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Chapter 88 The Academy Dungeon 6

The Academy Dungeon 6

The first thing I think of when I arrive at the thirty-first floor was *so it’s not a cave or a ruin, huh?* Well, since I have already experienced the same phenomenon before, I wasn’t surprised that much.

“Warm sunshine, pleasant breeze, clear sky, the clear stream that reflecting the sun Just where is this place?”

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There was no need to ask. This is a dungeon. It’s not a place you can spread a leisure sheet in a shade to sit down and eat sandwiches…….sandwiches? I somehow felt like my heart is screaming but that must be my imagination.

Now then, the troublesome new monster that starts appearing on this floor is……

“Everything is troublesome!”

Bird-type, horse-type, sheep-type, or serpent-type It will be troublesome no matter what appears.

I do think that I have enough power to capture up until the fortieth floor. But that was only in the case that I have a party.

If it’s a one on one then I will never lose.

But what if there are multiple enemies or that I have to battle consecutively or if I run out of recovery items? There’s no doubt that I will get overwhelmed.

If I have Ludi or Nanami with me then I think we should be able to breakthrough without using that much consumable items eighty percent of the time. If both of them are with me then we can definitely do it.

However, this time I have to break through it solo in a limited time.

All I need to join the three committees is my grade which takes both academic ability and dungeon score into consideration. But I doubt that I can get a high score in the exam. If I desperately study then I might get a good score.

However, there is also the practical skills test.

In the game, the practical skills test was omitted and the score was automatically assigned according to your ability point. That’s why I don’t know the content of the practical skills test. Well, I can’t even think that a guy who skipped morning classes, as well as the afternoon classes like me, would be able to get a good score. My long-range magic is so poor in the first place.

If I take too long I might miss my chance to join the three committees as well.

In the game, no matter what route you choose, there’s no route that Takioto joins the three committees after all. Different characters will join in his stead.

For the organizations that limit the number of its members, I want to join them as soon as possible and I want to join them before Iori does too.

After I got in……should I progress through the library event first? Well, let’s give priority to the monster in front of me first.

Comparing its body to an animal then this thing is a mix between a horse and a human. It has a lower half of a horse and that of a human on the upper half, it’s a classic fantasy monster as famous as the goblins, the centaur.

I was shocked in a lot of ways when I saw a centaur for the first time in Magiero. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I understand the horse lower half. The fine muscles in its lower half should be able to kick the ground and run at a speed that a human can’t.

Their weapon is also understandable. A bow fits perfectly with its image.

But why is the upper half looks like an old man?

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If it’s eroge RPG then, the centaurs are the first species that I want to see its female form. The lower body of a strong horse will enhance the size of the breast on the upper half, I saw that in a lot of pictures.

However, there’s none on this centaur. It’s just a bitter oldman. Is this really Magiero? It is to the extent that it made that question popped inside my head.

I thought that I bought a fake game at first. I was so worried that I sent a message to ask my friend and went to check on the bulletin site. Unfortunately, I was among the first to capture the dungeon at the time.

Well, the female centaurs will appear after a few dozen floors with a different species name, I remembered that I was so relieved when I found them. An eroge without a female centaur is like strawberry milk without strawberry.

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Now, speaking of the centaur,

“Its speed is more troublesome than its weapon huh…..”

The centaur took a stance with its bow and create a jet black arrow with magic. Then it takes aim at me……….and release the arrow.


As soon as it released the arrow I spread out the third hand. It’s slower than Nanami. It was easy to parry but the centaur prepared its next arrow and release it immediately after.

While avoiding that, I decided to conduct an experiment so I started running. Fortunately, this guy is the only monster that appeared.

“……as expected, it’s fast.”

Its normal movement speed should be higher than me. I haven’t tested it yet but its stamina must be higher than me as well.

After that, I defend against its attacks while getting away, it’s a little troublesome.

Its speed and stamina were within my expectation but the thing that surprises me is.

“I can’t escape……!”

In the end, I was able to escape by using sound magic stone and use the chance to widen the distance.

It was so easy to escape from them in the game. I wonder why I can’t do the same here?

The possibility that I can think of was…

“Is it related to the floor?”

I was able to escape when I was inside the in-door floor up until now so I guess that was the reason?

Until now, if you left the floor after aggroing the monster they would stop following you. Well, there are some that keep following me but if I keep running they wouldn’t be able to follow after me.

“The view here is the best.”

If I were to play hide and seek here then the hiding place would be too few it won’t even be a game.

These guys must have something like a territory so if I don’t leave its territory then it wouldn’t stop chasing me. That’s likely to be the case.

Well, let’s put that as one of the possibilities. Another possibility is that I am too weak. In Magiero the thing that determines whether you can escape or not is the character’s speed. The centaur was certainly fast but it was not impossible to escape from.

But what if I can’t escape?

It might be my fundamentally mistake to think of it as a game. If we are talking about the game then it would take [the opponent’s speed] against [my speed] and calculate the outcome using that.

However, that’s one of the creatures called a monster. They only move according to their instinct and they might only chase me according to their instinct too, right?

Well, if that’s the case then it’s just a matter of course.

“Aaah, I want to experiment on a lot of things…..!”

Be that as it may, there’s no time. Even for basic experimentation, you would need a lot of time to collect and scrutinize the data from various angles.

For now, I should move immediately according to the available data in my hand. It would only be a waste of time to stay here. Since it has become difficult to escape, I should move toward the next floor as soon as possible.

I look around and see a vast grassland spreads out. I can see a figure of something like a monster further away.

“The situation is pretty bad right now huh.”

The problem is not just escaping from the monsters.

“I don’t know if I should keep running further in or not.”

If it’s a hallway then I could understand the cardinal direction like North, South, East, West. However, when it becomes such a vast flat surface, I can’t apply the 2D map from my memory to the 3D scenery in front of me.

I wish I had a landmark or something.

“If the transition gate to the next floor is the same as the one I came in then would it serve as a landmark?”

Surely, when I entered this floor, the ground was made of cobblestones. And since there’s a magic circle on top of it, wouldn’t it be better to look for a cobblestone platform?

Then, where is it?

It was only the first floor after the thirtieth floor but it made me worry about the future.

For the time being, let’s pray that I will find it soon.


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