Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 598: Lin Nuan Was Already a Little Tipsy

Occasionally, Fu Huai’an would speak a sentence or two, and Lin Nuan could see the amazed and surprised look in Li Muyang’s eyes.

Initially, Li Muyang had planned on speaking with Lin Nuan more today, but unexpectedly, he ended up talking quite a lot with Fu Huai’an.

Fu Huai’an was someone who once took Wall Street by storm, and only after meeting him in person today did Li Muyang realize that Fu Huai’an indeed had qualities that surpassed other people.

The accompanying wine was a fruit wine that suited a woman’s palate and was what Li Muyang had the hotel prepare. It tasted sweet, inevitably causing Lin Nuan to drink a few more glasses.

By the time Li Muyang reminded her that the alcohol content of this wine was quite high, Lin Nuan was already a little tipsy.

“If Mrs. Fu likes it, when you two return to your home country, I’ll have my people send some to your residence.” Li Muyang deliberately lowered his voice and sounded gentler when speaking with Lin Nuan.

“Thanks, but there’s no need…” Lin Nuan’s slender and pretty fingers held onto the glass as she placed it back onto the table. “Wine like this that makes one tipsy easily, I’ll just have a taste of it. I’m not a person who likes to drink.”

Fu Huai’an didn’t touch the wine throughout the night and had thought that it was fruit juice. Seeing Lin Nuan’s empty glass, he picked up his glass and tasted a sip.

The sweetness masked the alcohol, but Fu Huai’an’s sensitive tongue could still taste it.

“Mrs. Fu has enviable self-restraint.” Li Muyang gently smiled as he stared at Lin Nuan’s exquisite features.

Ah Zhan turned around to see Li Muyang’s sparkling eyes, his heart feeling more terrible now…

“Apologies, I can’t help but say something!” Li Muyang nodded at Fu Huai’an apologetically before gazing at Lin Nuan with a burning look in his eyes that induced fear in others. “Mrs. Fu, I really like and admire you! After meeting you, I watched all of your shows and news several times…”

Fu Huai’an’s eyes narrowed, his deep-set eyes revealing a chilliness.

Even Little Lu, who was standing so far away, could hear this. He looked at the expressionless Ah Zhan with an exasperated expression.

Was it really okay for him to confess to Mrs. Fu in front of Mr. Fu?

Mrs. Fu was a married woman!

Her husband was still present!

Lin Nuan was a little tipsy, so she stared blankly at Li Muyang, her reaction lagging by several beats…

Li Muyang took a deep look at Lin Nuan before saying to Fu Huai’an, “I hope Mr. Fu doesn’t mind. I only wished to express my fondness for Lin Nuan after finding out about her past. I really admire her character—brave and kind!”

Based on Li Muyang’s capabilities, it was a piece of cake for him to discover the fact that Tuan Tuan wasn’t Lin Nuan’s child.

Li Muyang’s heart shook when he read that news about Lin Nuan.

Lin Nuan suddenly smiled vibrantly, cocking her head to gaze at Fu Huai’an, her little hand subconsciously finding support against Fu Huai’an’s thigh. “If he doesn’t mind, I would mind…”

If a woman was confessed to by another man in her husband’s presence and her husband didn’t mind, it could only mean… that she didn’t have a place in her husband’s heart!

Under the table, Fu Huai’an grabbed Lin Nuan’s petite hand.

Lin Nuan was drunk and wasn’t aware that she shouldn’t be placing her hand there…

Fu Huai’an tried to appear calm as he gazed at Lin Nuan. Seeing that she looked spaced out, he knew she wasn’t deliberately trying to seduce him. Perhaps she was only acting this way because she was drunk. Hence, he could only hold her petite hand even tighter.

Retracting his gaze, Fu Huai’an’s deep eyes turned towards Li Muyang. He slowly lowered the napkin in his hand and said, “As a man, I very much mind! So, Mr. Li had better keep your admiration for my wife in your heart and never speak of it…”

His voice was low and sexy, and he was speaking in a casual tone, but compared to Li Muyang’s frail voice, it still appeared imposing.

Perhaps not anticipating such a reaction from this married couple, Li Muyang’s eyes narrowed, and he could no longer keep his smile up.

Fu Huai’an was so direct…

All of a sudden, it was as if the air had condensed, even if Fu Huai’an and Li Muyang both maintained polite smiles on their faces.

Little Lu was happy to see this. His master was so dashing.

“Done eating?” Fu Huai’an asked Lin Nuan.


Lin Nuan was long done eating. She had been eating with her head lowered throughout the meal, as she didn’t want to look at Li Muyang, who sat opposite of her. She had a feeling that Li Muyang was looking weirdly at her, not sure if he was trying to find glimpses of his lover in her or whether it was something else.

“Then we thank Mr. Li for your cordial treat. My wife has had a little too much to drink, so we’ll take our leave now!”

Fu Huai’an helped Lin Nuan get to her feet, then casually picked up the coat Lin Nuan draped over the back of her chair.

You Nainai and Little Lu went over upon seeing this. You Nainai helped to carry Lin Nuan’s bag, whereas Little Lu took Mr. Fu’s jacket. After nodding courteously at Li Muyang, he followed Lin Nuan and Fu Huai’an out.

Watching Fu Huai’an leaving with Lin Nuan in his arms, Ah Zhan stood beside Li Muyang, who had already gotten to his feet. “Sir…”

Ah Zhan’s fists were clenched. With an order from Li Muyang that he wanted that woman, regardless of who Fu Huai’an was, Ah Zhan would help Li Muyang snatch that woman called Lin Nuan!

“They clearly have the same voice, yet they’re so different. If Xiao Mei were half as brave as her, we wouldn’t have ended up like this!” Li Muyang had his eyes fixated on Lin Nuan’s back view. There was a flicker in his reddened eyes. “Lin Nuan… truly is a brave and outstanding lady.”

“Sir! If you really like her, even if that Mr. Fu is…”

“No hurry! But… with my health condition, so what if I like her? I don’t even know when I’ll be leaving this world.” Li Muyang smiled as he spoke, his originally vapid eyes now having some warmth in them. “If I really snatch her over to my side, I feel like I’ll just be a drag on her life.”

“But…” Ah Zhan’s fists were tightly clenched.

“How about this? If that lady truly belongs to me, she will come to my side no matter what. No hurry… no hurry…”

Ah Zhan’s fists tightened. He didn’t reply, yet his eyes had turned red.

That one line by Li Muyang—I don’t even know when I’ll be leaving this world—made Ah Zhan feel awful.

“Have you checked? Does this Mr. Fu really have close ties with Mr. Gu Qingcheng?” Li Muyang suddenly asked.

Ah Zhan nodded. “I heard they grew up together!”

“Interesting…” Li Muyang’s smile widened. “Ah Zhan, do you think this Mr. Fu… could be the legendary ‘Mr. Moral’?”

Ah Zhan paused. He hadn’t thought of it that way.

After all, if Mr. Moral meant to hide his true identity, he should have avoided coming in contact with Gu Qingcheng in public and not behave like Fu Huai’an! So long as Gu Qingcheng returned to the country, he was sure to meet up with him and a group of friends for a gathering.

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