Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 50: Have you met Mo Yufei again?

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Chapter 50: Have you met Mo Yufei again? Translator: DragonRider

When Rong Yi left the scenic spot, the post he made earlier on WeChat received the praise from that only person.

It was a pity that Chen Keyao did not make any comment, and Rong Yi couldn’t think of any topics to talk about and say a few words to him.

After arriving at the snack street, he ate all the way as he went along, and also took a lot of photos of the delicious food. On the way back, he took care to edit two posts to be posted on WeChat. The first one was a nine-square grid full of photos of food and was not to be seen by one person. As for the second post, he changed one of the nine photos and made it visible only to Chen Keyao.

It was a selfie of him holding a stick of candied strawberries.

In fact, Rong Yi was really bad at taking selfies, because each time his facial expression was stiff. He was not good at photoshopping or filtering, either. He would always look a bit silly in the processed photo. Therefore, this time, in order to avoid shortcomings, only the lower part of his face biting a strawberry was shown in the photo.

This layout seemed to have some sexual insinuations, so he was too embarrassed to let others see.

Actually, he was also ill at ease to let Chen Keyao see it. However, he still took courage to post it, because recently no matter what he posted, Chen Keyao would always respond. Therefore, he would like to see whether Chen Keyao would say something when seeing a photo with so obvious insinuations.

More than half an hour had passed since he posted. However, there was even no response when he was almost arriving at the hotel. It was thus inevitable that Rong Yi began to feel a bit ashamed of his own action, so he decided to delete it.

Already in the middle of deleting it, he suddenly received a message.

Chen Keyao sent an extremely strange and unpredictable sentence.

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“I will recommend an app for taking selfies to you. Whoever uses it praises it.”

Rong Yi was totally confused.

What was Chen Keyao thinking about? He had never before found this guy keen on taking selfies. All the selfies that had ever been posted recently by Chen Keyao were two photos of him standing against a mirror showing the result of his exercising. However, both the layouts and light and shadow didn’t match his fame of being a gay. It was only because the abdominal muscles were real and genuine that Rong Yi downloaded them on his phone. He hadn’t noticed any of the photos were specially processed.

He even didn’t have time to question when the name of the app had already been sent across.

Rong Yi answered with a question mark.

“You will look better if taking photos with this app. Hurry and delete the one on WeChat.”

Rong Yi replied with a row of question marks.

“You are too bad at taking selfies. How about this? Next time before you make a post, send me the photos and ask for my advice.”

Rong Yi frowned and took a look at the photo again.

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Just with a little bit of strange hints, it was not ugly. His nose, chin and lips were almost perfect with no fault to find with. Even the teeth were white and neat. In addition, because only a small part of his face was shown, the stiffness of his facial expression could be seen. The candied strawberries in the photo also looked extremely appetizing.

Fancy Chen Keyao actually thought this photo ugly?

This was not merely flirting with a blind man. This was simply irritating.

Angrily, Rong Yi deleted the post with all nine photos and turned off the phone screen, taking no further notice of him.

When he got out of the taxi and walked into the hotel lobby, the phone in his pocket vibrated again. He looked and found it was the irritating Chen Keyao again.

“Was it the only selfie you took? How about you sending me all the selfies and I helping you make selections?”

Rong Yi kept frowning at the phone.

In order to pick out the most satisfying one, he took more than twenty shots. In fact, from the bottom of his heart, he wanted to hear Chen Keyao’s praise. However, Chen Keyao’s way of talking was really annoying. He shouldn’t just let Chen Keyao have his way.

Moreover, what if Chen Keyao said all the selfies were not good-looking? How infuriating that would be.

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While hesitating, he looked through the photo album. When he entered the elevator, Chen Keyao sent another message.

“I want to eat that sweet-scented osmanthus dumplings.”

Rong Yi was instantly enraged but burst into laughter meanwhile.

Just as he was looking for a white-eyed emoji to send over, there was a voice speaking from his back that was familiar to him but was only heard several times in reality in the past two days.

“Why do you like looking at your mobile phone so much?”

He jerked back and then suddenly became stiff again.

Mo Yufei, standing behind him, smiled and took off his sunglasses, “It’s such a coincidence.”

Rong Yi took a deep breath of air.

When he entered the elevator, he was looking down at the phone, and he indeed noticed there was someone else in the elevator with the corner of his eye. Although he also noticed the reminder light of his floor was on, he didn’t think much about it. All that was on his mind was why Chen Keyao was in such a desperate need of beating.

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Now suddenly looking right into the eyes of his idol, Rong Yi’s mind went completely blank.

“You know me?” Mo Yufei asked.

Rong Yi nodded like a robot.

While they talked, the elevator arrived. The elevator door behind him slowly opened with the reminding voice.

Mo Yufei said to him while walking outside, “It is better not to stare at the phone when you walk.”

“Yes!” Rong Yi shouted.

The edification of his idol would always be remembered. But his reaction under great emotional agitation was indeed embarrassing, making him like a fool!

It was all Mo Yufei’s fault. He was so handsome that there was totally no need of a filter, and his whole person would shine. How long his legs were and how long his eyelashes were and his hair was much smoother and more lustrous than average people’s. He made people out of their mind.

The two people walked side by side into the corridor, and Rong Yi felt that his heartbeat was about to cause tinnitus.

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“Are you here on business?” Mo Yufei asked casually.

Come here to attend your meeting.

Rong Yi felt such an answer would be too shameful, so he was too shy to say that. Therefore, he used a slightly circuitous expression.

“To attend an event.”

Mo Yufei nodded and did not continue the dialogue.

Finally arriving at his room, Rong Yi accidentally walked past it in confusion. When he walked back and began to take out the door card, Mo Yufei standing before the diagonally opposite door took the initiative to say, “Oh, so close.”

In order to seize this last chance to leave a good impression on his idol, Rong Yi stiffly turned and exhausted all his strength to smile, “Yes.”

Mo Yufei also smiled towards him, “See you tomorrow.”


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After he finally closed the door, Rong Yi’s soul was instantly separated from his body.

How lucky he was. In just two days, he had already met Mo Yufei three times. Moreover, each time there was deeper progress than before.

Then tomorrow, maybe there would be further development.

For example, shaking hands or something!

Just thinking about it made him surging with emotions.

The real person of Mo Yufei was not only ten thousand times more handsome then the one in the camera, but was also so gentle and easy-going, not at all arrogant. He was not like ordinary human beings. He was an angel.

Oh, yes, Mo Yufei also said, “See you tomorrow”. Mo Yufei obviously didn’t know that he was going to attend his meeting. Then what Mo Yufei implied was that he was also expecting another encounter with Rong Yi.

… He would die with no regrets, Rong Yi thought.

He picked up the phone, found the conversation window with Miss Zhang and entered passionately.

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“My idol is really great. I will love him forever!”

Miss Zhang was probably busy and didn’t reply immediately. Rong Yi was unable to calm down his inner turmoil after pacing about twice in the room, so he could not restrain himself from posting on WeChat.

“I am so happy, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!”

Half a minute later, just as he was pacing about the room for the third time, his phone rang.

Answering it, Rong Yi immediately heard the annoying Chen Keyao’s strongly discontented voice.

“What are you doing, not replying to my message but making posts instead?”

Rong Yi thought Chen Keyao should look for reasons from himself. But he was in a good mood at the moment, so he didn’t want to haggle with this guy.

When speaking, he couldn’t stop laughing, and even his voice was shaking, “Why should I reply. I am busy.”

“…Right in the middle of the night? You have finished eating. What else could you be busy with on your own?” Chen Keyao asked.

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Although this person sounded obviously upsetting, but Yi Yan upon hearing his words immediately sniggered.

“I won’t tell you,” he said.

After Chen Keyao was quiet for a while, he asked, “Your photo was not taken by someone else, was it?”

“Ah?” Rong Yi felt he couldn’t keep up with Chen Keyao’s thoughts.

“I am reminding you. That kind of people who take actions hastily are usually not reliable. You’d better be cautious.”

Rong Yi became more and more confused, “What?”

“Are you alone now?”

“Yeah?” Rong Yi frowned. “What are you thinking about!”

“…Already arrived at the hotel room?” Chen Keyao asked again.

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“Yeah,” said Rong Yi. “I have just arrived.”

“So why exactly are you smirking?”

Although he had a little opinion on the word “smirk”, after being reminded of the wonderful experience before, Rong Yi still couldn’t help but laugh out again, “Won’t tell you. Otherwise, you will keep preaching.”

“Have you meet Mo Yufei again? What happened to you and him?”

Rong Yi tried his best to forbear, but unfortunately failed, “Hey, hey.”

Closely after his smirk, there was a low-pitched curse from the other end of the phone.

Rong Yi, who was still covering his mouth with his hand, became suddenly stiff.

Chen Keyao rarely used such words to swear openly. Occasionally, when he spoke, he would also use some innocuous auxiliary words. However, most of the time, he was gentle and polite. If Rong Yi remembered correctly, this was the first time that Rong Yi had heard Chen Keyao speak so harshly in such a tone.

Therefore, he did not feel offended at first, but only confused or even curious.

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“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing,” Rong Yi could feel Chen Keyao’s depression even across the phone. “It’s time to rest. Have you locked the door?”

Rong Yi quickly ran to the door and locked it, “Yes.”

“It’s late. Don’t run out again. Take a bath and go to sleep.” Chen Keyao added.

Rong Yi hesitated, “Do you really hate him so much?”

The one at the other side was quiet for a few seconds, and then said in total ignorance of his question, “Don’t let people in. Understand?”

You are my custodian?

Rong Yi wanted to answer like this in an instant.

But Chen Keyao’s tone made him a little panic, and he didn’t dare to defy him, so he hesitated for a while and nodded, “Oh.”

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In his heart, he found an excuse for Chen Keyao’s unreasonable loss of temper. After all, Chen Keyao ordered this room for him and paid the money. Then he certainly had the right not to let anyone in. It was not unreasonable.

Both of them were quiet for a while, and Chen Keyao’s tone became softer when he spoke again.

“Well, I was not angry with you. You mustn’t misunderstand.”

Originally, Rong Yi didn’t really care about it. However, hearing Chen Keyao speaking like that, he suddenly felt wronged.

“You sounded so harsh and terrible.” He muttered to the phone.

Chen Keyao immediately apologized, “I’m sorry.”

After that, Chen Keyao paused, and when he spoke again, his tone became very helpless, “But, Rong Yi. I…”


Rong Yi subconsciously became a little nervous when suddenly called by his full name.

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He held his breath and held his mobile phone to concentrate, waiting for what Chen Keyao would say next.

After a long while, the other side just sighed and said, “Rong Yi, you really are a fool.”

Rong Yi was stunned, and then took a deep breath.


Author’s Note:

Enthusiastic netizen B: I have just copied half of my letter and there he acted again. Will someone just stop making unexpected movements again?

Enthusiastic netizen B: I was so angry that I got one more word wrong!

Enthusiastic netizen B: … Maybe it is better to take a plastic bag with me, push him against the wall and kiss him with force.


You can’t imagine how much psychological construction Mr. Chen did before taking the initiative to ask for Rong Yi’s photos.

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