Martial World (Web Novel)

Martial World (Web Novel)

Wuji Tianxia (武极天下)



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The Martial World (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Cocooned Cow. 2275 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


In the Realm of the Gods, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. After the battle it disappeared into the void. Lin Ming stumbles upon this mystery object and begins his journey to become a hero of the land.

Lin Ming, a talented man for martial arts wanted to audition for Tian Yun Wu Fu with a girl named Lan Yunyue,
She was his childhood friend since young and they both have a small crush on each other.
But on the day of audition, Lan Yunyue did not come, which left Lin Ming in curiosity.
He later found out that a guy who is rich and talented, named Zhu Yan helped Lan Yunyue.

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  • illiara Nov 27, 2020

    my second novel in this website. lets see if the rank worths the time

  • LittleBlack Nov 23, 2020

    My first story on this site. Superb story. Audio feature is amazing.

  • ivofernandezzzz Sep 18, 2020

    A historia como um todo e muito boa. E ela prende o leitor que sempre quer saber o que vai acontecer, o desivolvimente do MC e muito bom, vc ver que e bastante gradual e legal de acompanhar. POHA MAN! Ele repeti muito a mesma coisa em uma mesmo cap se vc conta o tanto de vez que aparecer o nome de um poder ou qualque que seja kkkk Ex: mesmo eu usando o xxxx não vou ganhar, pq o xxxx e muito fraco agr, mas quando o xxxx ficar mais forte eu vou ganhar, pq xxxx e a melhor abilidade que meu amigo passou para mim antes de morre, sim! vou usar o xxxx kkkkkkkkk

  • Jayson Aug 27, 2020

    A good read if you like cultivation web novels. Too much of an OP character though, and it is because of an external factor. At some point, it would seem like he didn't work hard for his powers. Most of MC's accomplishments are solely because of the Cube making things easy for him. And the cube wasn't exactly something he worked hard for or risked his life for to get.

    • Yeah i agree with you not only me MC in this novel also agree with you because he also mention so many times without this i may not come this far so no need argue about that but he did hardwork even though he had it is easy for him reach their so don't say there is no hard work

      • Most of these cultivation novel MCs have powers that they don't fully deserve tbh. Sure, they worked hard, but that only paid off because of some external factor - like some OP cultivator's spirit guiding them, or a cube in this case, or past knowledge from being reincarnated. It's like being born with a super-high IQ. Sure, hard work helps you make full use of it, but you don't "deserve" that high IQ in any way

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I really enjoyed the Story at first with a weak Lin-Ming that turns out all mighty and overpowerd, but let’s don’t lie to ourselves: THE END WAS SH***Y. I mean you read the whole novel, live with all the characters on each and every single adventure while you’re expecting a great end with incredible fights and character developpements but when you see that Lin-Ming became just invincible, you begin to ask yourself some questions, and the most important is: « Why am I reading this? What’s the point of waiting for more than 2000 chapiters just to read such ending ? ».
Also it doesn’t give the side-characters some psychological developpement but it’s a common fact in wuxias (and novels in general) so I don’t blame it for that.
But truly I was so hyped when I first began reading and became so disappointed when I finished it.
Despite all this it’s still a really good novel, one of the best wuxias I ever read even if it could be better but maybe I was expecting too much of it.


I definitely enjoyed this story and following the journey of Lin Ming to the top, my main problems would be the constant pressure on the protagonist throughout the entire story and the VERY long time it takes to read. Other than that I think it was very well written and constantly engaging without getting too repetitive. There was always something new to explore whether it was the Abyss or various other "danger" zones that Lin Ming always seemed to find his way into, the consistent cultivation system and (reasonably) balanced power scaling that had set boundaries and challenges kept it from seeming absurd like some novels where the MC seems to an absurd existence from the start. In conclusion, I enjoyed the journey through the novel where the MC worked hard for his goals and struggled his way to the top in the end.


A novel that introduced me to the cultivation world, im glad i started with it, tho i dropped it just b4 he went to the abyss
I don't like when some super strong enemies shows up, n MC just don't have time n things just fell rushed
It's a good novel, but i didn't really like it that much


I love it❤ one of the best novel I have read

But I would like to see the continuation of this novel where MC can go to other universe and save his wife


the best novel I ever read bruh....I suggested to you gaes to read this novel......dame dame dame da ne yoooo...dame da ne dame da ne tu you kuuu


Its my first novel I enjoyed it so much I loved the main character and side characters. The story was pretty enjoyable and translations are so good. Definitely give it a try you wont regret it.

The plot is extremely well-done, everything that happens has a major role in the later parts of the story. The translation and grammar is very good; roughly no mistakes can be found even in a hundred chapters. The author is very careful when it comes to adding details to the story, so the pacing of the plot is quite long. Overall, I would highly recommend this novel, if I would rate it, probably 95/100, just because the novel can become quite boring sometimes.


MT bom.
Boa história, construção legal dos personagens, protagonista fodao, bom começo e desenvolvimento. Gostei tmb do rumo que teve na continuação (TMW), o MC ficou super venerado kkk


From Aug. 8 to Aug 20_20, this such a great novel for stirring emotion, really. 4 people I pitied, Vast Universe love story for million years even after he died-Divine dream didn't even considered romance, Forsaken God Clan!(The Forgotten Self-Promise of Lin Ming), Jia-ner_he comes back after 7k years and tell her a few words fight then went missing for 2k years comes back and fight and went another seclusion for around 9900 years comes back and fight thus went in seclusion to find clue for Sheng Mei, like she sacrifice even her clan for you but the attention she gets is worst than what she deserves. Finally, Sheng Mei, born as slaughter god-die as a war memorial-be reborn as ice-cold loner with multi-personalities required for grand reincarnation art then to be known as her sole purpose is to die as a tool to ignite a war-there's no fate worst than her, when she found happiness-she lost it at the end(MSO)or(TMG)...

I anticipating 2nd Season for new adventurers especially when I noticed that its about the Amethyst Crystal Divine Tool-Essence... what happened about Sheng Mei? Her love story is cut off and that really sucks! But that means new story is born and I'm waiting for it or rather, going to read it after a long reading break...

Throughout the entire journey, reading comments and etc.. Ups and down, from dead to glory, from an ant shouldering the world to being the planet shouldering people, Lin Ming had amazed us all! The unlucky of all people is still Lan Yunyue(you may misjudged her as I do, you may hate her but all she did was perfectly alligned, I want to defend her actually because the comments she receives are too heartbreaking, as a youth of age 15. Who dont wish for fame, riches and glory? Undying age, immortality? As the world they resigned already explained the problem but the problem is not her but the world they resigned in. Like when I judge her then found out that its foolish of me as a reader to think of her narrowly, every line she spoke contains worry about MC, every action she take is for her glory and I remember "Even though its her choice, it couldn't make her happy" because she take the peak road of martial path wrongly) I literally set my foot in her shoes and when I judge again, damn that hurts!

Ok enough feeling each character, world building-good, arcs like the Yellow River-Holy Continent Abyss(THRILLING for me at least), from punching a divine tree with 850 jins of strength to obtaining 100 dragons of strength. Philosophy talks-very enlightening and inspiring (Mount Potala, I remember you). Romance-At first I thought he doesn't concern himself with this stuff but yeah... counted by 2 hands the words he said to her lovers because he is cultivating addict. 4th novel that I've read so far, if you want to be smart, be a deboner so your perception will be higher! See yall second season and happy reading!


Loved it, From a worker to SOVEREIGN a wonderful journey.
This was the first novel I finished at this website and believe me or not I finished it in 2 weeks.
I can say this with full assurance that this novel is second only to NSHBA


Firstly, let me just say, this is an extremely high-quality translation. It is very rare to find any sort of error in spelling or grammar. Everything reads super smoothly, and I would believe it if you told me this was originally written in English. Now in terms of content, I think Martial World is amazing for pure entertainment value. There is enough content here to keep you reading at full speed for at least 2-3 weeks straight. It reads like an epic story where you are experiencing the rise of a legendary character in history, and since Lin Ming is always fighting or striving to improve himself, the story only slows down enough to get boring a few times. Because of the legendary nature of the story, Lin Ming does have some pretty significant plot armor and unbelievable fights that ultimately gets chalked up to "destiny." However, I would say that each individual instance of Lin Ming narrowly escaping, surviving, or powering up was not unbelievable as these events were very possible due to the groundwork laid by the author, but the overall sum of his experiences should have been impossible. Even so, given that the story is basically a legend, it's understandable for Lin Ming's experience to essentially be unbelievable. Furthermore, because the story is focused on Lin Ming's ascent to the top, character work mostly takes a back seat. Other than Lin Ming, nobody else really gets any attention, and Lin Ming himself isn't a very deep character. That's not to say that the character work is bad. Characters are all for the most part believable and experience reasonable growth. Lin Ming is an entertaining character that is easy to read and thankfully was not written as one of those horribly annoying naive protagonists. It's just that character work isn't the main focus here. if you are looking for a novel with interesting characters and experiences that will leave a profound impression on your thoughts or worldview then this probably isn't for you. We don't see much of the characters' inner thoughts and feelings, and the story is overall fairly good-natured, so there's not too much room to look into the human condition. Ultimately, I think this book is similar to watching a superhero movie. It's fun to watch the story unfold and it is well told, but it's not something that will challenge your perspective. If you want to pick up something fun to read, I would highly reccomend this!


One of my all-time favorite wuxia novels, only second to NSHBA: Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. Each and every chapter was like diving into the 33 heavens of the Martial World universe. The story couldn't have been told better. I loved it.


This is the first ever novel i read and I LOVED it absolute gold one of the best wuxia / xianxia novels ever. This is as good as it can get. All you need from a wuxia novel


It is the one of the best novel that I have ever read.
The plot is amazing as well as keeps the reader in suspense and hopeful for next climax.
Protagonist Ling Ming growth has been shown in very interesting manner.
Hopeful For More Amazing novels from Cocooned Cow!!!


One of the best novels. The plot is very interesting and suspenseful.
Protagonist character and cultivation is detailed and has a very interesting vibe to it. All the different arcs are all distinct and focus on different aspect making it very fun to read without getting bored.