Martial God Asura (Xiu Luo Wu Shen)

Chapter 3774: Surnamed Xiu, Named Luo

The old man and the young woman were on total alert toward Chu Feng.

They went as far as to unleash their killing intent towards him.

That said, Chu Feng was capable of understanding why they reacted in such a manner. After all, the spirit formation they were trying to breach was a protective formation. Likely, what the protective formation protected was a treasure.

That said, it was not Chu Feng’s fault for suddenly appearing before them either. After all, they had not set up a concealment formation or a protective formation whilst they were breaching the spirit formation.

It was not only Chu Feng who was able to see them; others would also be able to see them as they passed by.

They were simply too careless.

Of course, with Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques, even if they’d set up a concealment formation and a protective formation, they would still not be able to stop him from appearing before them.

“Don’t fret, I hold no malice,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“If you have no malice, then scram immediately!” the woman snarled with a cold voice. Her attitude was very fierce.

However, Chu Feng was not angered by her attitude. He had seen a lot of people like her. Besides, he was also able to understand why she was so on guard.

Although he was not angered, he decided to sit on a stone nearby.

He muttered, “Little girl, you will have to be responsible for your actions and words. What you’ve said earlier might push away a chance to save yourself.”

After hearing those words, the woman had a look of contempt. She even started to laugh mockingly.

However, that old man’s expression changed.

He discovered that Chu Feng was very calm and composed. Although he had a mediocre appearance, he was… unable to see through Chu Feng’s cultivation.

On top of that, this place was the Seven Suns Mountain Range, the place where many powers were gathered. It was a place that contained many hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

Because of that, he did not dare to act disrespectfully towards Chu Feng.

Thus, not only did he retrieve his alert gaze, but he even revealed a good-natured smile on his face.

“Mister, may I know your distinguished name?” asked the old man.

“My surname is Xiu and my name is Luo," said Chu Feng. [1. Xiu Luo means Asura.]

“So it’s actually Mister Asura,” the old man said with a smile. He was acting as if he had heard of Chu Feng’s name before.

However, that woman actually burst into laughter.

“Asura? Hah… Why don’t you add two more words to your name and call yourself Asura World Spiritist instead? Asura? In that case, I’m called Demon,” the woman laughed mockingly.

“Shenshen, don't be rude!” The old man took a glance at the woman. Then, he looked to Chu Feng, “Mister Asura, did you manage to determine something?”

“You cannot act so recklessly with that spirit formation. If you are to attempt to breach it in that manner, you will definitely be met with a mishap. With your cultivation, you will be able to live. However, she will be drawn into the spirit formation. At that time, not even you will be able to save her," said Chu Feng.

“Mister Asura, in that case, how do you think we are supposed to breach the spirit formation?” asked the old man.

“It’s actually very simple. Retrieve your world spirit techniques and do not use any martial power either. You merely need to breach it manually. Follow the sequence I am about to tell you. Push once, pull three times, push twice, pull four times, push five times, pull eight times, push nine times, pull seven times, pull once, push four times…”

In one breath, Chu Feng declared hundreds of steps. They were the sequence to breach the spirit formation.

The spirit formation the old man and the young woman were attempting to breach came from a treasure.

That treasure was filled with traps. However, if one were to follow Chu Feng’s sequence, one would not encounter any trap.

“Mister Asura, if we are to follow your sequence, it would mean that this old man alone will suffice?”

“But, that treasure clearly needs the cooperation of two people in order to obtain it no?” asked the old man.

“Did the person who told you that you need two people to cooperate to obtain the treasure tell you how to safely breach the spirit formation?” asked Chu Feng.

“That…” The old man began to ponder. Then, he walked over to the spirit formation again and pulled the woman behind him. “Shenshen, you step aside first.”

“Grandfather, you’re really listening to him?”

Seeing that the old man was really planning to listen to Chu Feng’s proposal, the young woman had a look of confusion.

However, the old man ignored the woman and began to actually breach the spirit formation around the treasure according to Chu Feng’s sequence.

Following Chu Feng’s sequence, the power of the spirit formation began to dissipate after he had only finished half of the sequence.

The dangerous aura had also disappeared.

Seeing that, the old man was immediately overjoyed. Even that woman revealed a shocked expression.

Thus, the old man continued with the sequence. When he reached the final sequence, a snap was heard, and the box-like object actually opened up.

After the box opened, a scroll was revealed.

“Success. After all these years, I’ve finally succeeded in opening it.”

“Mister Asura, truly thank y…”

“Mister Asura?”

Upon successfully opening the treasure box, the old man was overjoyed. He turned around and wanted to express his thanks to Chu Feng.

However, after turning around, he discovered that Chu Feng was nowhere to be found.

“Grandmaster, that senior from earlier was truly powerful.”

Even the woman who had looked down on Chu Feng earlier had a look of admiration and shock in her eyes. She was unable to keep herself from praising Chu Feng.

She knew very well how difficult it was to open that treasure. They had attempted many different methods throughout the years. There were even people from their sect that had ended up losing their lives attempting to open the treasure.

The reason why she and her grandfather had not setup a concealment formation whilst they attempted to breach the spirit formation around the treasure was because they were hoping that, should they fail in their attempt and the protective formation set off an enormous commotion, an expert might notice and come to their rescue.

Although they knew that it was extremely unlikely that an expert would come to their rescue, they had no other choice.

For the sake of preventing another mishap, that was all they could do.

Of course, if they had wanted to protect themselves, they could very well attempt to open the treasure in a place with a lot of people.

The reason why they did not do so was because the treasure was invaluable. They were afraid that someone might rob the treasure from them.

Otherwise, they would not be on such high alert, and reveal killing intent in their eyes when Chu Feng suddenly appeared whilst they were attempting to breach the formation.

In short, opening the treasure box was a very conflicting matter for them.

They wanted to open it, yet they were afraid of the associated dangers.

They were unwilling to refrain from attempting to open the treasure box, as they deeply desired the Immortal Technique contained within.

That said, one thing was certain -- opening the treasure box was a very dangerous and difficult thing for them.

However, such a dangerous and difficult treasure was actually easily solved following Chu Feng’s guidance.

If they hadn’t experienced it themselves, they would truly not believe that the spirit formation could be so easily undone.

That said, they’d never heard of this method, even though it seemed very simple, compared to the methods from before. Because of that, they were certain that Chu Feng was a master world spiritist.

After all, only master world spiritists that possessed extremely powerful world spirit techniques would be able to see through the method to unravel a treasure in an instant.

As for world spiritists of that caliber, they definitely wouldn't be unknown individuals.

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