Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 4: I have a boyfriend!!!

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Chapter 4: I have a boyfriend!!!
Translator: DragonRider
Because of this handkerchief which never existed, Rong Yi had a chance to enjoy a sweet date for the second time in his life.

Just like the last time, neither of them questioned why they should go to a cinema to hand over a handkerchief.

Rong Yi sat in the dark theater with a popcorn bucket in his hands, thinking nothing about the things being played on the screen.

Instead, he was calculating secretly how to let their hands touch naturally according to the frequency of Chen Keyao grabbing the popcorn.

Then Rong Yi found that the best way was to put his hand in the bucket and keep still. Waiting was always the most convenient way.

As the helicopter in the screen roared, Chen Keyao leaned over and whispered to Rong Yi’s ear, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

In the meantime, he didn’t let go of his hand which was grabbing Rong Yi’s finger.

Rong Yi didn’t utter a single word.

He was completely frozen and couldn’t move a bit. The only thing that was still operating vigorously in his body was the heart in his chest. In fact, Rong Yi even got dizzy due to the violent jump of his heart.

After Chen Keyao had finally taken his hand out of the popcorn bucket, Rong Yi still had that roaring sound of the helicopter echoing in his brain. Then he lowered his head to look at his finger which still had the warmth of Chen Keyao.

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All right, now Rong Yi could consider himself of an Omega who had held the hand of an Alpha.

Though it seemed insignificant, it was still a huge achievement in his life.

And according to how it had developed between them, they would hug next time. And after next time, they would even kiss.

Soon enough, they would have the perfect life of having sex two times or three times every day.

Then, they would get married.

At last, they would stick to each other till their hair turned gray with many children.

Rong Yi pictured the future life of him and Chen Keyao as he grabbed a handful of popcorn and chewed it happily.


When they came out of the cinema, Rong Yi measured this Alpha to whom he had betrothed himself millions of times secretly with the corner of his eyes and suddenly had the impulsion to confess his feelings again.

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“Well,” Chen Keyao suddenly said, “Your handkerchief, I forgot to give it to you last time.”

Eh, Rong Yi almost forgot that. Well, it was true that they should at least mention that handkerchief even if it was just an excuse.

Then Rong Yi shook his head, saying, “It’s fine.”

However, he saw Chen Keyao really putting his hand in the pocket. Having pulled out a little paper sack, Chen Keyao handed it over to Rong Yi.

Ru Yi was like: ??????????

There was a handkerchief for real? But Rong Yi had never lost his handkerchief! Did Chen Keyao just want to find an excuse to give him a present? That was so romantic!

Rong Yi took it over excitedly. After he opened it carefully, he got stunned.

A folded handkerchief was lying in the paper sack.

It was a white one with rabbit and carrot pattern, which looked cute and lovely.

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Rong Yi was in a daze while looking at the handkerchief.

“Is this yours?” Chen Keyao asked.

Rong Yi didn’t know what to say. It was so obvious to whom this handkerchief belonged between the two persons on the car that day.

“I don’t have Luoluo’s number,” Chen Keyao said. “So I contacted you first.”

Now Rong Yi really felt embarrassed…

What a marvelous coincidence! Why would Luoluo be so careless?

Well, it seemed that he was the one who had been lying all the time. Under the circumstances like this, he had no choice but admit that this childish handkerchief belonged to him.

So he nodded painfully, saying “Yes, it’s mine.”

Seeing his reaction, Chen Keyao chuckled and said,

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“I was afraid that I might get wrong.” He stared at Rong Yi while saying, “After all, the style of the handkerchief looks a bit…”

Discordant with you. That was what Chen Keyao wanted to say.

Rong Yi was well aware of that. The scene of him pulling out a handkerchief like that was no difference from a dean of students performing pole dancing on the flag-raising ceremony.

But as a matter of fact, Rong Yi kind of liked those cute little objects. However, he knew that those things would look absurd on him so he never bought them. Thinking of that, he suddenly got a bit depressed.

“Hey…” Chen Keyao spoke all of a sudden. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to sneer at you. I’m just a bit happy.”

“Happy?” Rong Yi was confused.

“I always want to know about you,” Chen Keyao said. “But it seems that you never like to talk about yourself.”


After getting what he had meant, Rong Yi felt everything in his world spinning.

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“All right. Now that I’ve already returned your handkerchief,” Chen Keyao looked at him and continued, “Then… can I still ask you out without any excuses next time?”

After Rong Yi had taken a deep breath, the next thing escaped his lips was, “What’s your purpose?”

‘If you really are a fraud, please tell me it’s because of my beauty, all right?’ Rong Yi thought.

The moment Rong Yi said that, he had a really bad feeling. He had been scared that he would talk nonsense when he got nervous. So he had restrained himself until now but still let those words slip from his tongue. After reproaching himself inwardly, Rong Yi looked Chen Keyao up and down and found the latter showing an awkward expression on the face.

“Sorry,” Chen Keyao forced a dry smile. Then he went forward slowly, “I…”

After that, Chen Keyao couldn’t spit any words.

Now it was Rong Yi’s turn to get panicky. Being afraid that Chen Keyao would give him up, Rong Yi tried to make some remedies right away.

“Are you asking me out because you like me?” Rong Yi asked loudly.

However, Chen Keyao only quickened his steps, without turning around or speaking.

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That was not a good sign. Anyhow, as such a tall guy, Chen Keyao did have a delicate heart.

So Rong Yi just grabbed Chen Keyao’s wrist under the emergency like this.

While Chen Keyao finally turned around surprisingly, Rong Yi got nervous again.

“I, well, I… I’ll buy you dinner!” Rong Yi said.


There was an awkward silence in the air.

They sat at the table face to face. Chen Keyao who had always been the icebreaker remained silent all the time. Therefore, Rong Yi had to beat his brain to drive away the embarrassment.

He didn’t understand why Chen Keyao would act so weirdly. He did have said something inappropriate, but Chen Keyao overreacted. Well, it seemed that this perfect Alpha in his mind actually had a sensitive heart.

However, as the saying went, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the lover’. Rong Yi now even found Chen Keyao’s defect so cute. After all, Rong Yi was the one who had spoken carelessly. Thus he was determined to repair this relationship.

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“Sorry, I just…”

He was interrupted right away.

“It’s fine.” Chen Keyao hanged up the corner of his mouth reluctantly to Rong Yi and said, “It’s my problem. You don’t have to push yourself.”

Suddenly, a strong sense of strangeness welled up in Rong Yi’s mind.

Seeing Rong Yi knitting his eyebrows without saying anything, Chen Keyao continued, “You don’t have to feel sorry. I must have made you feel uncomfortable, I…”

Rong Yi shook his head instantly, “I don’t feel uncomfortable at all!”

Chen Keyao then looked at him.

“I’m really glad that you could ask me on a date.” Though Rong Yi was nervous, he still plucked up and said, “If you like, I hope we can always… you know… do these kinds of things…”

‘Or go further.’ Rong Yi finished that secretly in heart.

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Chen Keyao was still looking at him, without uttering anything.

“I just don’t dare to believe,” Rong Yi lowered his gaze and asked, “Why would such an excellent Alpha like you have feelings for someone like me…”

On these words, Rong Yi glanced up furtively to take a peek.

Chen Keyao wore a surprised look with a smile hanging on the corner of his mouth. Maybe the look on his face right now could be recognized as a pleasant surprise.

“I was worrying if I had been too impatient.” Chen Keyao looked at Rong Yi while saying that seriously, “Actually, you have just spitted out the words I wanted to say.”


When they walked out of the restaurant, they were holding each other’s hands.

Although it was a bit strange for two men who both looked like Alphas to walk on the street so intimately, Rong Yi had no intention to cover up their relationship. He even wanted to brag about his lover to everyone on the street.

Now he had a feeling that he was walking on an avenue which were full of flowers, with tons of angels playing music in lines on either side of the road.

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“I still find this unbelievable.”

At that moment, Rong Yi was wondering how the thoughts in his heart would be spoken out in Chen Keyao’s voice. After being in a daze for a while, he finally found out those words had actually been spitted out by the Alpha who was holding his hand.

“It never occurred to me that things would go so well,” Chen Keyao continued. “Now I even become a bit… perplexed.”

Now Rong Yi was really doubting if Chen Keyao had only said those things to cheer him up.

But Chen Keyao put on a serious look and said, “I’m really very happy.”

Rong Yi was completely intoxicated with this Alpha.

“Me too.” He said.


On the way back, he sat on the front passenger seat of Chen Keyao’s car, still in a trance.

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He had a boyfriend right now.

As a person who had been single since he was born, he had never been favored by any Alpha. Every time he confessed his feelings, he would be rejected. Even his own parents had already tacitly agreed that he would never find a partner. And now, he had a boyfriend.

Meanwhile, his boyfriend was such an extraordinary Alpha who had fit all his fantasies.

This happiness came to him so suddenly, which made him totally unprepared.

Was he really not dreaming right now?

Rong Yi pinched his thigh secretly. The pain made him joyful.


As the car parked at the door of Rong Yi’s apartment, Rong Yi finally nerved himself up after getting off the car.

“Thanks for driving me back.” He was too nervous to look at Chen Keyao, “You’ve been here for several times… Do you want to visit my apartment?”

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Chen Keyao was a bit surprised by Rong Yi’s invitation.

“… My room is in a mess.” Rong Yi clutched the seams of his trousers due to his tension and said, “Please don’t mind about that.”

The moment he finished this sentence, Rong Yi got a bit regretful.

It was already very late and asking someone to go to his room right now was clearly an invitation to something unspeakable.

Had he behaved too thirsty as an Omega?

“Of course I won’t mind.” Chen Keyao, looking as nervous as Rong Yi, said, “If you don’t mind, I…”

The phone in his pocket began to vibrate before he finished his sentence.

After looking at each other in silence for a while, this Alpha picked up the phone sullenly.

Although he had already walked a few steps away, the environment was so quiet that Rong Yi still heard him saying ‘Dad’ and ‘What are you doing there?’

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OK, it was finished.

All those dirty thoughts in his mind couldn’t be accomplished for the moment.

After Chen Keyao hanged up the phone, his face was filled with pity. Then he said,

“… I have to go back.”

“OK.” Rong Yi nodded and said, “Good night. Be careful on the road.”

However, the person who was standing in front of Rong Yi remained silent. Chen Keyao didn’t say anything, nor did he leave. He only looked at Rong Yi with a thoughtful look.

In the meantime, Rong Yi also stared at Chen Keyao.

As Rong Yi’s face became hotter and hotter, he suddenly felt the approach of happiness.

Thus, he closed his eyes silently while pressing his chest which was jumping violently.

After that, there was a warm breath approaching him as expected.

The tender touch from his lips and the vague unique smell from an Alpha exploded in his head.

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