Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 29: Can't we just trust each other?

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Chapter 29: Can’t we just trust each other?
Translator: DragonRider
Rong Yi went to the bathroom on the way.

Soon Zhou Li followed up. He grabbed Rong Yi in the corridor, tiptoed to one side and whispered, “What’s wrong with you and your roommate?”

“Nothing,” Rong Yi went ahead with his head down. “We’re like that all the time.”

“Really okay?” Zhou Li obviously didn’t believe it. “Did you get cross with each other because of Mimi…”

“That’s not true!” Rong Yi quickly denied it.

That they would get upset with each other had nothing to do with Zhou Li.

Chen Keyao was so scared of Mimi as to want to run away from home, but he did not get upset with Rong Yi for having Mimi home without even consulting him beforehand. By contrast, he seemed more concerned about his own behaviour in the panic that night, with a particular desire to clarify and redeem it.

In the same scenario, if the object was not Chen Keyao, who would throw up because of an Omega, Rong Yi’s usual mindset would have got him thinking that the other person was fancying him and in turn starting to imagine their married life already.

Perhaps the expression on his face was too vivid, Zhou Li once again started his imagination.

He reached out and patted Rong Yi on the shoulder. “I still think he looks at least better than Liu Yuan…”

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“I don’t fancy Liu Yuan at all!” Rong Yi hastened to emphasize, “And he…”

“Don’t mention that any more,” Zhou Li waved painfully. “Can we please change seats later when we go back? I’m really too embarrassed.”

“You dislike him so much?”

Rong Yi was inevitably feeling a bit sorry for Liu Yuan. Clearly he had done nothing wrong, but he had been suffering all the battering insult because of them.

“Why would I dislike him? I don’t even know him that well.” Zhou Li frowned. “He obviously doesn’t want to see me. You don’t know this: just now when we two were facing each other, as soon as our eyes met, he immediately turned his head away as if his eyes had touched something burning hot. I shouldn’t have had the cheek to invite him. He must hate me.”


Rong Yi was speechless for a moment.

He also thought Liu Yuan was weird today. It was because of the same doubts that this series of misunderstandings had occurred.

But anyway, this guy didn’t seem to dislike Zhou Li.

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As they were getting back to our seats, they could see that Chen Keyao and Liu Yuan were talking about something. Liu Yuan still looked depressed, while Chen Keyao was more excited and gestured as he talked.

Unfortunately, when he saw Rong Yi approaching, he immediately became quiet again.

In the end, Rong Yi failed to change seats with Zhou Li. After all, the bowls and dishes would have to be moved as well, which would make a lot of noise and make the atmosphere even more embarrassing… Fortunately, after sitting for a while, the whole group were all anxious to go back home, so soon they decided to break up.

At the entrance of the restaurant, Zhou Li wanted to say something. Finally, he plucked up his courage and took the initiative to grab Liu Yuan by the arm when they were saying goodbye.

“Well,” he said, looking nervous. He pulled out a small fluffy item from his pocket and lowering his head, he handed it out to Liu Yuan. “Here you are.”

Rong Yi craned his neck to have a good look at it. It was a hamster key ring.

“I meant to buy you another living one, but you said you didn’t want to keep another one any more…” Zhou Li’s head was hanging low. “I know it can’t be replaced, but… Anyway, if you don’t like it, you can just bin it.”

When he finished speaking, he felt very ashamed to see Liu Yuan standing still, and suddenly retracted his hand holding the key ring.

“… Forget it, I’ll bin it myself.”

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He turned around and wanted to run but was caught by Liu Yuan.

“Wait a minute,” Liu Yuan swallowed and looked nervous too. “Don’t go, didn’t you mean to give it to me?”

Zhou Li turned around, looked at him quickly, then bowed his head, and handed the key ring back again.

When Liu Yuan reached out and took over the fluffy hamster, Zhou Li immediately withdrew his hand and put it behind him. Then he looked up and gave him a very embarrassed smile.

“Thank you for accepting it,” he said, stepping back and waving quickly to the other two. “Well, I’m going now!”

After he had run away in a flash, Liu Yuan was still standing in a daze with the key ring in his hand.

Mr. Rong, who watched the whole scene, was excited for some mysterious reason.

Although knowing that Zhou Li’s awkwardness was purely due to his guilty conscience, it did not prevent him from taking the liberty to match the scenario just now with a romantic idol drama BGM in his brain.

He was totally intoxicated in his imagination, when he felt someone suddenly nudged his elbow.

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“Hello,” Chen Keyao, standing next to him, whispered, “Is that really good?”

“What’s wrong?” Rong Yi looked back at him.

“Why are you so happy?” Chen Keyao looked puzzled. “What has happened just now, don’t you think it’s a bit…”

Rong Yi laughed.

It was more than just a little bit. It was just so cute that the onlookers would want to ignore the subjective wishes of the parties concerned and wish them happiness. Unfortunately, this Alpha could not understand his feelings at the moment, with a confused look.

Chen Keyao took another look at Liu Yuan, who was still dazed, and then sighed.

“Yuan, we need to go now. Take care on your way back.”

Liu Yuan woke up from his dream and turned around: “Ah? Oh, good.”

On the way back, Rong Yi saw a new post in Zhou Li’s circle of friends.

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“Stinky Mimi, it’s made me lose my face so completely.”

Rong Yi quietly gave his post a ‘dig’ comment.

While Rong Yi was wondering whether to chat a little with Zhou Li, Chen Keyao, who was driving, suddenly opened his mouth.

“What on earth is the relationship between you and Zhou Li?”

Rong Yi was surprised, and then embarrassed: “What’s the relationship?”

“How come you two don’t look like a couple?”


“If you are not denying it, is that an acquiescence?”

Rong Yi evaded the question and said, “How come an Alpha like you is such a gossip?”

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“I think your comment is sexist.” Chen Keyao said.


Rong Yi found that when facing Chen Keyao, he always seemed to lose words.

He kept silent, but Chen Keyao brought the topic back by himself: “at the dinner just now, you and I were fighting over Liu Yuan, but he was not upset. Just now he and Liu Yuan suddenly became quite intimate with each other, and yet you were very happy. Would any true love relationship be like this?”

“… Can’t we just trust each other?”

“No,” said Chen Keyao, “How can you not be jealous if you really care about someone?”

“Zhou Li doesn’t hold that kind of feeling towards Liu Yuan. Why should I be jealous?”

“That still doesn’t make sense,” Chen Keyao said. “If it had been me, I would have given Liu Yuan a kick just now. That person has left, and you’re still looking so longingly behind him. He will not become yours no matter how much you look at him. Stop looking!”

Rong Yi wanted to laugh: “You just called him darling.”

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Chen Keyao smiled and shook his head, but said nothing.

The car moved on so quietly for a while. Rong Yi stared out of the window and began to feel a little drowsy.

Just as he rested his head on the seat, Chen Keyao suddenly opened his mouth again and said, “Don’t listen to that fellow’s nonsense. I never dated him.”


“I asked just now,” said Chen Keyao. “I had a good relationship with him at that time. I often made jokes about him, so much so that maybe he took it seriously.”

“What kind of joke can cause him that kind of misunderstanding?” Rong Yi was a little doubtful.

Chen Keyao did not answer.

When Rong Yi’s blurred eyes were almost closed, he suddenly heard the voice from the driver’s seat.

“Well, I think the two of us are actually quite suitable for each other, so we might as well get together.”

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Rong Yi sat up straight with wide eyes.

Then I heard Chen Keyao continue to say, “… That sort of thing.”


“Later on they said they’d beat me up if I said that again. I was afraid they would feel too embarrassed to lose it to me even if all of them fight me together.”

“You’re sick,” Rong Yi closed his eyes again. “I’m going to sleep. Don’t disturb me any more.”

Chen Keyao did not reply, but quietly turned on the backseat heating.

But in fact, Rong Yi couldn’t sleep now.

His eyes closed, he tried to change positions several times, but nothing felt right. In the end, he even started to feel a little restless.

People who like to talk nonsense are especially annoying.

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Special, special, special, annoying.

“Rong Yi?” Chen Keyao suddenly called his name.

His voice was very soft. Rong Yi closed his eyes and tried to pretend that she had fallen asleep and hadn’t heard him.

Then he heard this fellow continue to speak at that volume and say, “I think the two of us are actually quite suitable for each other, so we might as well…”

“Get out of here!” Rong Yi sat up and kicked his seat hard. “If you keep talking this nonsense, I’ll beat you up!”

Chen Keyao did shut up.

It was obvious that the tension in their relationship had eased off not long ago. But somehow, every time the atmosphere was slightly better, it would always turn sour for a variety of inexplicable reasons.

Rong Yi even began to wonder how Chen Keyao had not been killed alive so far. Then, on second thought, probably most of the people who were mad at him, just like himself, could not beat him in a fight.

He had good foresight to have practised martial arts when he was a child.

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Rong Yi originally intended to return to his room immediately and refused to have any further communication with this person, but as soon as he stepped into the door, he noticed a slight anomaly.

Before the door was opened, it was locked and the light was not turned on at home. But at first glance it didn’t feel right. Rong Yi opened the door of his room for ventilation when he went out today. But now the door was closed.

He couldn’t tell if he was too paranoid for a moment, so he looked back at Chen Keyao by his side subconsciously, and then found that he was also frowning.

He also subconsciously lowered his voice while talking to Rong Yi, pointing to the sofa in the living room: “Where’s my laptop?”

Rong Yi’s eyes followed his pointing and there were only two cushions on the sofa. But before they went out, Chen Keyao seemed to be lying there typing away on his laptop.

The two men looked at each other in the darkness, and then together they looked towards the dark room without lights on.

Rong Yi’s subconsciously bent down and tiptoed to go inside. Half a step, he was pulled back.

Chen Keyao pulled him behind himself and put a finger on his lips.

“Don’t move,” he said, pointing to Rong Yi’s cell phone. “Wait here, run and call the police there’s anything wrong.”

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Rong Yi hesitated and nodded.

But as he watched Chen Keyao hold his breath and moved in slowly, he couldn’t help but follow two steps forward.

At this tense and solemn moment, a light suddenly lit up behind the closed door of Rong Yi’s room. The light seeped through the gaps around the door and lit up the dark room, which startled both of them at the same time.

Soon footsteps came from the room. Rong Yi grasped Chen Keyao’s hand in a panic.

Just as they looked subconsciously at each other again, the door opened.

Behind the door stood a slender, long-haired woman in pyjamas. She frowned and rubbed her eyes. Her voice was soft and tender.

“Yao Yao, are you back?”

The author’s notes.

Rong Yi: If you say that again, I’ll beat you up!

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In the heart of the seemingly quiet Mr. Chen: … If you don’t agree, just say so. Why are you being so cross with me?

In the heart of the seemingly quiet Mr. Chen: You can’t get an upper hand, either.

In the heart of the seemingly quiet Mr. Chen: …

In the heart of the seemingly quiet Mr. Chen: ………..

In the heart of the seemingly quiet Mr. Chen: sobbing

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