t understand. What I don’t understand? Everything.

In the first place.

“Umm, What is a dungeon network?”

There was no such conversation in Magiero. In the game she said [My fated partner finally appeared in front of me” and she would usually sit in the protagonist’s small room and take care of him. Her loyalty point has exceeded the limit from the start.

You can ask her why she held so much loyalty toward you and she would answer “If no one activates me, I might get left behind in this dungeon forever”. Well, after you have gotten close to her she would confess in the sub-event that “What I said back then was only a cover…I was programmed to pretend to swear my loyalty to the person that registered their magic power”. But afterward, she also said “But right now I am…….”, there’s a lot of people that fall for her because of that line (me included).

“The Dungeon Network…..?”

She said with a little anxiety in her voice.

Honestly speaking, there was a sense of wrongness about her. In the first place, the place that she was sealed in Magiero was a magic-stone-like Crystal made by Ancient Magic (Overtechnology) and what was sealed in the Sealing Crystal was a homunculus that was made thousands of years ago with the best technology of its time, The [Maid Knight].

But, what was the thing I saw?

She was sealed in a feathered egg, not a crystal. And this place. There was no such meadow in Magiero.

Moreover, I don’t know why there was the fifth type in the options.

“The Dungeon Network is the Dungeon Network, righ-……eh? Excuse me, Takioto Kousuke-sama.”

She approached me as she floats in the air and takes my hand.

From her slightly cold hand, something started to flow through. It was not unpleasant even when I don’t know what is flowing through me. Rather, it felt like something that was already there was being returned to its place, a strange feeling but it made me feel safe and comfortable.


“Um, Are you okay?”

I called out to her who has her mouth half-open.

“M, my apologies. Could you give me some time to organize my thoughts?”

Apparently, the person that needs some time to calmly think was not only me.

After we both have time to calm down and exchange our information, the thing that we understand was.

“In other words, Something is fundamentally wrong.”

That was the thing we understood.

“That seems to be the case.”

Originally, [the Maid Knight Series] was supposed to establish a contract with an overseer of the dungeon, the Dungeon Master. What she said that she doesn’t understand was how I, a normal human no matter how you looked, was able to establish a contract with her. Additionally, another thing that she couldn’t understand was the amount of my magic power.

Now then, here’s the question. What the heck is a dungeon master?

“Dungeon Master is an overseer of the dungeon from the Dungeon World. Some people on the surface called a person who captured a lot of dungeons with that name but the one I am talking about was the former.”

It still troublesome after she explained it. In Magiero, the word [Dungeon Master] doesn’t appear in the first place. The only role for the dungeons in Magiero was to be captured. There wasn’t supposed to be such a thing as an overseer.

“I understand that you are confused but due to personal reasons I would not like to talk in detail regarding this subject.”

“Umm, what do you mean?”

“The information regarding the Dungeon Master was actually open to the people within the Dungeon Society but it was not something that can be shared to the general public.”

Well, that..

“If you think about the world’s level of understanding of dungeons then I can understand. There was even a phrase [To guess what the dungeon is thinking is like to ponder what death is] after all.”

After coming to this world, I read about dungeons in the books. However, there are still many unknown aspects of the dungeons which made that phrase came to be.

“Basically, because the contacting attempt has been refused, the information was not circulating around. It was very rare for Dungeon Manager or Overseer to make contact with the sixth class.”

A word that I don’t understand came out again. I can kinda guess the meaning though.

“What’s the sixth class?”

When I asked so, she turned her mouth into a badly shaped X mark.

“Umm, that part also contained a secret that shouldn’t be shared to normal people that I talked about earlier so Umm if my luck was bad then I might get disposed of by the company.”

“So in other words, it’s classified information huh…… okay, you don’t have to talk about it.”

I don’t know what she meant about the disposal but I’m sure that it’s a bad thing for her.

Her expression is still bad but she hesitantly opened her mouth to say something.

“You would notice this in time but, Umm. I have something to tell you in advance. The magical path between myself and Takioto Kousuke-sama has already been opened. Right now, my employer has been set as Kousuke-sama”


“In other words?”

“Since I can’t go against your command, if you were to order me to spill everything out then I would have to tell you everything.”

I see, so the contract holds that much weight huh. If I want to know about the dungeon, I can just give her an order. But.

“No, it’s not the information I want to that extent. It’s fine if you just tell me what you can talk to about to a normal person.”

I answered.

“My deepest apologies.”

She apologized to me.

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