Magic's Return: I Can See The Spirits
Chapter 262: A Solution

"Tsk, I can't believe it." Vaan snorted.

Elara, who was standing next to him, had a strange look on her face as well.

"It is as if he has people watching us and chose the best time possible to annoy us as much as he can," Vaan spat as he glanced at his SIC.

He and Elara had both received a message.

It was a message from the Headmaster, his Grandfather, Octavius Ravenshadow.

If a normal student received a message from the Headmaster of the Academy, they would either panic or be so glad that they would thank all their stars. Vaan, however, wasn't the same.

He couldn't be more annoyed right now.

It had been an entire week since he had a talk with his mother and requested a meeting with the Headmaster; however, he didn't get the reply.

Since a student wasn't allowed to meet the Headmaster without an invitation, there was nothing even he, the Grandson of the Headmaster, could do in such a situation. He tried talking to Orion, the man, however, simply shook his head and didn't offer any help.

Not that Vaan was expecting anything from the beginning; he knew his father well. The man used the approach almost all fathers around the world used, letting the children figure things out on their own.

Vaan knew for sure that Orion wouldn't make a move unless there is no other option left, as long as he felt Vaan could deal with the matter himself, he wouldn't even move a finger. Vaan appreciated this; however, considering the importance of the matter at hand, he would have preferred to receive direct help in this situation.

Anyways, Vaan wasn't the type to think about something that wouldn't happen. He used the more realistic approach and waited to receive the invitation.

He waited for an entire week and didn't receive anything. Now, however, when he bought a beast egg and was required to stay until the beast hatches to be marked as its parent, he suddenly received an invitation, inviting him to come to the Headmaster's office within an hour.

Vaan couldn't help but snort in his head again; he really wanted to punch the Headmaster. Still, of course, he was sane enough to know that it wasn't a wise move and just buried his anger in his heart.

"You should go meet with the Headmaster… I'll stay here; if something happens, I will rush to you."

Suddenly, Elara spoke up.

"But you are invited as well…"

"It doesn't matter; we both know what we wish to talk about. Even if I don't go, it wouldn't change anything," Elara shrugged.

Vaan nodded in understanding, then, after looking at the Egg he bought one last time, he glanced at Elara, kissed her forehead, and, "Alright then, I will take my leave. I will try to end the discussion and return as soon as possible."

Saying those words, Vaan went to his room, getting ready to change. An hour later, Vaan was inside the Headmaster's Office; inside, he saw an old man looking at him with a playful smile on his face and, "You are here.

Come in, Come in," Octavius invited him in. Vaan glanced at the old man for a while, then, he just walked in.

"Where's Elara? I thought she would be coming together with you as well," Octavius questioned with a curious look on his face.

"Things came up; she had to deal with them," Vaan replied in a distasteful tone.

"Oh? Something important enough for her to miss the meeting with me? What was it?" Octavius questioned with a curious look on his face.

Vaan, however, didn't seem to notice the playful look on his face and just snorted, "I would have told you already if it was something I wanted to reveal."

"Oh? Keeping secrets now, are we?" Octavius tilted his head as he smiled.

Vaan, on the other hand, had had enough and, "Should we start with what you called me here for? I also have some things to attend to, so it would be great if we could stop with the formalities."

Hearing him talk like that, Octavius pouted and, "I can't believe you are talking to your grandfather like this; I am hurt. You have indeed inherited your father's traits.

Well, I guess your mother's traits aren't any better either. You can't be blamed; it is the fault in your genes."

"I have your genes," Vaan replied with a deadpan look on his face.

"…" Octavius turned silent.

Vaan, on the other hand, just sighed and, "Grandfather, please stop deviating the topic; you already know why I am here, so please, I would be grateful if you can help me in any way."

Seeing the serious look on his face, Octavius decided to drop his games as well.

He then glanced at his grandson with a serious look on his face and, "You wish to temporarily leave the Academy, correct?"

"That is correct," Vaan nodded.

"Can you tell me the reason? You will be getting a two-month leave once the semester ends anyway; why not wait?" Octavius questioned.

Vaan, however, shook his head, "I would have told you if I could. It is something I can only talk with my mother first.

I haven't even revealed it to father yet."

"Well, I can imagine that boy shaking his head in disinterest.

I doubt he would want to know it either," Octavius sighed. He knew his son well and he was spot on.

Vaan did try to tell Orion to get his opinion on things; the man, however, shook his head, 'Talk with your mother; I am sure she will be able to guide you in a better manner. I, on the other hand, might mess things up.

' Of course, although he said this, Vaan knew that the man just didn't want to put in any effort. In the end, Vaan had no choice but to sigh and give in.

Seeing his expression, Octavius sighed as well, "I know that look; I would have liked if that boy had a little more ambition. His current self is simply a waste of his talent."

Vaan didn't say anything. Octavius decided to drop the topic as well.

He then glanced at Vaan with a solemn look on his face and, "Anyways, this thing you wish to talk with your mother about, is it related to something you saw inside the Past Era?" Octavius questioned.

"Grandfather, as I said, I cannot say anything right now."

"I am only trying to find a way to help you, Vaan. What you are asking for is something that has never happened before; I am sure you know this, but a student is not allowed to leave the Academy grounds unless he is graduated, or it is a semester end, or… the student is expelled from the Academy.

The exception you want would be the first time something like this would happen in the long history of the Academy; even if I am the Headmaster of the Academy, I cannot decide on a matter like this so easily.

Sure, I am the Headmaster of the Academy, but that doesnt mean I am the ruler free do to whatever he wants.

An Academy runs through its students, if the students and their families decide to leave…

There will be nothing less.

I cannot help you with the matter unless…"


"Unless I

have a big enough reason and something related to the Past Era is definitely enough reason.

Of course, it would also mean that you would need to reveal the information you are going to discuss with Astra to me, which, I can later present in front of the rest of the geezers."

"I cannot do that.

You need to think of something else," Vaan shook his head.

"…" Octavius stared at his grandson and turned silent.

Vaan stared back into his eyes. Then, Octavius chuckled, "The more you act like that, the more I wish to know about it.

Just what could possibly be so big for it to make you react like this, and not just you, since you are here, I am sure you must have talked with your mother. For Astra to tell you to do something like this… she seems quite desperate as well.

Not to mention she came here just a few weeks ago; just what in the hell is your Vesta Family preparing, huh, you little brat?"

"It is not a good habit to pry on others, grandfather," Vaan replied.

Octavius just laughed out loud and then, "Well, there is another way your temporary leave could be approved."

"What is it?" Vaan questioned.

"It is a little complicated though…"

"It doesn't matter."

Vaan was confident. His confidence, however, soon tumbled down once he heard the condition, "Since you wish to do something that has never happened before in the Academy, you need to do something that has never happened before.

Get the permission to temporarily leave the Academy Grounds from the academy students, And… Make sure more than 90% of the student body agrees to let you leave.

And this includes the Swords Division as well."

Chapter 262: A Solution
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