Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 20: It really tasted horrible.

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Chapter 20: It really tasted horrible.
Translator: DragonRider
Rong Yi finally witnessed how awkward an alpha in a courtship could be?

Liu Yuan pressed the elevator button and smiled with confidence and charm at Zhou Li, while not stopping talking either.

“You’re Rong Yi’s friend? Have you come here to hang out with him? You’re leaving so soon. Why don’t you sit here for a bit longer?”

Zhou Li’s expression changed subtly: “…Are you going down with me?”


Zhou Li reached for the key: “If you are not, please step out.”

Liu Yuan, who was forced out of the elevator, remained very excited.

He waved at the elevator until the door was completely closed, then grabbed Rong Yi’s shoulders and shook hard: “Wasn’t he the person I saw last time! Last time! Yet you told me you didn’t know him!”

“Stop shaking, stop shaking,” Rong Yi, still in a hangover, felt he was about to throw up, “Just say what…”

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“OK, OK,” In order to please him, Liu Yuan was very obedient and immediately let go, “What’s his name? How old is he his year? Any contact information? Oh, and has he got a partner?”

Now Rong Yi understood why Zhou Li said that all Alphas were really annoying. Who wouldn’t be annoyed by someone like this. With Rong Yi’s knowledge about Zhou Li’s personality, Liu Yuan’s behaviour just now had undoubtedly sentenced himself to death.

He was just hesitating how to tell Liu Yuan this cruel news when Chen Keyao’s voice came from behind.

“Why don’t you two come in? What are you doing standing there?”

Liu Yuan bought him a can of yogurt and a box of cupcakes.

Rong Yi was going to give him money, but he waved his hand in an exaggerated manner: “You still fuss about such petty amount of money with me? You’re not treating me as a friend!”

Having said that, he noticed that Rong Yi furrowed his brow, so he quickly pulled a chair over for him: “Why are you still standing? Come on, sit!”

Before Rong Yi could say anything, Chen Keyao, who had been standing by the side, could not help but say to Liu Yuan.

“What’s going on? Has Rong Yi held anything against you?”

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“Hey, hey.” Liu Yuan looked at Rong Yi, smiled pleasantly and rubbed his hands vigorously. “Please, just give me that little cutie’s contact number.”

Rong moved away his eyes awkwardly: “I have to ask him for permission.”

“Which cutie?” Chen Keyao was puzzled, but he thought about it again, and then suddenly it dawned on him, “You mean that guy who’s just left ? His name was Zhou Li, right?”

“His name is Zhou Li? That’s a good name…How do you write the characters?”Liu Yuan asked.

Chen Keyao looked at the ambivalent-looking, silent Rong Yi, hesitated for a while and then flicked on Liu Yuan’s forehead.

“Don’t be silly. He’s Rong Yi’s partner.”

“…What?” Liu Yuan was shocked. “You, you, you, are you not with that baldy’s nephew?”

Rong Yi had no idea what to say for a while.

Liu Yuan hesitated and asked with caution: “Is he the baldy’s nephew…?”

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Incredible. This whole series of lies had somewhat automatically filled up each other’s gaps.

Rong Yi looked at Liu Yuan and nodded cautiously.

Liu Yuan cried out immediately. It was a pity that Chen Keyao had pulled him away before he finished talking.

When Chen Keyao dragged him into his room, he even mouthed a message to Rong Yi to tell him not to take it personally.

Rong Yi thought that his life-long allowance for embarrassment was going to be used up within these two days.

After he returned to his room, he still asked Zhou Li that question on behalf of Liu Yuan. His so-called relationship with Zhou Li didn’t really exist, and theoretically there was no reason to prevent friends from pursuing true love.

But the result was exactly what he had anticipated.

Zhou Li returned a phone call after receiving his message.

“My Goodness, you’re too typical of a friend. It’s really the first time I’ve met someone as exaggerated as you! I’m getting goose bumps all over!”

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“Don’t give it to him!” Zhou Li shouted, “I beg of you!”

Rong Yi was a bit amused: “Okay, I got it. It happened that Chen Keyao told him that you are with me, and I’ll use that excuse to stop him.”

Zhou Li said goodbye to him in relief, but after a short while he suddenly sent Rong Yi another message.

“I suddenly had an idea that I don’t know whether I should ask you.”

Rong Yi knew that, in general, when someone said something like that, the real idea was, “I know I shouldn’t have asked, but I can’t help it, just listen.”

As soon as Rong Yi said, “OK, go ahead.” the second message came over.

“Have you ever dated that stupid guy?”

Rong Yi went silent.

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During his silence, Zhou Li sent him three messages in succession.

“I don’t understand! Wasn’t any other roommate of yours better than him?”

“Suddenly, I am feeling especially, extremely, incredibly relaxed, even relieved, about your rejection of me.”

“But I still don’t understand!”

Rong Yi looked at his phone with his brow furrowed and finally sent a reply after a little while.

“When you grow up, you’ll get it.”

Looking suitable for each other and being able to spend life together were two different matters.

Rong Yi had had so many pointless wishful thinking in his life, but there was never a time when he felt someone was indispensable.

What happened between him and Chen Keyao was more complicated than his other love affairs, but that was nothing special either. Just like Liu Yuan, with whom he was able to be friends without any grudges, he could also be a casual roommate with Chen Keyao.

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Chen Keyao was a very nice person, but if he didn’t take a fancy to himself, then he couldn’t be his Mr. Right.

It was not a pity to give up.

Rong Yi believed he had a very rational mind.

Liu Yuan invited himself for dinner.

As cooking was one of his hobbies and one more person meant more varieties for dishes, Rong Yi welcomed the idea.

When he was halfway through the cooking, Chen Keyao suddenly walked in.

“What are we eating tonight?” He was trying to look over Rong Yi’s shoulders.

Rong Yi pointed to the half-finished items on the counter: “Take a guess.”

Chen Keyao went over and examined for a while and then said something completely unrelated.

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“You and Zhou Li…”

Rong Yi turned around at once before he could finish: “What do you want!”

“What are you getting so agitated about?” Chen Keyao said, “I didn’t mean to say anything bad about him. I just think he’s right for you.”

Rong Yi suddenly found it a bit funny.

Zhou Li also felt that he and Chen Keyao were quite suitable for each other. Wasn’t there some peculiar telepathy between these two?

“Liu Yuan said you two met on a blind date?”

That big mouth.

“What are you trying to say?”Jung Yi looked at him with a frown.

“Just asking,” Chen Keyao said. “can’t show any care about you?”

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Rong Yis whole body language showed its alarm.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Keyao was feeling helpless, “I really didn’t mean anything. Just…Look, we’re at least kind of…friends?”

Rong Yi looked at him in silence.

“Not really?” asked Chen Keyao.

“If you have something to say, just spit it out.”

“I don’t have anything in particular to say. I was just asking randomly,” he touched his nose as he said this.”I was worried that you might be bored here alone, so I’m here to keep you company.”

“I’m not bored,” Rong Yi turned his back to him and continued to work. “Don’t get in the way.”

“Fine.” Chen Keyao indeed turned around and went out.

Rong Yi was so confused that she had no idea what this guy was really after.

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However, only two minutes later, this guy came back again.

“That’s right,” Chen Keyao spoke in a very different tone this time, with a peculiar excitement, “I suddenly think of something.”

Under Rong’s confused staring, Chen Keyao walked to him, and smiled broadly.”

“Do you remember what happened last night?”

“… What was it?” Rong Yi asked.

“About what happened after you got drunk. You don’t have any recollection?”asked Chen Keyao.

His face looked twisted, apparently forced to hold back laughs.

“I didn’t drink too much, did I?” Rong Yi looked at him with alarm, “I remember, I brought Zhou Li back here and then went to the convenience store with you, didn’t I?”

Chen Keyao’s face was getting more unreadable. He licked his lips: “Do you remember what you bought?”

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“Oh…It seems I drank a bottle of soda by mistake as I thought it was a Coke, didn’t I?” Rong Yi was trying to remember, “Honestly, I remember everything. I don’t lose memories even when drunk. Don’t try to make up a story to frighten me.”

“What else?” Chen Keyao was looking very intrigued.

“I remember you puking.”Rong Yi said.


“After I accidentally crashed into you.”

“Hem..” Chen Keyao averted his eyes, “That doesn’t count. I…I was just getting sick inside the elevator. You said yesterday the elevator was a bit shaky, right?”

Loads of bullshit. Rong Yi rolled his eyes in his heart, and the tone of his voice was even colder: “Just spit it out. Don’t splutter and drag on like an old lady.”

“You bought a box of sweets, remember?”

“I remember,” Rong Yi felt speechless, “They tasted horrible. You wouldn’t let me throw it away, so I gave them to you, right?”

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As soon as he said that, Chen Keyao suddenly burst into laughter.

He bent over his stomach, and his whole body was shaking. He couldn’t stop laughing, neither was he able to speak.

“What’s wrong with you?” Rong Yi was so confused, “Your brain had a short circuit?”

Chen Keyao began to pat on the thigh again. He finally managed to straighten up and when still laughing, he fished a paper box out of his pocket.

He handed the box to Rong Yi and shook it: “Do you see what it is?”

Rong Yi of course knew what that was. Although at first glance it looked like a box of sweets, it was actually a box of condoms.

The box has been opened, with two large, tender drops of strawberries painted on the package.

“It really tasted horrible.” Chen Keyao said.


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“It was the first time I’ve ever seen someone take one of these out to chew in his mouth.”


“If you don’t believe me, you can take another one out now and see if it’s…”

Before he finished his speech, an unnatural noise came from outside the kitchen door. The two men both turned their heads subconsciously towards the door and found that Liu Yuan was standing there.

“Sorry, I…Excuse me?” He backed out as he spoke, “You two continue, continue your talk please.”

By the time Rong Yi and Chen Keyao realised what was happening, this guy had gone already.

The two men were left standing in the kitchen. They looked at each other and then both turned their eyes to that box of condoms in Chen’s hand.

These two men, one had a crimson-red face while the other one, with a teasing smile on his face, held out a box of strawberry-flavoured condoms, saying “Now open it and have a taste.”

What would people think when they saw this scene?

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