Martial Arts System

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12 users have written reviews for the Martial Arts System novel and rated it with an average score of 4,4 out of 5. Our novel is ranked 87th among all the novels in the Light Novel World platform.

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I'm at chapter 29, at first, it kinda made me a bit angry but then the author turned it into a funny story not completely but still, I loved the jokes its mad funny


I enjoy the premise and the ideas written, despite the grammar, because I usually correct the mistakes I read pretty much instantly in my head and all the ideas are straightforward enough. Maybe that might not interest a few, but I like these sort of fighting novels.


I would just say one thing, THIS NOVEL IS THE FUCKING BEST!!!. And if you think that this novel's worth is not atleast 4 stars, then my man you should go to mental hospital to get yourself checked.


Honestly, this novel has a good premise but the grammar is atrocious. A lot of the time you are required to complete the sentences yourself or add words that are missing constantly changing perspectives maybe it gets better further in the story but at this point of me reading it (20 Chapters) is not worth maybe if you have nothing else to read try it out


I like this book very much Great plot and story like Great character development And it isn't like those other horrible novels It's quite unique and is on eof my favourite novels


Enjoyable. Nice progression. Pacing is okay. Sad there’s only 192 chapters. I’m glad there’s some romance to make the characters more likable.


It's a very awesome martial arts novel its different from the usual system based novels and it has a nice plot as well I wish it gad a lot more chapters though at least a total of 350 chapters


This novel was good. I also like the plot. The mc is not op or too weak that he beat them in few moves or relies on miracle. Several fight scene just confuse me. Especially at the start, thats why I'm reducing a star from it. Its deserve to have 4 star.


good story good fights I like the mc kind of I hate that the main character is too good but that is my problem but at times i like the mc being good.


As of 01/09/2022 finish with ch182. So far I can say that this novel have a lot of potential I hope it continues to develop in a very good way. Key take away though is the often shift of POV. Sometimes the whole chapter is about the POV of so far unrelated people other than that I am all good.