Monster Paradise
Chapter 1742: Dongxuan City

Dongxuan City was located within the Eastern Eight Zone of the universe.

To be exact, Dongxuan City was not a city, but a conglomerate of hundreds of great worlds.

The master of the "city" was given the title of Sovereign Xuan in the universe. He was a supreme powerhouse who had surpassed dao-level, as well as one of Royal's Three Sovereigns.

Dongxuan City was the projection of Sovereign Xuan's Kingdom in the universe.

Instead of calling it a projection, it was actually the concretization of its material form. It bore no differences with the real great world.

It was the divine ability that a powerhouse who had surpassed dao-level possessed. Even though it was just the projection of the Kingdom, it could interfere with the material realm directly.

Lin Huang was shocked when he first heard of Dongxuan City's origin.

He could not tell that anything in this "city" was fake.

Everything looked completely real even when he scanned his surroundings with Divine Telekinesis.

In a mansion in Dongxuan City, Lin Huang met up with Liu Fu again in a small lounge.

"To be honest, I thought you were blowing us off." That was the first thing Liu Fu said when he saw Lin Huang. "The mystic territory will open tomorrow and you only arrived in the universe today. Why didn't you come a few days earlier to prepare ahead?"

"I'm all set," Lin Huang said while smiling. "On the other hand, are you going or not? You should've made up your mind by now?"

"I am!" This time, Liu Fu nodded without hesitation.

"You agreed to it? What changed your mind?" Lin Huang asked with a smile.

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"I really didn't want to go initially. After all, I've only just been elevated to dao-level not too long ago. Moreover, there will be major dao-level powerhouses partaking in the exploration this time. It's too dangerous," Liu Fu explained while smiling, "However, perhaps Sovereign Xuan found out that there were too few people who would be participating in the exploration, so he sent out a notice yesterday. Everyone who joined the exploration this time will be exempted from the profit sharing rules. Everything we obtain from the exploration, no matter what it is, will belong to us. There's no need to give a cut to Royal."

"Sovereign Xuan even posted a news article on a social media platform, stating that since the rules of mystic territory exploration are set, everyone should follow them. If there are major dao-level powerhouses attacking minor dao-level powerhouses or dao-level powerhouses attacking Lords, Royal will get to the bottom of it!"

"He's clearly talking about the mystic territory that we're exploring this time around."

"Does it actually make a difference if he posts something like that on the internet?" Lin Huang thought that such a measure would not be effective.

"At least he has indicated his stance, which will be a deterrent to some people," Liu Fu said while smiling, "After all, he's a supreme powerhouse above dao-level."

"When powerhouses who are experts in space-time or dream rules thoroughly investigate things, almost no one can escape it."

Lin Huang secretly jolted slightly when he heard those words.

In that case, he had to be extra careful in the mystic territory. He had to try his best not to expose his true ability.

However, he could not help but ask in a testing manner, "Although that's the case, under normal circumstances, it's probably impossible for powerhouses like Sovereign Xuan to go that far for a mere exploration member, right?"

"Under normal circumstances, he definitely won't. However, he has made an announcement this time. If someone's death is rather suspicious, there's a high chance that he'll investigate. However, I think the possibility of Sovereign Xuan joining the exploration himself is low," Liu Fu voiced his speculations.

"Alright, let's not talk about this matter. Sovereign Xuan might hear the things that we're saying." Liu Fu changed the subject quickly.

"What?" Lin Huang was stunned to hear that.

"This is Dongxuan City. Although it's only the projection of Sovereign Xuan's Kingdom, to him, it's not that different from us actually being inside his Kingdom…" Liu Fu gave Lin Huang a signal.

Lin Huang instantly realized that the projection of this Kingdom actually had the same characteristics of the real Kingdom.

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Just like in his Kingdom, he would be able to discover anything that was happening instantly, including everyone's chatter inside his Kingdom.

As long as he wanted to, he could hear them. It depended on whether he wanted to hear what they were saying or not.

For Sovereign Xuan, it seemed that his Kingdom's projection came with such a characteristic as well.

Therefore, Lin Huang knew that he had to be careful when he spoke within Dongxuan City. Especially topics regarding Sovereign Xuan, he would avoid discussing them as much as possible.

"Are you completely ready? I don't suppose your great world has spiritual treasures?" Liu Fu asked again.

"I have God Weapons that have transformed into spiritual treasures." In reality, Lin Huang did not tell the truth. His God Weapons were no longer spiritual treasures of the universe, but had transformed into higher grade items, which were precious treasures of the universe.

He had only found out that his God Weapons had transformed into a level surpassing spiritual treasures of the universe, into precious treasures, when he absorbed a massive amount of Origin Energy fragments in the virtual realm while obtaining the memory inheritances.

If spiritual treasures were the equipment of minor dao-level powerhouses, then precious treasures were the equipment used by major dao-level powerhouses.

Precious treasure-grade equipment could totally harm major dao-level powerhouses.

However, Lin Huang could only hide that from Liu Fu, telling him that his God Weapons were now spiritual treasures.

"You're really something…" Liu Fu could not help but give him a thumbs up. Naturally, he knew how difficult the conditions were to fulfil for God Weapons to evolve. "To be able to evolve them into spiritual treasures, I suppose you've planted the God Weapons into your body before you got to virtual god-level?"

"Something like that." Lin Huang nodded.

"If you knew that you could elevate to dao-level, you would've planted a couple more, right?" Liu Fu teased while smiling.

"That's right. Four is indeed too little. I think I could've gotten wings, gloves and shoes. At least seven or eight of them." Lin Huang nodded to indicate his agreement.

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"You have four God Weapons that have transformed into spiritual treasures?!" Liu Fu widened his eyes. He thought that Lin Huang only had one.

After all, God Weapons were completely useless to high-level cultivators. The reason being was that they could only transform according to the cultivators' level. However, to low-level cultivators, they were expensive luxuries.

In the universe, a God Weapon's seed had the price that was comparable with heavenly god-level god sequence relics.

Not many organizations and families would purchase such luxurious things and plant them into a junior whose combat strength was lower than virtual god-level.

The reason was that, as soon as the item was planted, it would bond with the cultivator and could not be sold. Moreover, no matter how high the junior's talent and potential was, nobody could be sure that he would elevate above heavenly god-level in the future.

After all, there were many talents and geniuses dying throughout their journeys of cultivation. Not only that, nobody could tell if the person was a legitimate genius or not before elevating to virtual god-level.

Those clans with powerful bloodlines would not need God Weapons.

Many of the juniors were born at true god-level or even heavenly god-level. They would not need God Weapons at all.

To Liu Fu, Lin Huang planting four God Weapons into his body at once was a complete waste of money.

He was a little envious as well. After all, he had only obtained two spiritual treasures, one weapon and one armor.

However, he knew that he did not need God Weapons because he was born a True God.

Even if he planted God Weapons in his body when he was born, they would only transform into low-grade Dao Weapons, which were completely meaningless.

"Do you have a communication ring for the universe?" Liu Fu asked again after calming himself down.

"I don't have one, but there's no rush. I'll buy one after we get out of the mystic territory." Lin Huang had indeed forgotten about that. However, he did not think that it was an important matter as there was no signal in the mystic territory.

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"Rather than that, there's actually something that I urgently need a solution for." Lin Huang looked at Liu Fu. "I brought a bunch of subordinates along to join the exploration into the mystic territory this time…"

Monster Paradise Chapter 1742: Dongxuan City
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