Chapter 149: A Good Father (1)Married to the Protagonist

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A more accurate description would be an inner palace crisis.

In a single day, its empire, its domain, all of it was invaded by an enemy from within: Yan Cheng.

It was pitiful, helpless, and weak.

The only weapon it had was its sharp cat claws were snipped by Yan Cheng whom he still trusted yesterday before the rebellion.

It was as if that rogue scoundrel Yan Cheng took everything away from it, dealing the fatal blow without even offering it a single dried sardine. It has now been reduced to a prisoner, held at the mezzanine floor. The mezzanine was four or five meters in length and a meter wide. It came complete with a litter box, a small beige sofa, some green plants, all sorts of cute toys, and even a beautiful cat tower…

“…” It was a bit different from before, but frankly, it wasn’t big enough of a difference to piss it off.

Danny jumped up and down nimbly, familiarizing itself with its short-lease kingdom before meowing a few times. It guessed that this was that dog scoundrel’s special treatment to his captives.

These were troubled times, and things weren’t looking good for it.

All it could do now was accept fate and wait for a chance to make a comeback!

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Alas, in the end, that dog scoundrel Yan Cheng was simply too good at winning over the hearts of people(cats).

But for it to put down its defenses was one thing.

Even the mistress of the house was bewitched by him.

You’ve abandoned your pets for lust, Chen Jinyao, you’ve already lost your little cutie.

Sure enough, Danny looked at her, staring for two seconds before meowing pitifully again.

“Listen to how miserable it is.” Her heart went soft. “Danny holds grudges, you know?”

Yan Cheng crouched down next to her, holding his phone. His screen was stopped on a Baidu Search, and the contents of his search were particularly eye-catching.

—”Do cats have any effect on pregnant women?”

“I think we overdid it. Our Danny’s hygiene habits are guaranteed.” Yan Cheng frowned and pondered. Then, he opened the door to let it out. The entire process was just like playing house. “It’s fine as long as you don’t touch its feces.”

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“Its feces contain toxoplasma and will affect you badly.” Originally, he figured that it would be best to be more careful just in case, but when he looked at Danny now, he found it hard to continue.

Even though he started raising Danny halfway and didn’t like small animals in the beginning, with time, feelings will eventually blossom. From a stepfather who calls it a “little beast” in the beginning, he has now grown into a proper father who will show it off to his friends.

Of course, they say love a woman love their home too. The reason this little beast was able to become his own “son” was partially because of its mother.

“We can put it in this floor when we’re not home,” Yan Cheng made a compromise. After saying that, he paused again, expression turning difficult once more. “Just leave the poo cleanup to me.”

Chen Jinyao raised a brow. She was very pleased he could say such a thing.

One of them was bent over and the other was crouching like a hooligan.

The height difference was just right that Chen Jinyao was able to ruffle his hair. Pursing her lips, she smiled. “Sure.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble Student Yan Cheng.”

Yan Cheng waved his hand. “It’s nothing, no need to be polite with your husband.”

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As he finished speaking, he looked up into her eyes, a glow in his. He had on an expression as if he was begging for praise, a classic example of a dishonest man.

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