Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 23: Isn't it cute?

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Chapter 23: Isn’t it cute?
Translator: DragonRider
Chen Keyao seemed to want a sparerib soup every day.

After a brunch, Rong Yi went to the supermarket. He bought a lot of spareribs, and a lot of yogurt and biscuit snacks. Chen Keyao, who slept late, came out to rummage through the refrigerator in the middle of the night every day. In order to ensure that his food would not be robbed halfway, Rong Yi felt it necessary to prepare more food as a precaution. Anyway, if he only ate spareribs, then the boarding fee Chen Keyao handed over last time would not run out for quite a while.

Chen Keyao gave him a ride for the supermarket trip, but he didn’t get out of the car. When Rong Yi came back with the bags, he found Chen Keyao playing with his mobile phone in the driver’s seat.

Rong Yi could not help but associate this with the forum he found last night and that post that he cared about most.

Getting into the car, he asked casually, “What were you browsing just now?”

“Just surfing around,” Chen Keyao turned the key. “You’re pretty fast.”

Rong Yi turned slightly to look at Chen Keyao, and then asked, “What’s your ID name on the Internet?”

For some reason, Chen Keyao reacted quite alarmedly: “Why are you suddenly asking this?”

“Just happened to have thought of this,” said Rong Yi. “What’s the matter? Is it a bit unspeakable?”

Yesterday, the ID of the poster was called “seven melons on a vine”, which was a bit funny, but not too conspicuous. It was not so ridiculous as to seem unspeakable.

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‘Could it be that he’s worried that I would go searching for his post after I find out about his ID?’

Rong Yi was suspicious, while Chen Keyao seemed unnecessarily nervous: “Have you already found out?”

“What?” Rong Yi was a little excited.

“… Are you trying to draw me out?” Chen Keyao was looking ahead, “Are you that keen to find out what I really do?”


Rong Yi couldn’t understand for a while. What did the name used on the Internet have to do with an occupation? Did Chen Keyao turn into a keyboard superhero as soon as he turned on a computer?

Chen Keyao took a look at him and smiled.

“It’s all right. I’m just talking nonsense,” he said. “My name on the Internet is called ‘Your Teacher Chen’.”


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Rong Yi was very sure that this was indeed nonsense. The man was obviously relieved to discover that the two of them were not talking about the same thing and then began to make things up.

To draw someone out was not Rong Yi’s strong point. He didn’t manage to find out anything over the whole weekend, and he had to plunge himself into work again as a new week began.

Love life was in a definite void, but the career was unimpeded all the way. The project was progressing very smoothly and was expected to come to an end next week. As long as the client did not make unreasonable demands, everyone would soon be able to get a long-awaited holiday.

Everyone was highly motivated, especially Comrade Xiao Zhang. At the noon break, she came to Rong Yi again, saying that she wanted to use her annual leave as well as the vacation when she was done with this project.

In order to get a longer vacation, many people use annual leaves in this way. Rong Yi said that that shouldn’t be problem, and then he asked if she wanted to go away on a trip. As a result, he immediately got an excited look of “I was just waiting for you to ask”.

“I got an exclusive ticket for Momo’s fans meeting in C city through a lucky draw!” She took out her mobile phone and showed Rong Yi the winning message. “Just as well I haven’t been to City C. I’m going to take it as an occasion for some tourism in the city too.”

Rong Yi was very envious.

His last passionate star chase was nearly a decade ago. Over the years, although he liked many artists, but there were no like-minded people around, so his interest waned too.

Now looking at the young Star-Chaser in front of him, Rong Yi’s long-silent passion rekindled slightly.

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“I would like to go too…” He said.

“Have you tried to forward the lucky draw event?” Xiao Zhang asked.

Rong Yi shook his head in shame. He didn’t even know there was a lucky draw.

“Have you joined the fan club?”

Rong Yi shook his head again. He really hadn’t been paying attention to this for a long time.

“What’s the use of just sitting there thinking then!” Xia Zhang despised him very much. “As I said earlier, you don’t really love our Momo at all!”

“Can you sell the ticket to me? I’ll pay for it!” Rong Yi said.

“I will not trade it for a thousand pieces of gold!” Xiao Zhang waved heroically, “Wait till I take some pictures and show you!”

Usually, although interested in such events, Rong Yi would not be so keen. But when someone suddenly was going to the live event while he could only watch enviously, that was a completely unbearable sentiment.

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He was so sad that he rushed to fill in the application form for membership of the fan club at the first available time. There was a slight struggle when submitting membership fees, after all, he was still financially tight for the time being. But, probably because he sailed through the most difficult time too easily, the lesson didn’t lodge in his mind for very long. So after a short hesitation, Rong Yi still pressed the payment button.

People should always have some spiritual sustenance. Anyway, if you can’t get a boyfriend for yourself, you might as well chase a star like your Mr. Right.

Having been busy for a week, near the weekend, Rong Yi had to go to the client’s company again.

Rong Yi received a call from Zhou Li on his way to that company. Zhou Li’s voice sounded a little flustered, asking if he could temporarily help take care of his pet over the weekend. His grandmother suddenly came from his hometown to visit him. The old lady was a bit stubborn and eccentric. She could not stand pets. She would be upset if she saw his favourite pet.

“Mimi is very good. You don’t need to look after her very much, just give her water and food, and she will eat and keep tidy,” Zhou Li said. “Although she looks a little fierce, she’s actually very gentle!”

Hearing this last sentence, Rong Yi could not help thinking of Chen Keyao’s face.

So he nodded his head and agreed with hardy any hesitation.

Zhou Li said that his grandmother would be here tonight, so he had asked for leave and wanted to bring Mimi to Rong Yi now. Rong Yi gave the address of his client’s company directly after confirming the convenience of carrying the pet around. He didn’t have to go back to his company today, so he planned to just take the pet home after meeting with Zhou Li.

After hanging up the phone, he realized something was wrong, so he sent a message to Zhou Li: “Your Mimi, it doesn’t seem to be a cat?”

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Following that, Zhou Li sent him a horrifying picture.

The picture showed a bright black snake wrapped around Zhou Li’s slender snow-white arm, which made the snake look particularly strong and ferocious.

“Isn’t it cute?” Zhou Li said.

Rong Yi regretted.

He felt that his understanding of the word “cute” was somewhat different from that of Zhou Li.

After seeing Liu Yuan in the client company, Rong Yi realised that he seemed to have forgotten something.

Liu Yuan should be holding some misunderstanding about him still, so the attitude was a little awkward. He seemed so absent-minded. Rong Yi suffered from not knowing how to explain it, so he could only pretend to be unaware of this.

However, they had been on good terms after all, so it was extremely uncomfortable for both of them if the interaction continued to be so awkward.

At the end of the work exchange, Rong Yi could not help breaking the ice.

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“Liu Yuan, why are you a little bit…”

Immediately Liu Yuan sighed exaggeratedly, with a distressed face: “My lightning has disappeared.”

“… Your what?

“Lightning,” Liu Yuan reached out and pointed to his desk, “I left it on the table. I don’t know which asshole opened the lid, and it disappeared at once. I was still looking for it before you came.”

Well, it turned out that Liu Yuan didn’t look strange because he still had a grudge about himself.

Rong Yi breathed a sigh of relief, and then ran to look at the empty box on his desk, thinking that the box looked a little familiar. It was very similar to the box with Mimi in the picture that Zhou Li sent him.

It was unexpected that the two men had such a common denominator. The idea of matchmaking got ignited instantly in Rong Yi’s head.

However, considering Zhou Li’s resistance to Liu Yuan, he forced this impulse to back.

Just at the moment, he suddenly received another message from Zhou Li.

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“So you’re in my uncle’s company. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I was caught by him!!!”

Rong Yi’s heart missed a beat.

He had really forgotten about it.

Poor Zhou Li had just come downstairs with his Mimi in his hands, ready to contact Rong Yi, when he ran into his bald uncle.

The uncle was pleasantly surprised, saying ‘what a coincidence that you came here too. Your Alpha is in our company now. Come up and have a chat together.’

Zhou Li’s pet was less popular with their elders. Fortunately, Mimi didn’t like the light, so he covered the big box with a cloth and others could not see the content from the outside.

Now he was sitting in the bald man’s office having an awkward chat. It was likely that Rong Yi would be summoned as soon as he finished with Liu Yuan.

Rong Yi learned about the situation in the message and decided to take the initiative to save the beauty from the dire situation.

He consoled Liu Yuan, who was still agonising over the missing Lightning, and then, after having done enough psychological preparation, he took the initiative to go to the bald man’s office. When he came around the corner, he suddenly saw a black rope in front of the bald man’s office.

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Rong Yi paused his step, and then he saw the thick rope moved a little bit.

It was indeed a snake.

Could this be the Lightning Liu Yuan was looking for?

In order to appease him, Zhou Li had given him a solid lesson of popular science just now. He said although this kind of snake looked weird and scary, in fact, it was very mild and introverted, seldom attacking human beings actively, and non-toxic. It was a very safe pet snake.

But intellectually knowing its harmlessness was useless. Rong Yi was still getting goose bumps when seeing the shiny scales and the tongue sticking out occasionally.

Feeling very tense, he carefully moved toward the black snake in small steps, and then took a photograph from far away to send Liu Yuan.

“Is this your Lightning?”

Half a minute later, he received a reply from Liu Yuan.

“Watch it! Don’t let it go! I’m coming now!”

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Rong Yi stood five meters away and looked at the snake. He felt that if the snake insisted on leaving, he would not dare to stop it at all. He could only pray that it was indeed very introverted and did not like to walk around at will.

Half a minute later, Liu Yuan hurried over like a lightning rod.

“Where’s the Lightning? Is it still here?” As he spoke, he looked down on the ground and then exclaimed, “Oh my God!”

“Pick it up now.” Rong Yi said nervously.

Unexpectedly, Liu Yuan was even more nervous than him: “What’s this? Why is there a snake in the company? What does it want to do with my Lightning! ”

“… Isn’t that your Lightning?

“Are you kidding?” With a pale face, Liu Yuan pointed to a corner in front of the black snake. “That’s my Lightning.”

Rong Yi looked down and found that there was a little fat hamster shivering on the floor.

Liu Yuan was panicking, but he became very brave when he saw that his beloved mouse’s life was in danger. He found a mop in the corner of the corridor and carefully tried to poke it at the snake.

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“You… You let go of…”

The mop shook wildly in midair with Liu Yuan’s hand.

Rong Yi suddenly realized something rather important at that moment.

“Wait a minute!” He grabbed Liu Yuan and said, “Don’t hit the snake!”

As soon as the voice fell, the office door on the side suddenly opened.

“What are you two shouting about?” The bald man frowned at them.

And Zhou Li behind him also looked puzzled, poking his head out from behind trying to find out what was happening. He soon followed Rong Yi’s eyes and found the black snake on the floor.


Just as he shouted the name, the supposedly tame, clever, introverted black snake leapt forward, bit the trembling hamster in the corner, and then began to swallow it into its mouth.

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The hamster tried to struggle at first, but soon the two fat legs that were still exposed outside went motionless.

Everyone stood still in shock. A moment later, the hamster disappeared completely from the eyes of the public, and the black snake got a bulging lump in its neck.

“My Lightning!” Liu Yuan collapsed.

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