Miracle Throne

Miracle Throne

Chapter 627: Preparations

This auction was a cooperation with the six empire level powers, therefore there was no avoiding frequent interactions. Letting Meng Qingwu mediate this was most appropriate.

The empires steeled their hearts to make this profit.

Why didn’t Miracle Commerce earn a free amount by just tagging along?

Actually source stones was secondary for them, Miracle Commerce wanted to use this chance to expand the coverage of the Miracle Shopping Center. Although they could establish complete Miracle Shopping Centers with time, they could set up temporary locations in the main cities of the empires with their assistance. This temporary site because of logistics and other reasons, they couldn’t open a shopping and online shopping platform, but it was enough for them to use for the helmet auction.

This was because pure communications wasn’t hard for Miracle Commerce. The Heaven’s Net airships were used to set up a communication network and normal ships had giant coverage areas. Miracle Commerce could already mass produce Heaven’s Net airships, therefore they could quickly set up the communication network in the empire’s main areas first.

Three million helmets, the same base price of twenty source stones, and it was being sold with free bidding!

It was unknown how many times bigger the average price will be this time, but it will definitely be much more than Miracle Commerce’s sale last time. On one hand, this was because they were selling to richer locals this time. On the other hand, after the previous auction, the Miracle Helmets were discussed all over the continent, giving them much more attention compared to before.

Not to mention the Miracle Continent would open soon.

This was an important factor driving people to bid.

This was because with Miracle Commerce’s development, the forces that entered the Miracle Continent earlier would be able to seize more chances to develop in this virtual world. The Miracle Continent would be the home of the minds of all the people on the continent, this was something that couldn’t be valued. Giving several hundred thousand extra source stones was not worth mentioning!

Chu Tian’s work was also very important. He brought Yingying and Jin Luo to the elevator and rode down to the underground gnome research laboratory.

Chu Tian remembered his first time visiting the laboratory, most of it had been shut down temporarily because of a lack of funding. At that time, the basic maintenance cost of the laboratory was several tens of thousands of source stones. Now, the underground laboratory was not just fully functioning, the scale had more than doubled. It took in tens of thousands of source stones each month and this number kept increasing.

There was a giant energy shield around the center of the laboratory.

This energy shield was powered by the entire Miracle City energy system. Unless the attackers could surpass the limit of the Miracle City energy system, they could not break this shield. Even if it was an emperor, they could only break it if they had more than half a day.

“This is the terminal spiritual connection!” Meng Yingying already knew that Miracle City had something like this, but it was still her first time seeing it. She asked Chu Tian, “This thing can really connect the minds of all the people on the continent?”

Chu Tian snappily said, “Do you know how many source stones Miracle Commerce invested in building this? There are several hundred thousand helmets distributed and adding in the three million, there are less than five million. If even this bit of minds couldn’t connect, what significance would the Miracle Continent have?”

They walked through the barrier.

Meng Yingying felt a giant store of spiritual energy in front of her and she was very shocked to see what it was. There was a giant crystal ball there that had an astonishing volume, having a diameter of over two hundred meters.

What was the most shocking was that this crystal ball released spiritual energy, which also meant that this crystal ball with a diameter of two hundred meters was actually a high intensity spiritual crystal. How much spiritual energy material was used to create this Just the value of this crystal ball was over a hundred million!

This incomparably large crystal ball was filled with equipment and there were over a thousand gnomes maintaining it. Other than that, there was a second crystal ball that was prepared in this place.

“Sir City Lord.” The gnome leader clark came over and said, “The first Mother Spiritual Ball has been tested without any issues. It can hold the minds of at least thirty million people and it can reach fifty million if it is overloaded. We are currently constructing the second Mother Spiritual Ball and I estimate it’ll be done in a month.”

Chu Tian nodded and said, “Go faster, the more Mother Spiritual Balls, the better. Although there isn’t a requirement currently, the Miracle Helmets will explode in six months. We will receive a large test and challenge in various aspects.”

“Yes, sir City Lord.”

“I’ll inspect it first.”

The entire continent knew now that Miracle City was prepared to open the Miracle Continent, so if something went wrong at the most critical moment, the one embarrassed wouldn’t be just the company, Chu Tian would also lose all face.

Meng Yingying looked up at the giant crystal ball and said in astonishment, “Such a large piece of spiritual crystal, how much wealth did it take for this? What kind of principle is it running on?”

“This is the Mother Spiritual Ball, it contains a powerful spiritual energy. Actually it is the generator for the spiritual world, our Miracle Continent was made inside it. Moreover, it is the spiritual connection that will let each Miracle Helmet user across the continent connect to it, allowing them to enter the Miracle Continent.” Chu Tian used his Divine Sense to scan the Mother Spiritual Ball while he continued to explain, “Other than this terminal system, we also have the Smart Brain matrix system and the launch system.”

The matrix system was composed of a large amount of super Smart Brains.

These super Smart Brains were distributed throughout Miracle City because the Miracle Continent’s changes, orders, and laws all needed to be stabilized. This had a high requirement in terms of data analyzed, so it wasn’t enough if they didn’t have enough powerful Smart Brains.

The launch system was formed by a large amount of Launch Towers.

Although spiritual energy was different from other kinds of energy and wouldn’t weaken even if it was transferred from afar, it could be disrupted if it met a powerful spiritual energy array. To avoid this kind of situation happening, Miracle City increased their spiritual signal receiving ability, guaranteeing that they could cover the entire continent without any difference.

Chu Tian finished inspecting it.

There were no major problems at all.

But he still pointed out a few small defects.

Meng Yingying was filled with expectation as she looked at the giant Mother Spiritual Ball, “I really want to see the Miracle Continent sooner. Our Miracle Commerce has created a world, that is even more powerful than a Spiritual God!”

Chu Tian took his fiancee’s hand with a smile, “What are you in a rush for? You’ll receive a pleasant surprise when the time comes!”

While Chu Tian was making his final inspection and preparations for his wedding on the Miracle Continent, the Miracle Shopping Center had already exploded.

Chu Tian used over a day to specially build and maintain the Mother Spiritual Ball before he left the underground laboratory. He returned to the surface to personally prepare his wedding.

This was also when the new round of auctions had officially begun.

Meng Qingwu used a Smart Brain to calculate the data for the first day. There was a total of nineteen million one hundred and thirty thousand people who participated and there were a total of over eighty nine million and six hundred thousand bids. When this data was announced, everyone was shocked.

The first day of this round of bidding hadn’t even concluded yet and temporary locations in the key areas of the empires hadn’t been constructed yet, but various parts of the data had already far surpassed the previous three days total. It could be imagined just how popular the Miracle Helmets were from this.

The Miracle Helmet was not just a practical helmet, it could be used to show off one’s status. This was a symbol of power and wealth.

Meng Qingwu aimed for people’s hearts. Therefore she specially announced that before the Miracle Continent opened, the helmets sold would be special commemorative helmets that would be different from future helmets.

All those that surpassed the premium price by three times would receive a special souvenir product.

Those that ranked in the top 10% would all receive a special mark to show their status.

Those that ranked in the top 1% would have the right to use special materials to customize the design and quality of their helmet.

These things didn’t require much investment from Miracle Commerce, but the results it yielded was very shocking. When the first day of the auction ended and the data was received, the staff members of Miracle Commerce were dumbfounded.

The first place had bid two million source stones!

All the lowest ranks for the three million helmets were over two hundred!

This data was more than double that from the first auction!

When Meng Qingwu sent this data to the rulers, the rulers were also stunned. It wouldn’t be strange if this data came on the last day, but for the first day to be like this, this was just too shocking. It already far surpassed their expectations.

They couldn’t help feeling expectant.

Just what kind of astonishing data would this auction bring?
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