Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 47: He is really cute.

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Chapter 47: He is really cute. Translator: DragonRider

Such fickleness. If this person was not born with a unstable mind, then he must have been provoked by something in his life.

If it was the latter, Rong Yi inevitably wanted to write a drama script again. Although other information didn’t seem to correspond with Chen Keyao’s, there were some incredible coincidences at this time.

If it really was Chen Keyao, wouldn’t that mean he is in love with me too and is bothered by the illness?

Rong Yi, who had advised himself ten thousand times that he shouldn’t expect anything from Chen Keyao, quickly wrote up a reply.

“Of course! Thank you very much for your information. If there’s something that you can’t talk to anyone in the real world, you can tell me. I was busy a few days ago so I didn’t get online. I will log in to check the information every day in the next few days. ”

He even wanted to leave his wechat to make it easier to communicate with each other, but because he had lied initially and he didn’t know whether the other party was Chen Keyao or not, he finally gave up.

Having sent the reply, he refreshed it for a long time with his mobile phone in his hand, but didn’t get any incoming updates.

The more he waited, the longer it seemed. Rong Yi decided to tidy up, and then go out for a walk first. Before he came here, he made a simple research, and found a few snack bars near the hotel that were not bad. Now that he had nothing to do and the meal on the airplane was not very filling, he might as well try these shops out one by one.


Rong Yi was a person who has a strong exploratory spirit for food. Most people will decide to come to a shop next time if they find food in that shop delicious, whereas Rong Yi would be eager to challenge himself to cook it if he found something delicious. In fact, in most cases, the replication was not perfect. After all, many famous stores had their own secret recipes, which couldn’t be easily learned. But this did not prevent Rong Yi from enjoying doing this.

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Especially after having someone to share the testing results with.

Every time he got some results, he would specially tell Chen Keyao where he had eaten this and that he wanted to try it out himself as the taste was good. He’d ask Chen Keyao, “What do you think?”

Chen Keyao, who had never learned to speak positively, would speak particularly sweetly only when he praised his cooking skills. His latest praise was full of twists and turns but still powerful: “don’t talk nonsense, I’ve eaten it in that shop. How could that be compared to what you’ve made?”

But that was two weeks ago.

Waiting for food to be served in the shop, Rong Yi suddenly fell quite low. To distract his attention, he took his mobile phone out of his pocket and swiped the screen casually.

Unlocking the lock screen, Rong Yi saw the interface of that forum immediately. After refreshing, his inbox icon was actually flashing.

Rong Yi hurried in, and the man had replied indeed.

“That’s great. I was a little worried whether the gaffe of the previous few days had scared you away. I’ve always wanted to ask a question. I don’t know if it’s convenient for you to answer. What was the reason that has caused you this kind of psychological problem? ”

This was really difficult for Rong Yi to answer.

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He couldn’t even find out the answer from Chen Keyao, because up to now he hadn’t figured out why this man was so resistant to Omegas.

After struggling for a long time, he suddenly remembered a sentence that someone had said in the comments under the original post.

“Are you the kind of extremist who can’t accept the fact that someone will become moist automatically?”

This reason was a little vulgar, implicitly sexist, but more realistic than anything else.

Rong Yi was still embarrassed to copy the original words, so he made a euphemism.

“I can’t accept that someone is of the same sex as my first gender, but there are so many differences in the body structure and function. I feel very uncomfortable, and it causes nausea and vomiting whenever I think about that.”

The theory seen on the Internet, combined with Chen’s actual symptoms, sounded very reasonable.

Rong Yi pressed ‘send’ with ease.

When he finished that bowl of shrimp wonton, he refreshed the page and found that the other person had replied.

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“Bro, why do you bother to visualise other people’s body structure and function in your brain?”

Rong Yi couldn’t answer, and was embarrassed. His face and even his ears were all red. He pondered over his phone for a long time and tried to come up with a reply.

“Of course not at other times, but if it’s a love interest, it’s hard to avoid thinking about something subconsciously.”

This time, the other side immediately agreed.

“That’s right. I’ve been bothered by this recently too. The doctor told me to avoid such a situation for a little while by controlling ourselves daily and don’t think much about it. I tried. It was hard. I can’t do it really. The doctor also said that I could also just let my thoughts go wild, maybe I would desensitize eventually. I tried it too. How could my body stand that? It’s really hard. ”

It sounded pretty miserable, but somehow the whole picture became funny after Chen Keyao was put into the role.

After laughing, Rong Yi opened the reply window, biting his lips and typing carefully.

“So you’ve still fallen in love with the Omega you mentioned in your post, haven’t you?”

Actually, Rong Yi didn’t feel particularly nervous when typing, but after pressing the send button, Rong Yi’s heart felt like a beating drum.

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In such a state, he refreshed the page at least dozens of times, and walked all the way from the wonton store to the fried rice cake shop, and finally received a reply.


Rong Yi took a breath in an instant, holding his phone and afraid to move.

He pressed his lips tightly, and his mind was in a chaos. He wanted to be happy, but he dared not. ‘Right, we should first confirm whether this person is Chen Keyao or not. How to confirm? Is it abrupt to ask directly?’

He was so nervous that, when a hand suddenly appeared in front of him: “Your fried rice cake. Be careful not to burn your hand.” Rong Yi was so startled from his preoccupation that he let out a scream on the spot which shocked everyone around him.

Rong Yi took over the fried rice cake and ran away with a red face. After a few steps, he remembered that he hadn’t paid yet. He was so ashamed that he turned back immediately to run to the shop, only to find that the boss had stepped out of the guardrail, ready to chase after him, a free loader.

It was super embarrassing. Rong Yi estimated with some reservation that this scene would be enough for him to reminisce for 30 years when he was lying in bed on sleepless nights.

However, the boss also realised that he was just being careless, so he comforted him instead. Although he said, “I meet such absent-minded young man every day. You don’t have to feel so embarrassed, young man.” but his face, which was so red because he was trying to suppress his laugh, betrayed his real thoughts.

Rong Yi paid for it, walked away with the fried rice cake in his hand, and buried his head in it all the way, trying to ease his grief with delicious food.

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When he finally finished the whole fried rice cake, the sticky glutinous rice was so sticky that he could hardly open his mouth, so he went to the sugar water shop and drank a bowl of sugar water. After that, his brain suddenly remembered the important matter after having been in a muddled state for a long time.

He quickly took out his mobile phone and found that the other person had sent a large number of messages.

“He’s a really cute person, although he’s a bit silly most of the time. At first, I had thought it was because of embarrassment that I was particularly aware of his presence. After all, we did have a short relationship a little while ago, although it was not a happy ending. Later, I found out that it was not the same at all. ”

“The longer it goes on, the more I care about it. The more we get to know each other, the more I miss him when he’s not around.”

“Do you feel the same way about your lovely Omega? Cannot control myself, particularly want to touch him, but I’d want more if we touch. In fact, it’s easy to think too much even without touching. He walks around in front of me all day long in such a silly and unconcerned manner, and I can’t help paying attention to him.

“He is really cute. Although he is not very good tempered, he is always moody and upset for no reason, but most of the time he is very gentle and innocent.”

“Gentle, kind, but also very brave.”

“In fact, he is very interesting even when he gets cross with me occasionally.”

“I’m really frustrated with this recently. I wanted to date him, but then I thought I was going too far. With a problem like this, what have I got to ask him to be with me? And to keep pestering him would only annoy him. But what if he is snatched away by someone else by the time I’m cured? He is so cute. Other Alphas are not blind. If I don’t keep my eyes on him, he will be robbed in minutes. It’s really painful to think that he will be with others. ”

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Rong Yi read all these silently, and his heart was freezing up.

So the Omega that this person liked is soft, innocent and cute. Oh, by the way, he was also popular with other Alphas.

No matter how hard he wanted to forced it, he was not brazen enough to force Chen Keyao to take this person’s place.

What’s more, he never thought of himself as being grumpy, or moody, and certainly not silly.

All the information did not match his.

The world was too cruel and real. Even an essentially O-phobic Alpha who originally only accepted the same-sex Alphas, would eventually still fall for a gentle, innocent, pretty, lovely and charming little cutie.

And someone with my appearance, perhaps has not lost the game at the starting line, but has no starting line at all.

Since the Omega that the other person fell for is definitely myself, then this person should be someone other than Chen Keyao as well. After all, with Chen Keyao’s house-bound living, unless if it’s an online love, there can be no deep contact with his love object at all, let alone “walking around in front of me every day.”

There is really nothing new in the sun, and similar things will always happen.

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Rong Yi’s own love life was not going well, but when he saw this person was in a similar situation, so he couldn’t help but want to cheer him on.

After all, he was too deep into this already.

“If you don’t try harder, how can you know that the other person won’t accept it? Since it can be treated, maybe he will be willing to wait? If he likes you, he will certainly be willing to stand by you through this period of time. ”

A few minutes later, the page was refreshed and a reply was received.

“He does not like me.”

Rong Yi looked at these five words and suddenly felt very sad.

Such a simple sentence was the root of many people’s troubles.

He didn’t know what had happened to this man and his beloved Omega exactly, so Rong Yi dare not blindly persuade him to be brave, but he didn’t want him to give up.

“So, you don’t want to fight for a chance anymore?”

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Having sent this reply, Rong Yi started to walk back. When he got back to the hotel and came to the elevator, he swiped his card and pressed the floor button, then refreshed the page again, and found that there were two replies.

“I’d be harming him if I fight for him now. I can’t do anything. I feel like a salted fish. ”

“Not even as good as a salted fish.”

Through the phone screen Rong Yi could even feel this person’s low mood.

Rong Yi wanted to laugh but felt sorry for him too. He was thinking about how to comfort him. The elevator arrived. He looked down at his phone and walked out. He accidentally bumped into someone.

“I’m sorry!” He apologized quickly.

The other person didn’t answer, just waved at him, then went past him and walked into the elevator.

But Rong Yi, who was still standing on the same spot, was stunned instantly.

He turned back to look at the man in the elevator who was wearing sunglasses, a big coat, and headphones with his head bowed. Until the elevator door was completely shut, Rong Yi did not dare to blink.

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The author’s notes:

[Teacher Chen’s class of language art]

Rong Yi: I, I am not very cute… / / / / / / /

Chen Keyao: You’re really a mindless person.

Rong Yi: ??????

Rong Yi: You want to fight?????

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