Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 5: Could you please sacrifice yourself for us?

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Chapter 5: Could you please sacrifice yourself for us?
Translator: DragonRider
Rong Yi ran all the way home.

He even inserted the key in the lock for several times before he opened the door. Having dumped his shoes and rushed into his room immediately, he jumped into his quilt without taking off his coat. Then he buried his head under the pillow with his right fist pounding at the bed, silently laughing like crazy.

After him being like this for a few minutes, he finally set his mind at rest. Right at this moment, the phone in his pocket rang.

His new boyfriend just sent him a message.

“I forgot to say good night to you. Go to bed early.”

Rong Yi looked at his phone while giggling constantly.

Then he put down his phone and rolled back and forth on the bed while giggling constantly.

The world was so wonderful. His life was so beautiful.

While he covered his face, he still had the illusion that he could smell Chen Keyao’s scent.

Nowadays everyone got vaccinations of long-term pheromone inhibitor. As for a bachelor, Rong Yi seldom smelt any pheromone from an Alpha. Therefore, although the pheromone from Chen Keyao was only a little, Rong Yi was still affected by that.

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However, he also believed that the reason for his hyper state was not only because of a little bit pheromone.

His happiness was from the depth of his heart.

Chen Keyao must really love him. That was why there had been a smell like that being given out from Chen Keyao’s body unconsciously. Only when an Alpha met the love of his life would he do something like that. And it was more like an instinct, which couldn’t be controlled by consciousness.

Rong Yi realized that Chen Keyao, this handsome Alpha must want to mark him deep down.

Although it was still too early to say that according to their emotional foundation, he still felt joyful knowing that his crush had a desire for him.

He didn’t know how that thief which brought him and Chen Keyao together was doing right now, but he really would like to send that thief an award.


Nevertheless, after taking a shower, Rong Yi who got calm began to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss.

Since he had been through too many obstacles in his pursue of true love, he couldn’t help but lack of self-confidence when happiness stroke him all of a sudden.

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Come to think about it, Chen Keyao did have admitted that he didn’t know Rong Yi well. They both fell in love at the first sight at the beginning of this relationship. Meanwhile, Chen Keyao seemed to be as uncertain as Rong Yi. He even tacitly accepted that he would be rejected by Rong Yi.

But that made no sense. No matter how much he looked like an Alpha, Rong Yi was still a pure Omega who had a normal aesthetic standard. Did Chen Keyao know nothing about his fatal attraction to an Omega?

Were all those Omegas around Chen Keyao blind?

After pondering for a long while, he suddenly came up with a scary speculation.

He never saw Chen Keyao’s identity card though Chen Keyao had seen his. Was it possible that Chen Keyao was also another Omega, just like him?

Being scared out of wits by his thought, Rong Yi pulled out his phone and checked Chen Keyao’s personal information.

He hadn’t noticed before that Chen Keyao didn’t indicate his second gender like most of the people.

The more he thought, the more nervous he got. In the meantime, some weird idea welled up in his mind. No wonder there were some Omegas who were still obsessed with Rong Yi after they had known his second gender. If Chen Keyao really was an Omega, Rong Yi didn’t know if he had the guts to break up with him. However, two Omegas wouldn’t have a future together. It was not like they could have happiness by lying flatly on the bed.

Luckily, Rong Yi saw little likelihood of his guess.

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At least Chen Keyao should be a Beta and Rong Yi could still accept that. After all, Chen Keyao looked like a pure Alpha while having the amazing smell of the Alpha pheromone.

It also explained why Chen Keyao would behave so unconfident in front of him. After all, lots of Omegas were more willing to date Alphas.

While lowering his anticipation secretly, Rong Yi still felt being embraced by happiness.


Though he was lucky in love, he was unlucky in his career.

The project which had been handed to the first party previously had already entered into the concrete implementation phase. Little did he know that the people from the first party would change their minds suddenly.

That made Rong Yi who was the project manager for the first time have a serious head-ache.

Seeing his team members being full of complaints, Rong Yi could only bite the bullet and negotiate with the first party.

However, the result wasn’t so satisfactory. There was a new manager of the first party being assigned to this project, who had a wild imagination but no logic. Worse still, that guy was self-willed and turned a deaf year to all the advice. After finishing a meeting with this new manager, Rong Yi got completely mad.

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Liu Yuan who was also there had avoided Rong Yi at the beginning. However, when he saw Rong Yi knitting his eyebrows and showing a bitter expression after the meeting, he walked over and comforted Rong Yi on his own.

“Even I feel that baldy is an idiot, not to mention you.” Liu Yuan whispered to Rong Yi when nobody was around, “You are not the only one who will suffer, we also have to work overtime. That’s so annoying.”

“… So you can’t help?” Rong Yi looked at him miserably.

“A bit difficult.” Liu Yuan replied, “But if you want to put a bag on his head, I can keep watch for you.”

Rong Yi burst into laughter, “You are really not helping.”

As Liu Yuan walked Rong Yi to the door of the elevator, Rong Yi received a message from Chen Keyao who asked when Rong Yi would get off work and if he’d like to have dinner together.

This really made Rong Yi felt complicated.

Then he replied painfully, “I need to work overtime tonight.”

Before the elevator reached their floor, Rong Yi received another message.

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“I’ll wait for you.”

Rong Yi’s reaction made Liu Yuan quite curious, then he asked, “Who are you talking to? Look at you! Frowning and smiling like an… you know what I’m talking about.”

Hearing his words, Rong Yi raised his head and gave out an even bigger smile.

Finally, he got a chance to show off. He had been mentally and physically exhausted for working the whole day and never got a chance to do that!

He then tried very hard to prevent the corner of his mouth from rising up while pretending to be careless, “It’s my boyfriend.”

As expected, Liu Yuan was surprised.

“Your boyfriend?” He asked, “When did that happen?”

“… Just, lately.” Rong Yi answered.

Actually, he and Chen Keyao only confirmed their relationship last night; however, Rong Yi didn’t want himself to look so desperate to tell it.

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Although Liu Yuan didn’t make any comments about that, it was still obvious that he felt relaxed as if he could finally get relieved.

Then he patted on Rong Yi’s shoulder like the way he had treated Rong Yi before, saying, “I hope everything goes well with you!”

Having smiled to him, Rong Yi sighed, “Only after that baldy pisses off.”


Being soaked in love while he was busy with his work, Rong Yi still felt totally blessed.

At last, they didn’t have a chance to have dinner together. So Chen Keyao bought dinner and brought it to Rong Yi in person. Though Rong Yi could ask for a delivery from the restaurant, the food which was handed to him by his boyfriend still tasted more delicious.

How Rong Yi wished he could show his boyfriend around in the office. But at last he felt that it would be too high profile. Then he gave up that idea out of shyness.

Chen Keyao was reluctant to leave, so he and Rong Yi held hands intimately at the door of the company, which looked so strange.

“You two look like a gay couple.” The Beta girl who had witnessed all the process at the reception desk said that.

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Rong Yi spread his hand and said, “As long as we know that we aren’t, that’s enough.”

However, as for his doubt about whether Chen Keyao was an Alpha or a Beta, Rong Yi still felt that he needed to find a chance to ask that obliquely.

When he came back to the office, he was the only one who still hummed songs happily among all those hard-working colleagues. Now he even looked a bit annoying.


Nonetheless, after a few days of being in happiness, Rong Yi still got dispirited, even more than his colleagues.

He and Chen Keyao had just confirmed their relationship while Rong Yi already regarded them as being in marriage. However, these days Rong Yi was so busy that he could seldom send any messages. That was just so inhuman. Before, he felt a bit sorry to let Chen Keyao bring the dinner to him every night. However, when Chen Keyao told Rong Yi to have a good meal because he couldn’t come tonight due to his lessons, Rong Yi was deeply grieved.

So when Liu Yuan came to learn about the progress about their work, Rong Yi cursed that stupid baldy hysterically and suggested that they should really consider the plan of putting a bag on that baldy’s head.

Liu Yuan was utterly stunned.

“Why do I feel that you are like a completely different person,” He said, “I always thought that you were a quiet person.”

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Rong Yi felt embarrassed.

He had only pretended to be quiet before because he had a thing for Liu Yuan. Since the feeling he had for Liu Yuan had already faded away, he gradually showed his true colors in front of his former secret crush.

Instead, now Rong Yi was a completely peaceful person when facing Chen Keyao.

It was not that he liked to pretend to be another person, he just couldn’t help being highly nervous in front of the person he loved.

He kind of felt tired about it. However, now he didn’t even have the chance to be tired. Rong Yi felt so bitter about it.


Since he couldn’t catch up with the schedule even if he worked overtime every day, Rong Yi then decided to go to the company of the first party and tried to persuade the baldy while suppressing his anger.

However, that baldy only bossed around Rong Yi by his authority as the first party. At first, Rong Yi still had the patience to speak nicely to him. But at last, he finally couldn’t bear that guy and had a huge fight with him while banging the desk, which brought lots of people to watch them.

After the fight, Rong Yi felt extremely regretful and doubted if he was a sociopath. Meanwhile, he also worried that he would destroy the whole project and drag the team down. However, that nettlesome baldy agreed to make some concessions by giving two more weeks of extension on the original basis.

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As Rong Yi was being in a trance, he also felt that baldy was a bit unreasonable. Maybe the baldy was that kind of guy who had to be constrained to do what he at first declined.

After he brought good news to the company, he wanted to inform his boyfriend right away. Then he got a call from Liu Yuan.

“You are doomed.” As Liu Yuan said that while laughing constantly, “That baldy has a crush on you.”

Rong Yi trembled with fear at once, saying, “Are you kidding me?”

That baldy was ugly and lascivious. Moreover, he must be two times older than Rong Yi. And Rong Yi didn’t even want to ask about his second gender.

So now this baldy wanted Rong Yi to be his mistress? Was he a Masochism?

“He just wants to introduce you to his nephew.” Liu Yuan added that while showing a pleasant tone in his voice, “I bet he would mention this to you next time you meet him. Just prepare for it!”

“… His nephew is… an Alpha?”


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“Definitely not,” Liu Yuan said. “Because he said that only an Alpha like you deserves his nephew, hahahahahahaha!”


“I advise you to agree to it. At least you should go to see his nephew.” Liu Yuan teased him, “After all this baldy is a capricious guy. If he suddenly turns against us, we will all be finished. Could you please sacrifice yourself for us?”

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