Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor's Wild Beast-Tamer Empress

Chapter 658 Face-To-Face Confrontation Reveals the Truth

“Did you hear what he said? This guy claims to be Yan Jiu. Ha ha, this must be the funniest joke I have ever heard. How can the owner of the Underground Palace come to the City of Mercenaries and serve as a soldier? No one would talk big like this. If I were you, I would shut my mouth and let the woman get due punishment.” Jiao Chong was dazed for a moment and then immediately burst out into laughter.

Soon Jiao Chong found that he was the only one laughing out loudly.

Even Chief Song was in awkward silence.

At this very moment, Chief Song desired to help Jiao Chong zip up his stupid mouth.

“Jiao Chong, it is you that should have shut up. I have witnessed what happened at Shangyue Restaurant. The provoker was the Greedy Wolf and the hand of your buddy was broken by me.” Dao Ge stepped out then.

“Dao Ge, how come you are injured? Why isn’t Jingyun with you? She has gone to look for you.” Having heard Dao Ge’s words, Chief Song instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

He was sophisticated enough to sense that the members of the Greedy Wolf were telling a lie.

Earlier, Song Jingyun’s implicit statement showed that there might be an affair between Lan Cai’er and Dao Ge. At the very beginning, Chief Song had planned to accept the wrong accusation for his daughter’s sake.

Never did he expect that the two leaders of the Underground Palace would stand up for the girl.

“Uncle Song, Jingyun... Actually, I have something to tell you. I need to annul my engagement to Jingyun.” Dao Ge took a look at Lan Cai’er and said in a low voice.

Recalling what happened that night, Lan Cai’er was still somewhat annoyed with Dao Ge.

But her annoyance changed into astonishment when she heard that Dao Ge was going to annul the engagement.

There were so many people present and they were all in shock.

Chief Song showed a sullen look.

“Dao Ge, what do you mean? All is because of her?” Chief Song flushed with anger and questioned Dao Ge while pointing at Lan Cai’er.

“Uncle Song, this has nothing to do with anyone else. It’s my fault and I will make an apology to you and Jingyun in person.” Dao Ge kept a low voice.

“Father, don’t believe him. Lan Cai’er is a slut and she has seduced Dao Ge. Dao Ge is only distorting the truth to help her. The killer was Lan Cai’er for sure. Moreover, she has stooped so low as to sleep with Yan Jiu in exchange for his help. Yan Jiu helped her kill Song Cheng, those missing female soldiers and a lot more members of our Alliance.” Song Jingyun walked in and lashed out at Lan Cai’er.

“Is it true? Yan Jiu, how dare you? Do you really believe that we are afraid of your Underground Palace?”

Chief Song’s beloved daughter showed an aggrieved look and Dao Ge was trying his best to help Lan Cai’er. All these put Chief Song in a rage.

“Jingyun, what are you talking about? I know that you hate me for annulling our engagement. But my decision has nothing to do with Lan Cai’er. I love her but she doesn’t love me.” Dao Ge was in great pain.

Lan Cai’er was given another shock.

Dao Ge said that he loved her?

Yan Jiu killed those female soldiers?

But those girls were actually killed by her. Then what was the matter with the man called Song Cheng?

Instantly, Lan Cai’er was thrown into confusion.

“Yan Jiu, do you conceal something from me?”

She tugged at Yan Jiu’s clothes and whispered. The latter gave a reassuring smile.

“Good girl, let me get rid of those annoying flies first. I will explain clearly to you when we get back to our room at night.”

Lan Cai’er knew what he wanted to do at night but could not lose her temper in front of so many people. So she could only give Yan Jiu’s waist a hard pinch.

“Yes, I have killed them, but as for the reason, you need to ask Miss Song.” Yan Jiu snorted and his voice even showed some complacency.

Right after his snort, several Yan guards appeared out of nowhere together with the three sisters of the Xia family.

“Chief Song, Miss Song, please help us. I did nothing but telling Miss Song that Dao Ge and Lan Cai’er secretly met each other.” Xia Meng met those Yan guards when carrying out a task. Only then did she know that Sha was Yan Jiu.

Gosh! Never did she expect to offend the Underground Palace.

“Xia Meng, you’d better think it over.” Song Jingyun glared at Xia Meng.

All of a sudden, Xia Meng went mute with fear.

“Xia Meng, you do need to think it over. Otherwise, your two sisters will end up in suffering.”

Yan Jiu winked at those Yan guards and then one of them cut off Xia Qing’s ear with one movement.

Xia Qing gave shrill cries and Xia Meng had a chill down her spine.

“Yan Jiu, you’re going too far!” Chief Song was brimming with anger. Although he awed the power of the Underground Palace, but he could not stand it when Yan Jiu overtly committed violence in front of him.

“Chief Song, I call you like this in a gesture of politeness. Even if a rabbit is driven into a corner, it will resort to desperate measures, let alone me. I think you are clearer than me about how you secured today’s position.”

Yan Jiu’s laugh made Chief Song go stiff.

The Underground Palace had set up intelligence agencies in every state.

The Palace knew a great many secrets of other forces and organizations.

If those secrets were leaked out, the whole Continent would be astonished.

In order to secure his position, Chief Song killed a bosom buddy of the same mercenary legion and the latter’s children. Moreover, he forced a good friend’s wife to be his concubine and drove her crazy.

He always believed that no one knew about his past. Unexpectedly, the Underground Palace was even clear about all these.

Chief Song looked unnatural when he tried to hold back his temper.

When he was hesitating about how to react, Xia Meng was already frightened out of her wits when seeing the misery of her sister.

Her body kept trembling violently.

“I will tell you everything I know. I told Miss Song that Lan Cai’er tried to seduce Dao Ge. She put on an unconcerned look but then instigated me to find the admirers of Yan Jiu in the City. Those women, having been incited by Song Cheng, set traps on Lan Cai’er’s way. Lan Cai’er detected the traps. Those women fell in and died instead.” Xia Meng did not know the truth until she returned to the City of Mercenaries. Only then did she realize she was also part of Song Jingyun’s plan.

“Xia Meng, you’re throwing mud at me. I did not give Song Cheng any order.” Song Jingyun’s scheme had been exposed to the public. Now she found Dao Ge looking at her in disbelief.

Flushing with anger and annoyance, she was stepping forward to teach Xia Meng a good lesson.

But the Yan guards stopped her.

“Seems that Miss Song still refuses to admit the wrongdoing. Then I will present you with another crucial witness. Let’s see what he will say.” Yan Jiu waved his arms and then a man was dragged in by the Yan guards.

The man was Song Cheng who should have already died.

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