Chapter 96: What was that?

The amount of viewers interested in learning about Fortnite was only increasing, if it wasn't for the system helping to support the amount of people connecting to the Twitch server so that the livestreams didn't disconnect, the server would never handle it.

But while most livestreams were focusing on new features like game skins, there was one livestream that had a different screen.

It was a player with the standard Skin, but using some accessories that no other player had, or rather, just one other player had.

This Streamer wasn't too interested in seeing what new clothes he could buy, and was more focused on re-experiencing the Battle Royale feel.

In order to join the Battle Royale queue, the player had to go to a bus terminal in the city, or use its transparent menu to transport him into one of the buses directly.

Sitting inside the bus, there was a player with a golden crown and glowing eyes, just like Tony Stark, that player was StagDragon, the Streamer who sold the invitation so that Tony could play.

Right now he was looking around while talking to his livestream chat.

"I figured there would be more people here…" Stag commented as he looked around. "Since the game is focused on this battle, I figured people would be more interested in playing the battle mode?"

[It seems like there are a lot of players, but most of them found something interesting along the way and decided to stop and see…]

[Apparently the only people who ever made it to the bus were the players who weren't curious to see the other news and used the menu to teleport there.]

Stag nodded his head at that comment, as that was also the theory he believed in.

After two minutes he was on the bus, the last players entered, it was a couple, a man with white hair and red eyes accompanied by a girl with white hair and brown eyes. Despite the difference in eye color, the closeness they were in addition to the matching hair made it clear to others that they were a couple.

[Rogue] was the girl's nick and [A] was the boy's nick.

Seeing that single-digit nick, viewers were shocked, as they knew there were only 33 even if the numbers were considered. What they didn't know is that this wasn't possible, as Alex didn't allow other players with nicknames with less than three digits, but he didn't make that clear, he just put a message saying that those nicknames had already been chosen, so the players just thought they didn't know the other players with single digit nicknames.

[Look, that girl is all happy because that boy is holding her hand… how jealous!]

[I also wanted a girlfriend…]

[My girlfriend would punch me if I held her hand in public…]


[Because she doesn't know that in my head I'm her boyfriend lol]

Stag saw the comments of the players on the livestream and had to control himself not to laugh, the reaction of these people was very funny, that's why he liked to do livestream, since even though he is a solitary player, he would have company with people from chat.

But seeing the Ender Dragon cover on this couple's back, he knew that these were veteran players, so he became even more serious and excited to play since he could compete with these experienced people.


The noise of the bus's turbine started, causing the players sitting there to get excited and look out.

Despite being in different lobbies, upon entering the bus station players would be automatically sorted to find fair play.

So in just 5 seconds, with a very powerful G-force, the players glued themselves to the bench and started flying over the island where they were going to do battle.

Some players were smiling excitedly, other players were a little scared, but only one person on that bus had a different look.

Player [A] was looking at the other players curiously, as he wanted to see if these players noticed that there were also bots on the bus.

Apparently he did a good job, as apparently no one suspected that 70% of the "players" on that bus were bots he made, after all, he wanted even a bad player to be able to eliminate someone before finding another player and dying, so the number actual number of players here was only 30.

Looking at the smiling [Rogue] holding his hand, [A] just looked around smiling and deactivated his ADM powers, so he was just an ordinary player, who was experiencing the game for the first time.

Of course, he could activate the ADM powers at any time if he needed to, but this way he felt more normal when playing.

Obviously [A] is Alex and [Rogue] is Anna, who met a few minutes ago and came talking to the bus station.

Anna was a little shy when she saw Alex, mainly because of her hair color, which she soon regretted leaving white when she realized how embarrassing it was to wear it in front of Alex, until he finally took her hand and gave her a hug very tight.

Imagining this moment for so long, Anna froze as she felt Alex's strong hand squeezing her around the waist, but she was soon happy and returned the hug, leaving her nervousness aside.

Now that they were on the flying bus, Alex looked at Anna beside him and asked. "Where do you want to jump?"

Anna was confused and looked around, being shocked that they were already flying over the island and she hadn't even noticed it, so she just thought a bit and marked a small mountain with 3 houses.

"Could it be over there?" She asked a little unsure.

Alex just smiled and nodded.

"Okay, let's go!"

Stag was excited, he had just jumped off the bus and had already killed two players by himself!

He had been paired with another player, but the player didn't jump at the same time as him and they didn't land too close together. Upon seeing this he thought he would die very quickly, but who would have thought that he alone could kill a double?!

And what surprised him even more was that when he killed these two other players, his livestream viewership started to go up.

Both because of his unique appearance due to the prizes he received in the tournament, and because some viewers sent the link to this livestream to friends after Stag killed both players.

Excited to see the numbers soaring, Stag threw caution to the wind and started rushing like a maniac.

As if to answer his requests, every few minutes he found a pair and managed to eliminate the players with increasingly beautiful moves.

Alone he had already killed 8 people, which he didn't even think would be possible!

[Wow, that's why he won the tournament!]

[Damn, I hope I can play this well when I play Fortnite.]

[I'm calling my friends to see, you're looking like a pro playing, Stag!]

These comments only served to make Stag even more excited, thinking that he was unbeatable and that he could kill every player that appeared in front of him until he became the champion of this game.

With each elimination he made, Stag felt less and less the need to build, so he just ignored it as he ran towards his partner.


Suddenly, when Stag was near where his partner was marked on the map, he saw that his life bar was empty.

"He died?" Stag was surprised, but the confidence he gained on the way here made him think it was no big deal.

Knowing that the enemy would try to take his dead partner's items, Stag ran towards the direction with his gun in hand ready to kill that player just like he did earlier.

Arriving at his partner's last stop, Stag saw the couple who caught his eye on the bus.

[A] e [Rogue].

Hearing Stag's noise, [A] looked at him and in a split second he switched the weapon that was in his hand and took the Magic Blueprint, using wood to build a wall to protect both him and [Rogue] who was taking it the items on the floor without noticing anything.

Stag was surprised, as [A] was the first player he saw using the building so well, and when he saw the speed at which [A] built a 2-story building, Stag froze.

When he managed to get the Magic Blueprint from his inventory, [A] was already holding a Sniper and pointing at him.


Stag heard the same noise that killed his partner before he felt his body grow weak and disappear, leaving only his ghost in its place.

Stag: What was that?????????????

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Chapter 96: What was that?
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