Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 11: Rong, be careful with that kid. He's a bit of a problem.

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Chapter 11: Rong, be careful with that kid. He’s a bit of a problem.
Translator: DragonRider
Chen Keyao’s father was extremely well-maintained, looking like in his 40s at most. His figure had not been changed by age at all, his clothes were immaculate and his hair meticulously groomed. Not only had he a handsome countenance, but also his manners carried outstanding grace and elegance. This was very different from Rong Yi’s previous imagination of an old father who would cause his son such frustrations.

So when he examined Rong Yi up and down, his brow in a slight frown, Rong Yi was so nervous that he blushed.

“This is…” When he spoke to Chen Keyao, his eyes were still on Rong Yi’s face.

“My tenant,” Chen Keyao strode over, “Don’t come here all the time in future; there’s no vacant room anymore.”

Although Rong Yi had been warned downstairs not to say a word, he couldn’t help but look at the handsome man in front of him and try to create a good impression for himself.

“Hello, uncle.” He took the initiative to greet him.

However, this good-looking old man’s brows furrowed even tighter after returning his greeting with a nod of his head.

“Yao Yao, tell me honestly, who is this?”

“Dad,” Chen Keyao, who was opening the door, brushed his hand over his face and said, “Can you please stop calling me that in front of other people…”

“Answer me first,” His father took another look at Rong Yi, who stood aside in bewilderment. “What’s he got to do with you?”

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“Haven’t I just told you? My tenant,” Chen Keyao opened the door and looked at him with resignation. “He rents my house. I am his landlord, and that’s all. Do you want to come in and sit down for a little while? Or am I seeing you off now?”

His father still looked doubtful.

It dawned on Rong Yi: Chen Keyao’s bad behavior and his promiscuous AA relationships must have caught the attention of his father who was also an Alpha.

Now that he came back with Chen Keyao with such uncovered boldness, they really did look like a gay couple who were going to live together.

…That was such an outrageous insult.

He was just about to say something, when Chen Keyao got in front of him: “Don’t mess around here, okay? This Mr. Rong and I have just met today for the first time. Not familiar with each other at all. You’re making yourself a joke by doing this.”

Rong Yi rolled his eyes at Chen Keyao in his heart.

Chen Keyao’s father, after hearing this, probably more or less believed it. He nodded and took two steps in the direction of Rong Yi, saying: “Sorry, Rong, right?”

An aged beauty also has its unique charms. Rong Yi was completely mesmerized and nodded very politely.

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Chen Keyao’s father drew near him and then lowered his voice: “Rong, be careful with that kid. He’s a bit of a problem.”


Rong Yi was left speechless. Chen Keyao, who had already entered the apartment by then, suddenly dashed out again and shouted: “Dad! What are you doing?!”

When Rong Yi saw his embarrassment, he suddenly felt a secret joy in his heart.

He licked his lips and said in the face of Chen Keyao: “How could it be? Mr. Chen is a very nice and kind person.”

Chen Keyao’s father immediately looked back at his son with alarm: “That’s why you should be careful. He’s being nice to you for a purpose.”

It was intended to embarrass Chen Keyao deliberately, but now although the goal had been achieved, Rong Yi felt that he seemed to be lifting a rock only to drop it on his own feet.

Chen Keyao did attempt on him in the past, but that was probably the happiest time in all these years of his life. It was just a little depressing to think of all this.

“Dad, I’ll get you a taxi,” Chen Keyao rushed over, inserting himself between the two people. “It’s getting late. Please go home now.”

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“What’s the taxi for? Can’t you give me a ride?” His father looked rather displeased. “I’ve still got something to ask you.”

“My car has been sent for repairs,” Chen Keyao replied, shooting a glance at Rong Yi behind him. “The door is broken.”

Rong Yi quietly turned his head.


As soon as Chen Keyao’s father left, the atmosphere between them quickly became stiff again.

After Rong Yi was shown into his room, Chen Keyao gave a brief explanation and then withdrew, closing the door behind him.

Rong Yi was left alone in the room, he was sitting there in a daze, suddenly feeling a bit lightheaded.

How could he have come back to Chen Keyao’s home with him, and plan to stay here for a while? Wasn’t that strange?

Rong Yi was heart-broken countless times. In most cases, he was still able to keep normal, friendly relationships with them, just like Liu Yuan. But Liu Yuan and Chen Keyao were different. Liu Yuan had only made him feel disappointed and depressed briefly, but Chen Keyao had caused him a strong feeling of grievance and even resentment.

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They should never cross each other’s path until they die.

Of course, a few hours ago, indeed he had never thought he would run into Chen Keyao again in his lifetime.

Just when he was agonising over this, there was a knock on his door.

There was nobody in this apartment except him and Chen Keyao. Rong Yi, who had collapsed in bed, immediately sat up properly, and even straightened up his clothes unconsciously.

“What is it?”

The door was immediately pushed open, and Chen Keyao entered with a chair for himself.

He sat down and cleared his throat: “There are a few things I need to say to you.”

Rong Yi looked at him with a frown.

“I usually get up around noon at the earliest, so I hope you don’t make too much noise when you go out in the morning,” Chen Keyao said.

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Rong Yi nodded his head, feeling slightly puzzled.

During their brief time together, he was used to sending a message to Chen Keyao every morning after he got up. And this guy would always get back to him within at most five minutes.

“And then… I don’t normally use the kitchen. If you use it, remember to keep it tidy and clean. But you don’t know how to cook, do you?”

Rong Yi quickly denied: “I do!”

Chen Keyao frowned: “I heard your home was burned down due to a kitchen fire…”

“That was an accident!” Rong Yi emphasized, “I can cook! I’m very good at it!”

“Okay…” Chen Keyao nodded, “Then you must clean after use…Be careful not to cause fire.”

Rong Yi held in his breath out of sullenness.

“If there’s room in the fridge, just feel free to use it, but sometimes I don’t remember what I’ve bought for myself. If you mind your stuff being touched by me, you can just label them or something like that.”

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“Got it.”

Chen Keyao continued: “I usually go to sleep after 3:00 am. If you think there’s any noise affecting your sleep, just let me know, and I’ll try to be considerate.”

Rong Yi really wanted to ask him what he did in his sleepless nights, but words didn’t come out of his mouth as he realised that it might not be an appropriate question to ask, considering their current awkward relationship. He swallowed his question.

“The first-aid box is in the living room cabinet, and there’s a toolbox under the shoe cabinet at the door. I don’t think you’ve got much with you…You can take whatever you need.”

“…Oh.” Rong Yi nodded.

“Then…remember to tell me whenever you find a new home. My dad would come back to hassle me as soon as it becomes vacant, so I need to plan early.”

What he said indicated that he presumed Rong Yi would be moving out soon.

Of course, that was what Rong Yi had in mind too.

“That’s about it really.” Chen Keyao looked at him. “Any questions, you can ask me now.”

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Rong Yi did have something to ask.

For example…’Did you get up so early in the past just to answer my messages every morning?’

‘Are you taking me in really just to stop your father from coming here?’

‘Why can’t you just go and get your illness treated?’

He deliberated for a long time and finally said: “Repair for the car door…How much will it cost?”

Chen Keyao was stunned and then laughed. He looked at Rong Yi, raised his eyebrows slightly and nodded: “It’s pretty expensive.”


Rong Yi’s guilt-ridden heart was immediately all lightened up. He nodded his head just like Chen Keyao: “I don’t need to be worried then.”

Chen Keyao didn’t get offended by his joke but just lowered his head and chuckled to himself before he pulled his phone out from his pocket.

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“Just in case, let’s exchange our contact details.”

Rong Yi took his mobile phone out, grumbling in his heart ‘so you bastard have deleted my number too’.

Chen Keyao’s living room was very spacious, and their rooms were located on either side of the room. Neither of them could hardly hear anything from the other end after they closed the doors.

At midnight, according to Chen Keyao himself, he was not asleep yet at this time.

Rong Yi opened his door sneakily and took a look at Chen Keyao’s room. There was a faint light coming from underneath his door, but no matter how hard he perked up his ears, he could not hear half a sound.

When they were still dating each other, this was the time when Chen Keyao would say good night to him.

It turned out that this guy didn’t go to sleep around this time at all.

Their time together had been far too short. Now looking back in retrospect, Rong Yi only just realised that he actually didn’t know much about him at all.

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‘What does he do most of the time, apart from going to teach some kids a few nights a week, and that job surely is only a part-time job?’

After feeling curious for a little while, Rong Yi suddenly became upset with himself.

‘Why should I care about him? It’s none of my business even if Chen Keyao goes out every night to be a thief. When I find the right place to live, I’ll move out immediately, and I’ll just have to delete this person’s contact information again.

No more thinking. Sleep.’

Rong Yi lay under the quilt in this strange bed, rolled around a couple of times and then changed his mind on some things.

If Chen Keyao was a thief, it would matter to him as, if evidence available, he would definitely go to the police and report him.


When Rong Yi woke up the next morning, he felt a little confused in the unfamiliar room.

Having come to his senses, he could not help feeling a bit surreal.

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He walked out of his room. The whole apartment was very quiet. Chen Keyao’s door was shut and there was no sound at all.

Rong Yi crept quietly over and listened with his ears to the door for a little while, still nothing.

He left home and went to his company. He had just finished sending an email reply to a client when a phone call from Liu Yuan came in.

‘I heard from Keyao that you have moved to his place.’ This guy sounded pretty happy about it. ‘How’s it going?’

Judging from his tone, it was clear that Chen Keyao had never mentioned to him about the past between them.

Rong Yi furrowed his brow and avoided the question deliberately: “Is Mr. Chen quite an acquaintance of yours?”

“Keyao was my university classmate. The brother who slept in the lower half of our bunk bed.” Liu Yuan said. “He may look burly and seem a bit fierce, but he’s actually rather mild.”

What a weird adjective.

Rong Yi listened quietly, thought about it for a while, and then began to find his words carefully: “…Do you know this Mr. Chen is … he …”

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Hearing this subtle probe, Liu Yuan’s tone changed unsurprisingly.

“He…said anything to you?” Liu Yuan clicked his tongue. “I did tell him that you are an Omega…Ah, don’t worry, although he’s an Alpha, actually…Uh…”

The two of them both stopped talking, and quickly realized that they were both reluctant to speak of the same topic.

Rong Yi took the initiative to break the deadlock: “You’re both Alphas and you were living in the same dorm. You must have found out, right…”

“…Of course.” Liu Yuan was embarrassed. “There were four people in our dorm, and he tried to date two of us.”

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