Monster Integration (Web Novel)
Chapter 3676: Escape

'The bastard isn't willing to let go,' I thought.

It had been seven hours since I had hidden in the abode, and he was still searching for me. He had narrowed down a swath of area and searched for every nook and cranny of it.

He had even taken out an artifact to sense the spatial devices.

Thankfully, it didn't work on my abode, or he needed to be closer than the hundred and twelve meters he had been two and half hours ago.

I looked at the data for several seconds, before turning on the work I had been doing with my clone, while every minute I would send the soul waves. I need to keep track of the bastard.

Until then, I am passing the time working.

I am working with my clone, forging some things to test the Khel's Chime and I have to say, it is an amazing artifact.

We are forging things, and it is helping us a tremendous, far more than a song of sar, which had gone back to my alchemist clone.

A few more hours passed, and I looked at the blue plate. It is from darhis ore, that I had just refined. It is really hard to do it with my skills and I didn't think, I could refine it to such a degree, but I did, and it is amazing.

"It is really good," I said, looking at the thing I had refined.

I had put the plate down and turned to Khel's Chime. "You are going to help me a lot," I said to it, before walking away.

I checked the state of the bastard, it had disappeared. For over an hour, my soul waves could not find it. It had disappeared throughout the hours, but for a few minutes and I would always find him, as long as I widened the range of my soul sense.

Now, even with increased range, I wasn't able to find him.

It is like, he had disappeared. No, he hadn't disappeared. Either he is dead, or he is out of my range. He might have got tired and left, chances of that happening are high as when I had last sensed him, he was above me and ascending.

I wanted to go out, but I shook my head. It might be hiding out of my range.

I will wait till even someone like him grows tired of waiting and leaves. It is hard to wait for the enemy, where there is danger on every side.

I went to the library and began to work on my homework.

My concentration hadn't returned, but now I am focusing better than before. As I had said, such problems aren't solved immediately; they take time.

A few more hours passed, when I opened my eyes and cooked myself dinner. I ate dinner, before sleeping for five years.

"It is time," I said as I came out of the shower after practicing the method.

It is not even properly twenty-four hours since I had hit here, but I couldn't afford to hide anymore. I have to get out of this place and go to new places.

Hiding here wouldn't benefit me at all.

So, I took a deep breath and walked out of my abode before starting to walk above.

I had used the way I had come, but many times, I needed to change the route. The broken runes would have blocked that way, and sometimes, there wouldn't be a way there, thanks to the explosion.

A few hours passed, and I had reached the top when I had finally sensed the bastard.

He is waiting outside, with his soul sense scanning the huge mouth every few seconds. Seeing that, a smile couldn't help, but appear on my face.

The bastard, want the Khel's Chime desperately.

I wouldn't blame him; the thing is too amazing to not want it, but it is not going to get it, because I am going to leave through the mouth it is watching like a hawk.

While the mouth is the main way, there are a few others that had been discovered by my soul waves when I first time came here. Some would lead me into the middle mountain, while others toward the base.

They are dangerous, but everything here is dangerous.

I changed my course and forty minutes later; I reached the mouth of the way, that will leave near the base of the mountain.

I had sent long soul waves and mapped the tunnel.

After a moment of hesitation, I had entered inside. This place is going to be extra dangerous because, inside the mountain, there is only one. If I come across the danger in one direction, I could only run to the opposite side.

It is still better than getting discovered by the Sky Sovereign, as then, my end wouldn't be good.

A few minutes passed, and I stopped coming across a wall of broken formation, with only enough space for a normal person to pass through.

Usually, I avoided such narrow ways, but I gritted my teeth and passed through them. Heaving a sigh of relief, a moment later when I got to the safety of the other side.

For the next few minutes, I came across many such dangers and also found a few interesting things that made me feel a little better about taking this road.

They are good enough. I had spent a few minutes taking them out of the dangerous places.

Times passed, and I reached the end of the tunnel, which was blocked by stones and dirt.

I will have to remove them and the job going to take some time as there are some formations in between. I didn't waste any time and began removing the stones and the dirt.

It took me nearly two hours, but I did it. Now, there was a light on the side, and I walked toward it.

"Out!" I said, a little too loudly, but I didn't care. I had got out without getting discovered by the Sky Sovereign.

Chapter 3676: Escape
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