Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 1290: There Was Such a Being That Doted on His Wife!

Chapter 1290: There Was Such a Being That Doted on His Wife!

Very quickly, Lu Jinnan finished reading the pile of documents and signed them. His assistant immediately carried those away and brought in more documents.

Bai Xiaonian leaned against the sofa and lowered her phone volume as she watched an idol drama.

Perhaps because she was getting older, Bai Xiaonian had been enjoying watching idol dramas to satisfy her girlish heart.

“Thud thud thud—”

The assistant knocked on the door, then pushed open the door and said to Lu Jinnan, “President Lu, the meeting is ready to commence. Everyone has arrived!”

“Is Chairman Fu attending today?” Lu Jinnan asked without looking up.

“I heard from Little Lu the vice-president of the World Bank is in Haicheng. Chairman Fu’s schedule this morning is to accompany him to play a round of golf. After that, he’ll be visiting Mrs. Fu’s at her recording studio. He wouldn’t be able to rush back in time for the meeting,” the assistant said.

“Okay!” After putting down his pen, Lu Jinnan looked up. Seeing Bai Xiaonian looking at him eagerly, he smiled and said, “Set up a more comfortable chair behind me in the meeting room. My wife will accompany me to the meeting today.”

The assistant paused for a moment, then smiled and nodded. “Okay, President Lu, I’ll go and prepare!”

After the assistant went to the meeting room, he arranged for Bai Xiaonian to sit next to Lu Jinnan…

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What a joke! Bai Xiaonian was the wife of the president, so how could he let her sit in the secretary’s seat?

When the assistant returned to report that everything had been arranged, Bai Xiaonian got up and carried her fruit platter as she walked out with Lu Jinnan.

“Want some fruits?” Lu Jinnan handed the documents to his assistant and took the fruit platter from Bai Xiaonian.

“Mm! I need to!” Bai Xiaonian nodded, then thought about it. She felt that it wasn’t appropriate for her to eat fruits while others were in a meeting!

Bai Xiaonian had been resting at home during this time. Being doted on by her husband so much, she became like a little girl in front of Lu Jinnan. She would subconsciously do things according to her personality.

“Eating fruits will disturb your meeting. Forget it!” Bai Xiaonian said. “If I get bored during your meeting, I’ll just watch Weibo.”

“Madam, don’t worry. There are fruits everywhere in the meeting room!” The assistant said to Bai Xiaonian, smiling.

Bai Xiaonian shook her head. “The fruits in the meeting room are just for show. Who would really eat them in a meeting? I’ll only disrupt the meeting if I eat them there. Forget it!”

Bai Xiaonian took the fruit platter away from Lu Jinnan’s hands and placed it back on the coffee table. “Let’s go!”

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Everyone was a little surprised to see Lu Jinnan entering the meeting room with Bai Xiaonian.

But since Lu Jinnan was the president, no one dared to say anything.

Under the guidance of his assistant, Bai Xiaonian sat next to Lu Jinnan.

The meeting started. No one asked Bai Xiaonian why she was there, and Lu Jinnan didn’t bother to explain either.

Only the young ladies sitting on the secretary’s chairs against the wall had a look of envy in their eyes. To think that President Lu would dote on her so much that he even brought her along to this meeting, they felt Bai Xiaonian was such a lucky lady.

The two young ladies exchanged glances with their heads lowered…

[Secretary A: I heard that President Lu suddenly stopped coming to the company ever since Madam was pregnant and had been staying at home to keep her company. He only came to attend this meeting because it’s the quarterly report meeting. But I didn’t think he would also bring Madam along!]

[Secretary B: That’s right. I’m so envious. Mrs. Lu is so blissful. She’s so capable that she was able to marry President Lu. She’s also doted on by her husband. So envious!]

[Secretary A: There’s nothing for us to be jealous of. We’re not even near as pretty as her!]

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[Secretary B: I don’t think President Lu is such a superficial person. The reason he dotes on Mrs. Lu so much is not only because she’s pretty. Did you forget how Mrs. Lu saved President Lu when he was detained in America? They’ve been together through thick and thin… Their relationship must be a deep one!]

[Secretary A: Chairman Fu’s wife also risked her life to go to Iraq to look for Chairman Fu. President Lu’s wife saved her husband in America! Why is it that even the wives of our Kaide Corporation’s leaders are so formidable…]

[Secretary B: So you think it’s easy to be a rich man’s wife?]

Every department’s manager showed their department’s results with a PowerPoint presentation. They compared this season’s sales figures to those from the last quarter. Lu Jinnan seemed to be listening attentively. He then quietly picked up a piece of lychee from the fruit platter in front of him and peeled it…

Just as Bai Xiaonian had expected, every time fresh fruits were placed in the meeting room, no one would really eat them.

Someone heard the sound of fruits being peeled and looked towards the source of the sound, which was Lu Jinnan. Lu Jinnan brought the peeled lychee to Bai Xiaonian’s mouth.

Bai Xiaonian was playing a game. All of her attention was directed at the game, fearing that she might implicate her teammates.

Sensing that Lu Jinnan had extended his arm to feed her some fruit, she subconsciously turned her head sideways and accepted it with her mouth. Her tongue and teeth nimbly devoured the fruit flesh. Just as she was about to spit out the pit, Lu Jinnan’s large hand reached over again, letting her spit it out into his palm.

Their action left everyone in the meeting room feeling awkward…

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Damn, there was such a being that doted on his wife!

The President Lu that they knew had always been a man of few words, and he was extremely strict with his subordinates. To think that he would spoil his wife so much that he even peeled some fruits for her and let her spit the pit out on his bare hands… What was going on?

Everyone in the room glanced at each other, wondering who was still in the mood to listen to the quarterly reports. They were all wondering if they should suck up to this Mrs. President after the meeting. It seemed like this Mrs. President held a rather high position in the president’s heart!

One was engrossed in a game, eating mindlessly!

The other was busy peeling fruits with his hands while staring at a department’s manager, who was still talking about the quarterly report.

The quarterly report ended in a sweet and strange atmosphere. Next up is the topic of the candidates for the Kaide Corporation’s new perfume’s spokesperson.

When the one in charge went up and showed the four potential spokespersons on the big screen, Lu Jinnan’s eyes narrowed…

“These four candidates were personally selected by Mr. Madebet. He said they fit the new perfume’s theme; femme fatale. One of them is Cai Jingyao, a supermodel. Mr. Madebet gave Miss Cai seven points. Miss Cai is 1.78 meters tall…”

Hearing Cai Jingyao’s name, Bai Xiaonian looked up.

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Cai Jingyao’s photo was displayed on the screen. She was wearing a leather skirt and a shirt that revealed her belly button, red high heels, and a whip in her hand…

A femme fatale?

Why did Bai Xiaonian feel a rotten smell coming at her?

Lu Jinnan hadn’t expected that Cai Jingyao would be selected for the company’s new perfume endorsement. His eyes narrowed.

After introducing the four candidates, everyone was waiting for Lu Jinnan to make his decision.

Lu Jinnan had always been merciless with his words. He said, “The first candidate, Miss Cai, doesn’t seem to be a femme fatale. She has an indecent aura all over! She’s not suitable…”

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