Chapter 30: This is Rong Yi, my boyfriend.Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

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Chapter 30: This is Rong Yi, my boyfriend.

Translator: DragonRider

Chen Keyao gave a long sigh of relief and raised his hand to turn on the light in the corridor.

Then he said in a quite helpless tone, knowing not whether to laugh or cry: “Sister Lan, when did you come back?”


This petite sister Lan just opened her mouth then the sleepiness on her face was replaced by a bit of excitement as her gaze fell on Rong Yi’s and Chen Keyao’s hands that were now held together, “Ah, this is?”

Rong Yi, startled, hastened to draw back his hand as if getting an electric shock. He even wiped his hand on the coat twice.

Never did he expect that Chen Keyao would cast him a quick glance and grab his hand back, interlocking their fingers in a split second.

Rong Yi didn’t even have a minute to react. He looked at this Alpha with bewilderment and then was struck dumb by his following speech.

“This is Rong Yi, my boyfriend I told you about,” Chen Keyao said. “You see, I’m not lying.”

Excuse me? Your what? Boyfriend?

Rong Yi just stood there, dumbstruck, as Sister Lan walked over.

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“Hello, Xiao Rong,” she greeted as she sized Rong Yi up. “I am…”

“Honey,” Chen Keyao turned to look at Rong Yi. “This is our mother.”

Rong Yi was dumbstruck again.

Judging by her appearance, it was hard to imagine her having a son that big with her age and size. But the more serious issue at this point was, what the hell was this Alpha doing with that frantic winking?

Though completely at a loss, Rong Yi still managed a smile after slight hesitation, “Auntie, glad to see you.”

“I’m so sorry for my messy wear,” Sister Lan looked shy and embarrassed with her disheveled hair and pajamas. “Ah, I’ve slept in the guest room, is it yours?”

“It doesn’t matter. I…” Rong Yi blurted out of consciousness but then got stuck halfway.

It actually did matter! Where should he sleep at night with her in his room?!

“Right, you must be sleeping in the same room with Yaoyao,” Sister Lan finished his words. “Look how stupid I am.”

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Probably fearing that he would speak something irreparable, Chen Keyao who had stayed mute all the while kept tickling Rong Yi’s palm, which caused Rong Yi to get goose bumps all over.

“Sister Lan, please get back to your room. You’re in pajamas,” Chen Keyao spoke to his mother as he pulled Rong Yi to his own room. “It’s late. We should all get some sleep. If you have anything we can talk about it tomorrow.”

Rong Yi couldn’t refrain himself any longer the moment Chen Keyao gingerly closed the door.

He pulled his hand back and pointed at Chen Keyao’s nose, asking, “What the hell is all this about?”

“Please!” Chen Keyao pleaded with his fingers crossed. “Please help me. She’ll stay for only two or three days at most.”

“I rented that room! I paid for it!” Rong Yi stressed.

“…You can live the room for free, is that okay?” asked Chen Keyao as he put a finger before his lips. “Hush, keep your voice down or she may hear us.”

Seeing that Rong Yi still refused to talk, Chen Keyao hurried to pull over a sofa that looked extremely comfortable, “Please take a seat.”

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Rong Yi hesitated only for a while before he sat down in the soft cushion that felt even more comfortable than expected. So he was in a better mood.

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“What’s going on?” Rong Yi asked after adjusting for a better position in the sofa.

“She is always worried about me being single. So she keeps arranging blind dates for me. I’m so fed up with that so I told her that I have a boyfriend and already got engaged,” Chen Keyao said, pulling his own hair. “I originally thought that she is so far and wouldn’t…”

“She can easily see through your lies as long as she talks to your father.”

“That is not possible,” Chen Keyao waved his hand. “They hardly talk.”


Chen Keyao seemed not willing to talk about it but continued, “She only knows I like Alpha. But she keeps arranging Alpha girls for me. I just don’t like them.”

Rong Yi got it immediately. This was a gay, an utter gay. The natural law of opposites attract simply didn’t apply to him.

But it seemed Sister Lan also took him as an Alpha. And compared to Chen Keyao’s father who was so strongly against Chen Keyao’s sex orientation, she seemed quite ready to accept it.

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“She rarely comes back after remarrying a foreigner. I guess she wouldn’t stay for long, so could you please…share the room?” Chen Keyao ventured gingerly. “You don’t have to pay the rent this month, will that work?”

“How can we share a room?” Rong Yi tossed in the sofa and though quite agitated, he didn’t wat to get up because it felt so comfortable. “There is only one bed in the room!”

“That’s not even a problem,” Chen Keyao was trying to ask for the moon. “We can take turns to sleep in bed. My biological clock is…”

“I refuse!” Rong Yi finally straightened up from the comfortable sofa.

No matter how he looked like an Alpha, he was still a single, unmarried Omega. And the most intimate thing he ever did with an Alpha was kissing. And…the Alpha who got his first kiss was right in front of him! Now it would be too hard for him to take it either mentally or physically to live in the same room with Chen Keyao!

“I promise I won’t do anything!” Chen Keyao swore with both hands up to show his sincerity.

Rong Yi looked at with a frown.

“Well, actually, you don’t have to tell such a lie. You can just tell her that you broke up with your boyfriend. And I am only a normal tenant. That sounds reasonable enough to me.”

“…You’re right,” Chen Keyao said. “But that’s already too late.”

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Rong Yi was choked and the words just stuck in his throat. He actually really wanted to say, “I doubt that you’re deliberately taking advantage of me.”

Chen Keyao’s room was much bigger than Rong Yi’s. Though he had lived in the house for quite some time, he didn’t ever get a chance to see this room clearly. Now he looked at it, he found this room quite well-equipped.

Besides the desk, book shelf and a huge bed, there was a multifunctional treadmill in the corner, one desktop and one notebook on the computer desk. Next to it seemed to be a store room. On the wall hung quite a few strange things, among which a painting scroll looked a bit familiar as Chen Keyao had specially showed it to him. The book shelf was quite huge with appalling number of books.

Rong Yi nested in the sofa and rotated it to get a complete view of the room before his eyes fell on the door of the bathroom.

The faint sound of rushing water through the wooden door forced him to start imagining again.

Rong Yi shook his head hard, feeling it too awful. So he decided that he’d better take shower in the bathroom in the living room, or Chen Keyao would hear everything. And he would be mad if he saw Chen Keyao vomiting after pushing the bathroom door open.

As he wondered, the running water stopped. And Rong Yi hastened to wriggle in the sofa to move it to face another angle.

“I’m done,” Chen Keyao voice came as the door creaked open. “It just came to me that your clothes must be still in your room?”

“…of course.”

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“You can try mine. They’re all new,” Chen Keyao said, waking to his wardrobe. “We’re about the same build. So the size should be same.”

Rong Yi glanced back quickly.

‘Shit, this guy’s all dressed up after the shower. If I can’t see what I want to see, is there any POINT in enduring all this inconvenience and staying in this room for the night?’

Chen Keyao, who knew nothing about his psychological activities, took out a set of clothes and handed them over: “If you go in now, it’s still warm.”

Rong Yi shot him a glance before standing up “I’ll take the shower outside.”

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Rong Yi was standing under the shower and quietly doubted life.

It was weird. He and Chen Keyao had been bickering since yesterday afternoon, but how did it end up like this?

However, though Chen Keyao had been talking back in an extremely childish way, he himself seemed to be the only one upset by it. That careless Alpha didn’t seem to take it seriously.

That being the case, he who took it to heart seemed to be the one being childish.

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Yet no matter he took their previous bickering to heart or not, he couldn’t bear to sleep in the one-bed room with Chen Keyao. Rong Yi thought as he turned off the shower, “Maybe it’s better that I sleep in a hotel tomorrow night. Chen Keyao said that I don’t have to pay the rent this month. That can completely cover the expense of two hotel nights.”

Before returning to Chen Keyao’s room, Rong Yi specially made a special detour to get a scroll of garbage bags. He immediately threw the bags at Chen Keyao who was typing his notebook.

“Why do you give me this?” Chen Keyao looked puzzled.

“Just vomit when you feel sick,” Rong Yi said, throwing him a glance.


Chen Keyao was stunned for a moment then unexpectedly blushed for the first time!

Rong Yi had to work the next day, so, like it or not, he had to go to bed for some sleep.

But after lying on Chen Keyao’s bed, he found that both of them had miscalculated.

Even with long-acting inhibitors, it was impossible to get rid of pheromone residues in a lot of things that one was exposed to on a daily basis. When Rong Yi lay on the pillow, turned his back to Chen Keyao who was sitting before the computer table and closed his eyes, a faint and seductive smell drifted into his nose.

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It was too mild a smell to affect his mind, but it could not be completely ignored.

Rong Yi turned the pillow upside down and found it not helping at all. So he simply got out of bed and walked out of the room.

When he came back to the room with the sofa cushion in his arms, Chen Keyao looked puzzled: “Isn’t one pillow enough for you to sleep on?”

“I detest you,” RongYi said.


Chen Keyao didn’t say a word as he watched Rong Yi threw the pillow on the stool by the bedside, and then closed his eyes while resting his head on the cushion.

After a few minutes, the sleepless Rong Yi opened his eyes again: “You are so noisy.”

“What?” Chen Keyao looked up blankly. “I didn’t make a sound, did I?”


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“Oh…” Chen Keyao thought for a while then closed the lid of the notebook, and moved to the desktop by the side, “Then I’ll stop typing. Go back to sleep.”

Rong Yi got back into the quilt again and closed his eyes.

But he couldn’t sleep.

After tossing and turning several times, he suddenly heard movement near the bed again.

Chen Keyao seemed to stand up, then the footsteps moved towards the door. He opened the door, went out and came back in just a moment.

After his seat squeaked again, Rong Yi heard the sound of ripping the lid off the yogurt.

“…You’re making a lot of noise,” Rong Yi mumbled with his eyes closed.

The author’s note:

Sister Lan went back to the room, opened the bedside table and found a box of opened strawberry flavored condom.

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