Monster Integration

Monster Integration



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The Monster Integration novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Romance, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author AnWan. 1089 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


In the world where Humans and Monster's form a bond and fight together, the world where both Evolve together to get stronger.

Walk with Micheal as he starts his adventures with his Silver Sparrow, overcomes countless obstacle and adversaries to fulfill his greatest Dreams.

The initial and new chapters getting edited everyday.

Release Rate: 14 Ch/Week+

The cover is not mine. I couldn't track down the original creator but if the creator is out there, message me if you want me to take it down or give credit

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19 days ago

This is honestly one of my favourite web novels ever... seriously I have hundreds tons and tons of web novels but this one is honestly still really good. You know that anime, movie or novel that you really enjoy no matter its flaws. Well, this is one of mine. The grammar and typos all could really be cleaned up but dang, this is a heck of a good story. And I love the mc cause you can actually relate to him and you would probably do the same thing he does if you were in his position. The system of power couldbe a bit confusing at first but once you continue reading it makes sense and is alot of fun to read. So give it a try, you may not connect or like it as I do but its still a worth it try. :)

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20 days ago

So far... The way this was written is actual garbage... At least the beginning is. And I don't mean the story its self, It's pretty good. But who ever typed this was probably a child or something. Or whatever school they went to didn't teach them how to properly use punctuation, how to layer their dialogue, nothin. This completely lacks any sense of professionalism. I suggest they find someone to fix it. Or it probably changes later on, Idk. I just know that if it stays like this for the whole 1000+ chapters. No of it stays like this for even 100+ chapters. I'm just gonna have to scrap it. Which is a shame, because the story is truly interesting. But whoever typed it just ruined it for me.

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