Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 27: Yesterday was really an accident...

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Chapter 27: Yesterday was really an accident… Translator: DragonRider

Most likely that post was not sent by Chen Keyao, but Rong Yi still could not help thinking that way. Then the more he thought about it, the more indignant he felt, so he became angry with Chen Keyao in the end.

After all, from his point of view, in fact, he was not qualified to diss other people for their stubborn character since he himself only liked Alphas, limited to male Alphas too. Usually, no matter how big and tall a woman Alpha was, she would unavoidably look small in front of him, lacking the foremost element to excite him.

Rong Yi’s consciousness as an Omega was very strong, and he hoped that he could cling to someone like a cute birdie. Even if reality forced him to spread his wings like an eagle, it would be better flying with someone about the same size at least.

After a while, he refreshed his account and found that his account was banned for one day because of “digging old graves”. The post he dug up had also entered a locked state.

Far too much bullshit in this forum. There were so many strange rules. No wonder the love lives of the people inside were all not going well.

Rong Yi closed the browser in anger.

The sweet and sour pork ribs dish was originally Rong Yi’s specialty, but he spent the whole afternoon in bed thinking about things, and then in order to control his confused thoughts, he simply started reading a novel, and it was a little late when he remembered about cooking.

The ribs were still frozen in the refrigerator. It was probably too late to take them out and thaw them naturally.

Rong Yi rushed to the kitchen and found that the big ribs he had bought were already in the sink. Rong Yi was silent for a moment. He returned to the living room and shouted toward Chen Keyao’s room, “Did you take out the spareribs?”

Chen Keyao’s door opened immediately, and a proud face popped out: “Otherwise, is there anyone else in this home?”

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“2.5 kgs!” Rong Yi said, “You’ve got all of them out! Can you eat them all?”

He went back to the kitchen before Chen Keyao could respond.

A moment later, after he packed the extra ribs and put them back in the refrigerator, the kitchen door behind him was opened.

Chen Keyao poked his head in.

Rong Yi took a look at him and turned back again to continue his busy work: “What’s the matter?”

“It’s OK,” Chen Keyao came in. “Can’t I walk around my kitchen for no particular reason?”

Rong Yi did not answer.

Chen Keyao wandered behind him for a while, then began to say, “How come I feel you are especially disgusted with me now?”

“Am I?” Rong Yi lowered his head and concentrated on the onions, ginger and garlic in front of him.

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“Yesterday was really an accident,” said Chen Keyao. “I seldom behave like that.”

Rong Yi finally looked back at him and said, “Haven’t you said all this already sitting on the sofa yesterday?”

“…” Chen Keyao looked away. “It’s really important. You can review it several times more.”

It was very hard to suppress a laugh.

Rong Yi had to turn the back of his head on him. “Okay, I see. You can leave now.”

But Chen Keyao did not leave. He lingered behind Rong Yi for a while, seemingly unwilling to be alone, and said, “Can I help with anything?”

“No,” Rong Yi shook his head. “You are not good at this anyway.”

“But I’m embarrassed to eat it all up every day.”

“You’ve paid for it.”

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“Oh,” Chen Keyao nodded. ” … that’s true.”

“Don’t hang about,” Rong Yi lifted his foot and gave him a gentle kick on his calf. “Get out quickly.”

“You think I’m in the way.”

Rong Yi looked at him and said, “You’ve only just found out?”

Chen Keyao was speechless and after a while, could only shrug his shoulders as if he didn’t care. Just as he was about to turn around and go out, Rong Yi’s mobile phone on the edge of the table suddenly rang.

Rong Yi was handling food, so his hands were a little dirty, not convenient to pick up the phone.

“You see, there is something you need help with!”

Chen Keyao said, and picked up his phone for him, but then suddenly he looked stunned.

Rong Yi glanced at the screen and was a little embarrassed. His phone’s wallpaper was the picture Xiao Zhang had sent him. Every day when he switched on his phone, he could see the pictures of his idol. It was very satisfying. But now, when someone suddenly discovered that, it was hard not to feel embarrassed.

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As Chen Keyao was frowning slightly, Rong Yi urged him, “It’s from my colleague. Please help me to press the answer button.”

Chen Keyao pressed answer for him and lifted his phone to his ear. Then he stood beside him and listened quietly until he finished the whole work-related phone call.

It was only a trivial matter, and could be explained in two or three sentences.

At the end of the call, Chen Keyao did not immediately put his mobile phone back in place, but looked at his mobile home screen for a few more seconds.

Rong Yi became more and more embarrassed. In order to prevent Chen Keyao from misunderstanding, he decided to explain a little bit.

“This is…”

“Mo Yufei,” Chen Keyao finally put down his mobile phone. “Do you like him?”

Since Chen Keyao knew this person, that made things easy.

Rong Yi smiled at him. “Let me introduce to you. This is my husband.”

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“…” Chen Keyao rolled his eyes and left.

This fellow, who clearly preferred Alphas too, didn’t take a second look at such a handsome man as Rong Yi’s dream lover. That was really unpleasant.

Rong Yi was still a little upset when they sat down at the dining table.

“Don’t you think Mo Yufei is really handsome?” He enthusiastically introduced to Chen Keyao, “Have you ever seen a film he starred in, called…”

“He’s just OK.” Chen Keyao bowed his head and gnawed away at the spareribs. “Ah, this is delicious. I’d give it 95 points. Five points taken away for the overly talkative chef.


“What are you staring at me for?” Chen Keyao picked up another piece. “If you don’t eat quickly, I’ll finish them all.”

“That’s beyond my expectations. Even if for homosexuals, wouldn’t you be jealous of an Alpha who is better-looking than yourself?”

Chen Keyao paused: “Do you think he is better-looking than me?”

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“Isn’t that plain obvious?” Rong Yi said.

“That’s right,” Chen Keyao pursed his lips a bit. “I’m a real person, without heavy makeup or photoshopping.”

Rong Yi’s brain suddenly called up a word that had become popular recently: straight A cancer.

Unexpectedly, even though Chen Keyao was obviously a homosenxual, he could suffer from this disease too.

“Ugly,” Rong Yi shook his head and sighed, “it’s ugly.”

“Come on, not all disgust is due to jealousy,” Chen Keyao seemed to be a little unhappy, “Even if I like Alphas, I have my standards. Not like you who would fall for anyone who’s good-looking…”

“What’s the problem with that?”

Chen Keyao looked at him, bowed his head and ate his food without saying anything.

“If you don’t like him, that’s fine.” Rong Yi was also a little unhappy. “Can’t you stop making personal attacks whenever we disagree on things?”

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Chen Keyao wanted to say something again, but his mouth was so full that he could only keep chewing hard.

“It’s OK complaining about me, but you also attack the person whom you know clearly I like very much. Don’t you think it’s a bit low?” Rong Yi continued.

Chen Keyao finally swallowed the food and drank some soup quickly.

“Was that an attack?”

“You didn’t attack. You got cross with me even when you were eating the food I cooked.”

“Okay, that was my fault.” Chen Keyao looked away, but quickly added, “Anyway, you can only take a virtual fancy to him. You will never meet the real person in your life. It doesn’t matter at all how he is like.”


“Why are you looking at me again?” Chen Keyao said. “Just eat.”

“Eat your arse,” Rong Yi slammed down the bowl. “Your presence has made me lose my appetite.”

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Rong Yi felt his stomach was now full, with his upset.

How can Chen Keyao be so annoying? The other day, the thief only damaged his face, why hadn’t he damage his mouth as well.

Originally, Rong Yi was going to ignore this guy completely, but the next day they still had to go out to the dinner together. It would seem odd if they didn’t go out together from the same starting point, at the same time and toward the same destination.

The address of the restaurant sent by Zhou Li that morning exasperated Rong Yi even further. Yesterday, they agreed that zhou Li should choose a restaurant. He had never expected that Zhou Li would pick the one where Rong Yi first dated Chen Keyao. If it weren’t for the embarrassment of Zhou Li, Rong Yi would not have wanted to go at all.

The atmosphere was strange all the way to the restaurant.

Chen Keyao, who was driving, did not speak, nor did Rong Yi, who was sitting in the back seat.

Chen Keyao turned on the car radio maybe in an attempt to alleviate the embarrassment. After a rustling sound, the voice of the anchorwoman came from the speaker.

“The next song we bring to you is Mo Yufei’s new song. The well-known nusician has recently started a cross-border attempt as his fans have hoped…

Rong Yi was just about to raise his ears. Chen Keyao clicked the radio off.

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It was dead silence in the car again.

“… Mental.” Rong Yi mumbled in a low voice.

Chen Keyao put his hand on the steering wheel and tapped at the edge of the steering wheel. “That’s a personal attack, you know?”

“What are you doing?” Rong Yi raised his voice. “Are you labelling people?”

Chen Keyao gave a disdainful laugh: “I haven’t needed to do this since primary school.”

Rong Yi was very upset.

Chen Keyao had been in a strange mood since yesterday afternoon, which was totally inexplicable.

He even doubted for a time whether the man was secretly jealous, but on second thought, he did not feel like it. After all, Chen Keyao was very friendly to Zhou Li. If it was really because Chen Keyao had special feelings for him, then the nominal lover should be the focus of hatred more than his favourite idol.

So besides being angry, Rong Yi was also curious.

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Could it be that he liked other celebrities who were Mo Yufei’s enemies, so there was a natural ‘class fight’? That was too naive.

Still puzzled after all the reasoning, Rong Yi eventually could not resist but to ask a question.

“Is it that our Mo is…”

Before he finished, he was interrupted by Chen Keyao: “oh, your.”


Rong Yi felt that calling him a mental really was not a personal attack, but a statement of fact.

In his anger, he simply changed his way of expression: “Do you have any complaints about my husband?”

So a simple question turned into bickering, and Chen Keyao did not pay any attention to him.

When they were near the destination, Chen Keyao suddenly opened his mouth.

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“Now tell me, besides the face, what merits do you think this person possesses?”

“Is it not enough to be handsome?” Rong Yi said, “I’m not living a real life with him.”

“Then I said yesterday that you were just fantasising. What did you get cross? ”


Rong Yi was so upset that he sat in his seat with his hands wrapped around his chest and his legs shaking.

But Chen Keyao didn’t really mean to quarrel with him this time.

“Okay, I apologize,” he said in a sincere voice, but with a poor wording. “Why become unhappy for such a person?”

“What do you mean by ‘such a person’?” Rong Yi exploded. “You apologize by attacking the people I like?”

“My God, you really want to fight me for him?” Chen Keyao said, “Wouldn’t it keep you too busy if you take fancy to anyone who is a handsome Alpha?”

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“When was I like that?” Rong Yi was not happy. “Isn’t this a personal attack yet?”

“You were not like that?” said Chen Keyao, “you even chased after Liu Yuan.”

Rong Yi was stunned.

This fucking big mouth!

The author’s note.

Teacher Chen cleaned the table and washed the dishes. After he returned to his room, the more he thought about it, the more he felt he’d been unfairly treated. He looked in the mirror with the scar covered. He still thought that, without PS and makeup, he was indeed more handsome.

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