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Chapter 73: Shadow Ruin 5


Shadow Ruin 5

“Nn suuu…haaa, haaa…..”

As I stopped sending my magic power over, Ludi exhales a deep sigh and take a breath while leaning on me. Her fevered gazes and sweat-soaked hair sticking on her cheeks and forehead were bad for me in a lot of ways. Not [were], this should be a present progressive sentence.

I let go of Ludi’s warm and slightly wet hand.


She let out a small voice.

Now then, just how weird is my gift magic? From what Claris-san said, it felt like receiving a strange massage though. The gift magic Claris-san used on me doesn’t yield the same result too. It would be fine in the game but since it’s a reality, I’m troubled. Especially right before battle.

I can’t find the cause even when I tried thinking about it. So I decided to let it be. But there’s still a problem.

Why are Nee-san and Nanami lining up while looking this way like they are craving something?

Including Nanami, angels are basically operating with magic power so I can understand what she wants. I tried using it on her once as an experiment and since she used magic power in combat, it’s not weird for her to be needing some.

But why is Nee-san also lined up? You didn’t use much magic power in the first place, right?

Please look at Sempai. Sempai is already properly resting….. Eh, she is looking at Ludi and making a languishing expression…….It, it’s just my imagination, right?

I promised Nanami and Nee-san that I will use gift magic on them when we get back and continue exploring the dungeon.

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After that, we go down several floors and reached the sixth floor. The only thing that changes from the battle up until now is that Sempai is now actively participating in the battle.

It seemed like she wants to move her body after watching us so she is now fighting using only her magic.

Doing so, she provided a lot to our fighting force. The reason being, we encountered the [Sand Golem] which has poor compatibility with Ludi.

As the name suggests, the sand golem is made up of sand. My physical attack was ineffective as the sand just scattered and the impact absorbed. Even if I keep hitting it with Third and Fourth hand, there is no sign that it did any damage at all. The same applied to Ludi as well. Even if they were hit by the wind generated by Storm Hammer and sent flying to the wall, they just get back up and come back at you as if nothing happened. However, due to its slow movement, we won’t get hit unless something goes wrong. At the same time though, it also limited the attack method of our side as well.

That’s where Sempai comes in.

Sempai’s specialty water magic was very effective against sand golems. When exposed to water those sand golems will harden and become like soil. As they are hardened, it is very easy to smash them to pieces. When it becomes like that, these sand golems just turned into sandbags.

With that as the case, we just repeating the process of Sempai drenching them with water while myself and Ludi keep smashing them to bits.

However, the impact base attack of Nanami who learned the magic [Explode Arrow] was an exception. She can defeat the sand golems before Sempai uses water magic to hardened them so she was very helpful when we are facing multiple sand golems at once. If sempai doesn’t lend her hand then Nanami’s burden would be increased considerably.

Rather, aren’t you learn a new move too fast? Must have been my imagination.

Thanks to that, the battle became much easier. If I came here solo then I might have some trouble with these guys.

If it’s Ludi then she can use water magic too but not as well as Sempai. If she wanted to she can also learn explosion magic as well so there’s no problem for her to solo this dungeon. However, right now it seems like she is focusing on wind magic so her water magic is not so useful. Well, if we fight as a party then rather than a jack of all trades, a specialist is better.

The same was true when it was a game. You would normally make a character that can do everything after you made them specialized in one thing and have time left to spare (second playthrough on). If the character has something they specialized in you would definitely use them.

However, in my case, the sand golem proved to be extremely troublesome.

I can shoot water at them but it’s strangely inefficient. It won’t reach the place I aim for and since the water is so little, I don’t know how much time or magic power I have to spend to drench its entire body.

The water enchantment is also ineffective, the sand golems don’t harden when I hit it and the impact will just get absorbed. When it comes to this, my only option is to use battle magic stone.

However, is it worth spending battle magic stones for? When I think about that, the answer is that it’s better to run away and only fight when I am surrounded. But since these guys provide good experience points, it might be better to fight them if the conditions are met.

“That’s why fighting in a party is so efficient huh.”

Since there are better places to farm, this place doesn’t seem efficient to me though.

I smashed the sand golem that sempai drenched with water and look at it as it turns into magic elements and magic stone. As I was staring absentmindedly someone calls out to me from behind.

“Why do you want to become stronger so much, Takioto?”

That person was sempai.

“I just want to become the strongest though…..?”

It felt like I talked about this with sempai before, no, we definitely talked about it.

“Is that so… it just felt like you are in a hurry to me…….”

Is it because I dive into a dungeon like this every day? Normally there wouldn’t be a person who dive into the dungeons as much as me. But I think the amount of training sempai has been doing is a lot more than mine though.

“There’s no such thing, if I am going to become the strongest then it’s no good if I don’t get my act together now right?”

My goal, Hijiri Iori is without a doubt, a cheat.

He seriously studying in the classroom and even capturing another dungeon right now. He said it himself that he is challenging another dungeon at the moment. Well, since this place is a store exclusive dungeon, it’s not strange that he doesn’t know about this place.

Well, his action was like a player on his first playthrough with no prior knowledge about the game.

I am probably stronger than him right now, no doubt about it. However, exactly because he is proceeding normally, he would get stronger normally like a protagonist normally would too. And in the case that he is too weak I planned to lend him a hand as well.

That’s why from now on Iori will keep learning more useful unique skills and keep growing his strength using his cheat. If you planned to catch up with him then a normal route won’t cut it. I have to use the thing I can from the start, I think that it’s better to become as strong as I can.

Fortunately, I have a weapon, the fruit of the gentlemen’s research, the [Knowledge]. And the unique ability of Takioto Kousuke, the character that was by no means considered weak in the game.

Depending on how I fight I think I can win, I will definitely make it happen.

Also, the person that I have to surpass wasn’t just Iori alone. There is still the monsters called the Three Strongest.

I stare at Sempai.

Today Sempai is wearing a deep blue hakama. Her hair is gathered together into a ponytail that flows behind her back. Her nape is the best. It’s so good to the extent that if her nape was a bowl of rice I can eat three full bowls without seasoning. She was always beautiful but today she is even more beautiful.

“Don’t Sempai want to become stronger too?”

“I do………..”

She doesn’t say much but I understand what she wants to convey.

“Then let’s become stronger together. Let’s invite Ludi and capture the hundredth floor of Tsukuyomi dungeon together.”

Well, there’s actually one hundred and one floors in total though…… let’s leave that aside. The remaining problem would be the dungeon that appears after we beat Tsukuyomi dungeon. Well, I might have to leave that to Iori though.

“Fufu, what are you saying. The highest floor ever recorded was eighty-seventh you know?”

Sempai laughingly said so.

Yes, there are only eighty-seven floors recorded.

“I’m pretty serious about this you know… but is it really impossible to capture it together in the end?”

Considering sempai’s position in this world, she is the vice-captain (vice president) of the public moral committee, she is only the second from the top, and she was even praised for how hard she worked in the original game. There’s no way I can form a party with her.

In the game, she would join the party if you asked her but normally thinking she would prioritize the party she had before right? There’s no way she would prioritize a party that came out of nowhere like mine.


As I was thinking about being denied by her, sempai let out a laugh.

“It’s fine, I don’t mind going with you if I am free. I give you my word, I will capture it with you.”

She hit my back and walks toward where everyone is.

I follow after her swaying ponytail, white nape, and well-shaped butt.


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