Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 36: What a nuisance Chen Keyao is!

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Chapter 36: What a nuisance Chen Keyao is!
Translator: DragonRider
On the second day when he went to work, Rong Yi, who had just had a high fever, was refreshed and high-spirited.

But in order to relieve his colleagues’ unnecessary resistance, he still put on a sluggish look when he came to the company.

After a brief understanding of the progress of the work, his colleagues told him that client company would like them to send someone over again today. Rong Yi had always been in charge of this task, but he had been acting too hard this morning, which made his colleagues a little worried.

And no one else was willing to volunteer to deal with client company. Halfway through his struggle, client company just called and after a brief communication, said on the other side of the phone, “Xiao Liu said he can go to your company.”

There was only one Xiao Liu in client company.

Though careless, Liu Yuan was really a good person. When he heard that Rong Yi had just recovered from his serious illness, without saying a word, he offered to go to Rong Yi’s company for the communication.

Rong Yi was moved and ashamed, recalling his short fancy to him.

While waiting in the office to prepare materials, he thought quietly that if he was still single, it would mean that his little sentiment would revive.

After thinking about it, he didn’t feel quite right.

‘I AM single, aren’t I?’

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No boyfriend, not even a secret crush, single completely and thoroughly. But the little flame of passion in his heart could not be ignited at all.

It was unusual. When Rong Yi came to think about it, ten to one, it was because he had become too familiar with Liu Yuan.

The good person who couldn’t even ignite his passion, Liu Yuan knew nothing about the psychological activities of Rong Yi. After the work was checked, he even took the initiative to care about his health.

The two men sat in the meeting room and chatted for a while. And Rong Yi just couldn’t get his attention off the small ornament hanging on Liu Yuan’s briefcase.

A fluffy hamster that looked familiar. It was cute, but it didn’t match a tall Alpha like Liu Yuan.

Rong Yi started imagining again.

When the work was over, while Liu Yuan was still sorting out the materials, Rong Yi tentatively asked: “You put this on your bag, isn’t it…”

Before he finished, Liu Yuan blushed.

“It’s nothing but fun!”

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“Oh.” Rong Yi nodded, but his sight remained cheerful.

“I really am, I am, that…” Liu Yuan scratched his ears and cheeks. “I think it’s quite cute, so I just…I just carried for fun!”

Rong Yi licked his lips a little excitedly: “Which one is cute? This key ring, or the one who gave you the…”

“Key ring!” Liu Yuan interrupted loudly.

Rong Yi couldn’t help laughing.

Although the protagonist was not himself, this plot was really cute, which made him particularly eager to push the development of plot.

But Liu Yuan misunderstood him.

“… You really don’t need to over-interpret it,” he frowned. “I’m not that kind of person.”

Rong Yi did not quite get it: “Which kind?”

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But instead answering the question, he looked at Rong Yi and suddenly asked, “What is the matter with you and Keyao?”

“What?” Rong Yi was stunned.

The next second, awkward memories suddenly poured into his brain.

The old drama, which he had always forgotten to explain, had been selectively forgotten by him. Never did he expect Liu Yuan to take it to heart.

“I’ve told you that there is nothing between us.” Rong Yi felt that his face was burning. “You also know that he has a special sexual orientation, right?”

Liu Yuan looked at him, saying nothing.

“I… The box was bought at the night before when I got drunk,” Rong Yi tried to avoid the most shameful point. “Chen Keyao deliberately took it out to laugh at me.”

Liu Yuan doubted it, but gave up pressing for a more solid explanation with a sigh.

“I shouldn’t have been too inquisitive with your business,” he said, bowing his head and putting the materials in his case. “But… Zhou Li is very good. Since you’re with him, you’d…”

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Rong Yi was stunned, then suddenly was enlightened.

He undertook so many businesses of pretending to be a boyfriend that he forgot it carelessly. In Liu Yuan’s recognition, he and Zhou Li were still a couple.

Therefore, the drama between he and Chen Keyao, in Liu Yuan’s eyes, was a serious sign of having an affair.

God knows how complex Liu Yuan’s mood was when facing them three these days.

But before the explanation escaped his tongue, Rong Yi felt inappropriate.

It was obvious Liu Yuan had feelings for Zhou Li. Although Rong Yi intended to match them up, he couldn’t ignore the wishes of Zhou Li himself. He had to ask Zhou Li first before deciding whether to explain the whole matter to Liu Yuan.

What’s more, if he told Liu Yuan the truth at this moment, this guy would no doubt behave ingratiatingly like he did when he first met Zhou Li. Rong Yi was afraid that Zhou would be mad about that. In that case, Liu Yuan wouldn’t even stand a chance.

The matter must be considered in the long run.

If Liu Yuan wanted to tangle over the matter, let him.

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Rong Yi was wholeheartedly happy about being a matchmaker. Not until on the way back home off work did he suddenly come back to himself that he himself was still a single dog who was helpless and lonely. He had nothing but an imaginary husband who lived in the camera far away.

It had been a long time since Alpha that would make his heart thump appeared. Occupied with trivial matters besides work this whole time, he didn’t even get a chance to meet new friends. Maybe it was probably because he was too old to afford too much enthusiasm. The last time he fell in love at first sight was…

Before he could recall the exact time, the scene when he first met Chen Keyao popped into his mind.

Rong Yi stood in the railway, flustered.

It turned out that he could still recall the feelings of love at first sight, the rapid heart beating.

He held the rail, lowered his head, and swallowed hard before he took deep breathes that still failed to cool the scarlet heat on his face.

‘How annoying! Come on! Please give me a tall, handsome Alpha to divert my attention. And it’s okay even if he is not so tall and handsome. Just be a bit agreeable to the eyes. And it doesn’t matter if he is a bit shorter than myself. I just need someone to rest my germinating mind and restless feelings.’

Before he went home, he had to go to the supermarket.

His landlord was crying for food.

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Rong Yi pushed the cart toward the target counter and filled his mind with imagination. If a man suddenly rushed out of the corner and bumped into his cart, and the things in the man’s arms scattered all over the floor. He offered to pick up the things for him out of kindness, and looked up to find that the other was a handsome Alpha as if Apollo had come down to the world. In order to express his apologies and gratitude, the 1.95 meters tall Alpha, with six-pack abs, fruity voice and appealing legs, invited him to have dinner together.

Damn! He couldn’t accept offer because he had to cook for his landlord.

What a nuisance Chen Keyao was! This annoying guy just popped out to stop his beautiful imagination!

Rong Yi was concentrating on spurning his landlord when a shopping cart came out of the corner and crashed into his.

He raised his head with a jolt, and then he was startled, but not at all pleased.

Behind the shopping cart stood a child who was playing with the cart as a scooter. And not far behind him, a slightly fat male Alpha was hurrying over with the body fat shaking fast.

When his eyes met Rong Yi’s, his expression froze.

What a small world! Wasn’t that the one he once had secretly carried a torch for? What was his name…Li…something?

The embarrassment was suffocating, yet that kid knew nothing about this and jumped merrily toward that man: “Daddy you also try!”

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Rong Yi was astonished.

After all, the last time he interacted with this person was to block unnecessary pursuit for Zhou Li. Never did Rong Yi expect that this greasy man who tried to molest his subordinate had such a big kid. That was too shameless of him!

This Li, with somewhat guilty conscience, lowered his head and whispered a few words to scold his son before pushing the cart to leave.

Rong Yi stood there, involuntarily stealing several glances toward the kid.

It was a kid of about 4 or 5 years old, a boy from what he wore. His features demonstrated some resemblance to that of his father back in high school, quite handsome.

Rong Yi couldn’t help bad-mouthing as he lamented how time flies, muttering as he brushed past the Li something, “Shame on you!”

This Li somehow reacted violently upon hearing that. He turned back and shot Rong Yi a stare, fuming, “Don’t try to lecture me. You’re not eligible.”

Rong Yi finally remembered that he and Zhou Li were disguised couple: “I said this for my boyfriend. Am I not eligible?”

“Xiao Ran?” Not far away came suddenly came a strange voice, “What’s the matter, met a friend?”

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Rong Yi looked in the direction of the voice, only to see a very thin young Omega.

The Omega walked to their side, very naturally picked up the child, and then gave Rong Yi a polite smile.

He should be Li Xiaoran’s partner.

His appearance was no match for Zhou Li’s, but still far better to match this fat and greasy Li Xiaoran. And appearance was never an excuse to have an affair.

As an Omega, he was bound by a common hatred for cheating Alphas. Although meddling in other people’s domestic affairs was not wise, Rong Yi could not help but be meddlesome at this point.

He looked at Li Xiaoran, “Now that you’re married, it is not proper to pester other Omega, is it?”

The Omega holding the child was stunned for a moment, then turned his head to look at his partner beside him.

Li Xiaoran bristled with anger, kicking the shopping cart: “What the fucking nonsense are you talking about? Who do you think yourself are, a saint?”

Those two sentences were spoke loudly. The child being held in the Omega’s arms was smiling but then was scared into loud cry the next second.

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Rong Yi was also at a loss. He was not a warmonger and was nervous about an aggressive Alpha.

Many people looked at him, and some even began to whisper.

Just then, a man in a suit and tie with a card stuck to his chest walked quickly over.

“Guests, what can I do for you?” He moved closer and quickly scanned the faces of them three. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Rong Yi, who had been a little flustered just now, looked back at the man’s face and blushed.

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