Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 34: Have you two had any intercourse lately?

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Chapter 34: Have you two had any intercourse lately?
Translator: DragonRider
It was not until he got into bed at night did Rong Yi suddenly realize something.

Yesterday he had clearly made up his mind that he’d go out to stay somewhere else. How did he still end up sleeping in this bed for no reason?

Maybe it was because he was ill. Although the fever was gone, he still felt a little bit unwell. At a time like this, Chen Keyao was sure to worry about him if he moved out to stay somewhere alone.

He might feel a little guilty, or even blame himself, and become a sad and miserable burly guy.

So the fact that he came back obediently could be seen as a charitable deed for Chen Keyao.

Rong Yi persuaded himself successfully and then snuggled into the duvet even further.

It was less than half an hour ago that he took his temperature again, which had completely subsided. But somehow, although it was still before his usual sleep time, he began to feel fuzzy already.

He turned carefully under the duvet and looked at Chen Keyao, who was sitting at the computer desk with his glasses as he did yesterday.

This guy had three yogurt cups in front of him. His face was constantly changing colour with the light and shadow reflected from the computer screen. Nine times out of ten, he must be watching a movie again. It seemed that his editor’s tearful complaints had not made any positive impact on him.

Rong Yi peeked at him for a while, then turned over again and pulled the duvet up a bit more.

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Maybe it was because his nose was covered, he felt more and more drowsy. But this duvet had a good smell, and after a while, it felt very soothing, and intoxicating.

Rong Yi’s hazy mind thought to himself: better go to sleep earlier; you can’t ask for leave again tomorrow.

But he was woken up by Chen Keyao in the middle of the night.

Before he became fully awake, he was in a nightmare. The dream was chaotic and fragmented, with no specific plot. It was impossible to summarize or recount, only a variety of discomfort overlapping with each other repeatedly, making him irritable. During his vain repeated struggles, Chen Keyao’s voice suddenly came around and turned into a gentle force that pulled him out of such a marsh gradually.

When he opened his eyes, someone was busy covering his duvet in the darkness.

Rong Yi looked at him confusedly and then asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong…”

As he spoke, he found his throat totally dry and hoarse.

Chen Keyao covered him up with the duvet that had been kicked off mostly, and then put his hand over his forehead. A moment later, without saying a word, he turned and walked out of the room, leaving Rong Yi alone wrapped up like a cocoon, half awake and at a loss.

Fortunately, Chen Keyao came back quickly with a thermometer in his hand.

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“Your forehead is hot. Did you have a nightmare just now?” As he spoke, he motioned Rong Yi to hold the thermometer well in his mouth.

Rong Yi opened his mouth, pressed the thermometer beneath his tongue, and then said: “It looks like…”

“Don’t talk.” Chen Keyao interrupted him.

What? You asked me a question yourself. Rong Yi was feeling aggrieved.

Three minutes later, Chen Keyao took the thermometer from his mouth, walked to the lamp and examined it for a while, then frowned immediately.

“Get up and put on your clothes,” Chen Keyao lifted his arm to turn on the room light. “I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“… Ah? ” Rong Yi was at a loss. “High temperature again?”

“Thirty-nine degrees point one,” Chen Keyao saw that Rong Yi did not move, so he simply went to the bedside to help him get his clothes, “Hurry up, leave it any longer and your brain will be burned to lose its intelligence.”

There were not many emergency patients in the middle of the night.

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Rong Yi got off the car and was led around by Chen Keyao. They went out in such a hurry that Chen Keyao, who lacked normal life common senses, forgot to bring his medical insurance card so they had to fill in the form again.

Chen Keyao was particularly anxious, but Rong Yi himself was very relaxed. He felt as if he wasn’t that unwell at all. He was just feeling somewhat light in weight, which was not much different from the last time when he was drunk.

The fever was one point degree higher after the pre-test, which frightened Chen Keyao very much. Rong Yi comforted him by saying, “Don’t worry. It’s okay. If the worst comes to the worst, I’ll just become a brainless idiot. Ha ha ha ha ha.”

Chen Keyao was terrified.

Finally they got into the clinic. The doctor asked for some simple information, looking contemplative.

“There was a low fever during the day but no other discomfort. It could be pheromone disorder.” The doctor then asked, “The form was filled out correctly. You’re an Omega, right?”

Chen Keyao answered for him, “Yes, that’s right.”

“Are you his Alpha?”

“No, I’m his…” Chen Keyao took a moment before he continued, “I’m his friend.”

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“Oh,” the doctor nodded. “Have you two had any intercourse lately?”


“Yes?” The doctor went on questioning calmly.

Two people shook their heads together.

“Let’s do a test first.” The doctor said.

Rong Yi took antipyretics and sat in the hall waiting for the test report, while Chen Keyao, not far away, was throwing up into the trash can.

If it hadn’t been for his still very weak steps, Rong Yi would have dashed over to kick this fellow’s ass.

When Chen Keyao came back wiping his mouth, Rong Yi gave him a stare immediately. Unfortunately, the stare was really feeble, without any killing power, but caused the other one’s misunderstanding instead.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Keyao looked concerned. “Feeling unwell again?”

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“Was it really that bad?” Rong Yi looked down at the floor in front of him. “The doctor just asked routinely, and even that could cause a nausea to this extent?”

“No, I just…” Chen Keyao looked embarrassed. “I just can’t stand the smell of the disinfectant here. Don’t over-interpret.”

It’d been a long time since they came in here. He didn’t only just smell it. Why did he only start vomiting now?

This was such an excuse.

However, he would feel humiliated if he made a thorough inquiry about this, so Rong Yi simply ignored him.

He didn’t want to talk to Chen Keyao, but Chen Keyao kept bothering him, asking him if he was thirsty and if he felt better after taking the medicine. He was then quiet for a little while, but again asked him if he felt sleepy and if he would like to close his eyes and rest for a while.

When Chen Keyao said the last sentence, he looked down at the floor just like Rong Yi: “You can rest your head on my shoulder.”

Rong Yi thought to himself: I don’t want to do that.

Then he turned to look at Chen Keyao’s face and his shoulders. He then closed his eyes and leaned his head carefully onto Chen Keyao’s shoulder.

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The diagnosis turned out to be pheromone disorder.

One thing that many young people who had been accustomed to long-term inhibitors since differentiation often overlook was that the routine physiological oestrus cycles were only suppressed by drugs, not completely stopped. Because it was more or less against the instincts, so an Omega’s body was relatively a little weaker than usual during this period, and it responded more notably to Alpha’s pheromones.

Rong Yi’s situation was obviously that he had been exposed to Alpha’s pheromone for a long time unconsciously. His body naturally wanted to respond, but was suppressed by drugs. He couldn’t get estrus so he got a fever instead.

Such examples were rare, but only among a very small number of Omegas who had never had a close relationship with Alpha.

Judging from the recent experience, it seemed that it was because they were taking turns sleeping in the same bed that the problem had arisen.

After prescribing the medicine, the doctor said in a very understated way, “Actually, it’s only due to a lack of such contact previously. Just do it once and you’ll be fine.”

Rong Yi blushed.

He dared not say a word, and at the same time, he was secretly worried that Chen Keyao would throw up into the trash can again once they were out.

… Just thinking about it was making Rong Yi very angry.

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Chen Keyao was very strong this time.

He did not vomit, but his face was pale and his steps were a bit floaty.

Under Rong Yi’s dissatisfied stare, he showed a very guilty conscience.

“My fault,” he confessed voluntarily, “I will find another place to live for Sister Lan when we get back. You’d better take another day off and have a good rest today?

Rong Yi looked up at the sky, which was already dimmed with a whitish colour like a fish belly, and his thoughts were somewhat tangled up.

Everyone were all still busy at work. If he took two days off in a row just because he was a team leader, it wouldn’t look good. However, if he went to the company in this state of health, he really couldn’t do much at all.

Once inside Chen Keyao’s car, he lay curled up on the back seat, feeling very uncomfortable in every part of his body.

“I have no place to rest when I’m back.” He complained in a low voice.

“Sister Lan should almost wake up,” said Chen Keyao. “I’ll ask her to tidy up and return the room to you.”

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Rong Yi lay with his eyes closed for a while and said, “What do you want to tell sister Lan?”

“Just say you’re not feeling well.”

“… Then what would she think of me, “said Rong Yi. “I don’t think that’s a very good reason.”

Chen Keyao suddenly laughed. But after laughing, he didn’t give any reply, so it was all quiet in the car.

Rong Yi finally couldn’t help asking, “What are you laughing at?”

“Don’t you think what you just said sounds like…”


Chen Keyao shook his head: “Nothing.”

Only saying things in half was particularly annoying. Rong Yi, reluctant to let it go, kicked his seat and said, “Just say it!”

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“Don’t kick please,” Chen Keyao was anxious. “I spent some money having that print you kicked cleaned last time!”

Rong Yi hurriedly pulled back his foot.

“I won’t kick, and you tell me then.”

“Sounds like… you’re very much into this pretending game,” said Chen Keyao. “Sounds like you are afraid that your future mother-in-law wouldn’t like you.”

Rong Yi immediately broke his promise: “I’ll kick you to death!”

In the end, Rong Yi knew nothing about how Chen Keyao communicated with Sister Lan.

When he got home, he immediately took a nap on the sofa in the living room. By the time he woke up, it was already broad daylight. Chen Keyao, who had been busy all night, went to bed, but Sister Lan was nowhere to be found. On the tea table next to the sofa was a note that said, “The room is all yours. If you wake up hungry and have no appetite, help yourself with the yogurt in the fridge. Don’t try to be too polite.”

It was well past the work start time, Rong Yi hesitated for a while and then called the company to ask for leave.

After taking the medicine and drinking a cup of yoghurt, he returned to his room that he had been missing for so long and found a very cheap-looking Khaki plastic bag on the table.

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Inside the bag it was the derivative products of his idol Mo Yufei that he had just received yesterday. Chen Keyao deliberately picked an extremely ugly bag to hold all these. He really did have a very twisted mind.

Rong Yi quickly took out all these treasures carefully.

Deliberately belittling someone’s idol in front of other people was a very inelegant thing, but keeping talking about an idol knowing that the other person didn’t like his idol was not a mature act either.

Rong Yi understood this logic, but for some reason, he just didn’t want to let this one go. Since Chen Keyao was the landlord, if he said that these things were not allowed on display in the apartment, that was fine, but surely it was reasonable to change the case of his own mobile phone?

As he was picking up the phone case, a rectangular card suddenly fell out of it.

Rong Yi picked it up and took a look. He was absolutely beside himself.

It was a special ticket for Mo Yufei’s fan club meeting!

The author’s notes.

Teacher CHEN: Doctor, please don’t say that any more. I can’t help but have images running through my mind. My goodness, not just images, but also sound effects. Why is this sound effect so real and disgusting?

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